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List Of The Top React Native Features & Updates 2020

The mobile app industry is booming with more than 3.8 billion users of mobile app development services.

Even though the number of internet users has crossed 4.2 billion and the number is constantly growing at a steady rate there is no doubt about the reverse auction. Stats claim that an average smartphone user spent 90% time on mobile applications. The mobile industry is huge and it has got a competitive edge in the application business. It has made it challenging for the companies to provide an enhanced User experience and comprehensible applications to the users no matter the cost. These platforms can choose from a variety of mobile app development frameworks where React Native is one of the best.

If you are wondering what React Native is, go through the step-by-step guide that has been given below to understand its features and updates.

An Overview Of React Native

React Native is an excellent JavaScript framework that allows users to develop mobile applications natively on Android as well as iOS. This framework is extensively used and embraced by prominent React Native development companies and app developers worldwide. React Native is developed on ReactJS and is a component-based framework for building front-end web applications, applications, or user interfaces. Extensive work on mobile app development frameworks was initiated during a Facebook hackathon in the year 2013. At the beginning of 2015, React Native was released at the ReactJS conference to global users where it instantly became an open library on GitHub. Since then React Native has been taking the mobile app development industry by storm. The ability of this framework to create beautiful user interfaces and native applications is undoubtedly significant. This platform has proven to be tremendously successful because of its compatibility with Android and iOS and resurfacing the concept of cross-platform application development. It is especially inclusive of services that are more inclined towards technology.

For any app development framework, the programming language plays a crucial role that can have a serious influence on the developers. The global popularity of the React Native framework is due to the integration of one such language, which is JavaScript. The React Native framework enables developers in app development companies to stretch the updates on users’ form rather than manually installing them from the application store's app update cycle. It is one of the reasons because of which companies are quickly switching to the React Native app development platform.

Why Use The React Native Platform For Mobile App Development?

In the past few years, we all have witnessed how React Native has taken Android and iPhone app development services by storm. Cross-platform mobile app development is a convenient and affordable alternative to develop Android and iOS applications. In other words, it can be said that applications no longer require to be written in code-specific operating systems. The same React Native framework is considered one of the best mobile app development solutions which save a lot of time and resources for developers. The React Native framework is written with JavaScript and the JSX framework which is used for developing a user interface that replaces CSS and HTML. This framework also invokes rendering app APIs in Objective-C for iOS and in Java for the Android platform. It also extends the interface of JavaScript for platform-specific API.

Being a JavaScript framework, React Native is specially designed to facilitate mobile and iOS app development. It was created in 2015 by Facebook and has become the latest and popular app development platform that enables developers to create custom native mobile applications using JavaScript. Facebook particularly developed the React Native library for simplifying the app development process and to foster enhanced user experience. It was aimed through this framework that web interfaces can easily be developed through JavaScript. In the current era, smartphones hold around 60% of internet services where most of the traffic is generated from mobile applications. The React Native platform offers engaging tags to design user-friendly applications. One of the most compelling reasons that make React Native suitable for mobile application development is its unique dynamic code updates and features that can push the latest updates directly to the device without having a requirement for an application release. This feature is highly adopted by the most prominent Android or iOS app development companies worldwide.

List Of The Top React Native Features And Updates

React Native is an incredible framework that allows application or web developers to create robust solutions using existing JavaScript skills and knowledge without having a requirement to sacrifice the user experience or quality of the application. This framework also renders exciting API using the platform standards and promotes any Android or iOS app development company to offer user-friendly mobile applications with efficient code sharing. Have a look at the reliable features and updates of the React Native framework:

  • Code Once, Use Anywhere

By far the actual and the most useful concept on which the React Native framework is based is its code reusability that works on every platform. This is inclusive of Android, Windows, iOS, and many others where the developer does not have to write codes for specific platforms. The applications developed using this framework are native and they can work on multiple platforms simultaneously.

  • Programming Language

The programming language is a crucial factor in mobile app development services that influences the developer's ability a lot. If the framework has a programming language that is widely popular and feature-rich then it can influence the choice of the developers. React Native is one such platform based on JavaScript and it is also among the core technologies of the World Wide Web after HTML and CSS.

  • User Interface-Focused

Any developer with some experience in application or web development understands how to work on JavaScript which makes React Native extremely easy to learn and simple to program. The React Native framework is entirely focused on user interface designing. This platform is capable of offering responsive applications by rendering feature-rich application components to the users.

  • Community

In terms of community, the React Native framework is backed by the strongest community support in the cross-platform mobile app development industry. ReactJS was started in 2013 and because of its features, it received global popularity. React Native extended the same and it has pushed developers to contribute to forming a strong community presence.

  • Tried And Trusted

The React Native app development services are the most trusted solutions developed from the React Native framework. When it comes to addressing cross-platform application development processes nothing else than React Native works at its best. Even Facebook uses this framework to build mobile applications which is enough to trust its features and benefits. Moreover, it is also trusted by industry giants such as Walmart, Instagram, etc.

  • Third-Party Integration

The React Native platform requires minimal time for developing extensive web applications. The overall development time in this framework is considerably short and it also supports third-party library integration. It offers the freedom to developers where they can make choices as per their convenience.

  • NPM Installation

Application installation is usually tiresome for the developers, especially for newbies. The React Native framework uses Node Package Manager (NPM) for installation which is extremely easy to use. Developers who use the non-JavaScript framework are experienced in using the node package manager and it is usually not that difficult for startups or newbies to learn its commands.

