Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security is intelligent mobility management and security platform

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security is intelligent mobility management and security platform

Cyberthreats are now growing more sophisticated and complex due to which it has become tough to protect sensitive data.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility management + Security, also known as EMS, provides one control panel for managing identities and devices, information protection as well as secure access to applications and resources. There is no need to trade mobile flexibility for enterprise application development security. This intelligent mobility platform can help in adoption, adaption as well as scalability. This will eventually result in helping the process of restructuring in order to provide a comprehensive approach to promote EMS solutions. 

Better utilization of EMS and its set of tools provided by Microsoft provides the user with a conclusive path for improving cloud and hybrid security postures. This platform has been integrated with Azure and Office 365 platforms to increase its usability and functionalities. 

How Enterprise Mobility Solutions And The Security Tools Work 

  1. Collaboration

Enterprise mobility solutions are being used very much nowadays. There is a doubt in everyone’s mind, are they secure or do they improve the security for the enterprise? The answer to this question is yes they do. These solutions are used in the management of functionalities at the offices and managing all the devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets. 

They also manage the applications that are not so much on-premise. Microsoft technology associate has provided solutions that help enterprises improve their security by using their mobility solutions. Below are the ways in which they protect your enterprise and improve the security of your platforms:

  1. Protecting The Interface

The first step is to secure the entry point or the front door of mobility solutions. There are many activities going on and they can be really harmful to identity leakages. It is important to protect all the data from the interface so that no one can distribute them without proper authentication. 

Layered access and authentication are important. Even all the employees of the organization should not be provided with equal opportunities to access and distribute the data. All the private data of enterprises is important and hence mobility solutions through which it travels need to be extra safe. Microsoft keeps an eye on all such attacks and prepares all their solutions with utmost care. Their mobility solutions are best in the class and they ensure that all the private and identity-related data on their EMS devices stay safe.

Microsoft manages all the devices and manages the threats and risks that can possibly harm the enterprise. They apply many security constraints to their solutions for enterprise mobility to keep them safe from everything including mistaken data leakages. There is no way that the data can go anywhere else other than where it is intended to with the EMS by Microsoft technology associate.

  1. Protecting Data And Identity Everywhere

With Microsoft’s Enterprise mobility management, organizations can get deep visibility into the user’s data and their activity. This provides enterprises to control what data can others see and who knows who are the people on a network. This improves security over data and the identity of the employees. Security of data and identity is really important for organizations and Microsoft understands this. They have been providing security solutions for a long time and now they have made their EMS secure enough too.

There are many EMS platforms