  • Mobile Environment Performance

A large number of native applications are categorized as CPU-oriented whereas applications that are developed using the React Native framework are categorized as GPU-oriented. It helps to deliver outstanding performance as compared to CPU-oriented solutions or applications.

  • Live Reload

This feature has enabled mobile application development companies to stretch the utility of the React Native framework. The Live Reload feature of this framework offers two screens to the developers, one to modify or change the code and the other to see those changes. Anyone who has even some amount of experience in mobile app development understands the utility of this feature and how it can create a huge difference in the app development process.

  • Open-Source

React Native is an open-source Android or iPhone app development service providing platform. It supports effortless app development and developers can easily fix potential bugs or errors. This framework is laced with numerous tools and workarounds.

  • Backed By Facebook

Considering the fact that the React Native platform is backed by Facebook makes it highly considerable for developing solutions on a regular basis. Just like Facebook, this framework is a future-proof and sustainable choice for many app development companies.

  • Modular And Intuitive

The React Native framework enhances the flexibility of app development solutions and it saves time and resources of platforms during project application or implementation.

  • Accessibility

React Native comes with maximum accessibility features which also supports changes in flags, roles, action support, and various app development components. The platform has also made certain improvements to reduce the motion while developing applications and to consider the keyboard accessibility options.

  • Migration

The latest feature of the React Native framework is android migration to the Android X system which means that from the beginning the applications can run on Android X.

  • Start Screen

This update enables the React Native framework to come with a new screen to facilitate the launching of the tool. This feature is made extremely convenient and user-friendly through the document links, website aligning, debugging menu, and editing applications or websites.

  • Project Extraction

The most prominent React Native development company prefers developing its solutions in two different repositories and it is done to facilitate easy development of the projects. The latest version of this platform supports complete migration which is banned by the community and Geolocation is removed from there.

  • Quick App Development

One of the most incredible features of the React Native framework, as compared to its contemporaries, is that it takes minimum time for page load. This feature suggests that users can easily see the React Native-generated pages quickly as compared to the others and they are less likely to abandon these pages. This is not just a basic feature and in fact, there are more technicalities associated with it.

  • Upgrade Helper

This feature has been developed in React Native to transform the previous experience of developers to encode writing codes to a newer one. With this tool, developers can see the differences between new scripts or vintage codes.

  • Auto-linked React Native Modules

The auto-link feature in React Native’s command-line interface has been significantly upgraded to facilitate app development. With this feature, developers can avoid using React Native links which makes it less complicated than the former procedure. The React Native link process is updated to ease the developer's task.

  • Flipper

One of the most prominent features of React Native in its 0.62 version is Flipper. It is a developer feature that is used for debugging Android or iOS mobile applications and it also supports using the application for new or existing solutions. It displays the network requests which are made by the device installing applications and it edits the device database or preference lists. Flipper acts as a React Native layout by viewing or editing the output while rendering applications.

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The Top Benefits Of React Native In 2020 From A Business Perspective

React Native is a flawless technology that has adequate app development models and custom features. When applications or web solutions are compiled into a React Native code they work across the platforms without any performance loss. The latest features and updates in React Native have the ability to deliver great user and developer experience. This fact has promoted mobile application development companies to adopt this technology and deliver comprehensive mobile apps solutions to users. In this segment, we will explore the benefits of the React Native framework and its features. We will also see how businesses can leverage their solutions and strengthen their online presence through high performing mobile applications having multi-platform compatibility.

1. Time And Cost-Savvy: React Native app development services allow developers to use similar codes for developing iOS and Android applications which means that developers only have to write the code once and there is absolutely no requirement to carry a bunch of experienced developers across different programming languages. Companies can easily work with a few JavaScript developers who are familiar with the native components including libraries, APIs, and hybrid app development processes.

The React Native framework allows app development companies to work with limited developers, resources, reusable codes, and supported libraries which means that it is not just time-saving but cost-effective as well. The major advantage of this platform is that it allows companies to remain flexible with their investment or vision while developing or launching an application.

2. Live Updates: The React Native framework is capable of resolving iOS app development issues that are waiting for the app store to authenticate or approve the app-specific updates. As long as an application has access to the store or server to check for the latest updates, developers can publish those updates directly to the app anytime, anywhere. It is much more like the app updates in web applications.

3. Steep Learning Curve:; Meaning app development frameworks need developers to learn major application development rules that can be applied to the platform-specific technology only. However, React Native does not align with this theory and it has the greatest readability where even newbie developers can easily learn the basics of it.

4. Great Developer Experience: The React Native framework delivers a great app development environment where developers can create solutions easily and with equal interest.

5. Extended Code Sharing: The React Native framework allows users to share quotes not only between mobile platforms but also in web browsers. In other words, you can compare this with the channels that are covered under a shared codebase.

6. User Interface And App Performance: An incredible application built with this framework assures a flawless and uninterrupted user experience. This platform guarantees a highly responsive application that feels smooth, intuitive, and appealing to potential users. In the React Native framework, applications are efficiently compiled in a native code where they work across multiple operating systems and they also work in a way similar on all the platforms with a performance-oriented approach.

The Bottom Line

There is no uncertainty to the fact that React Native is one of the most competent and suitable cross-platform mobile application development solutions. It is an open-source framework that is backed by a strong community and its user interface is just excellent. There are certain limitations to this platform, however, considering its utilities and benefits it is worth giving a chance to. This is because the success of any application that is developed using the React Native framework entirely depends upon the capability and the vision of developers. Developers in app development companies can use its third-party libraries and APIs with absolute ease. The platform has got the latest updates and features to strengthen the digital presence of platforms with reliable mobile application development solutions.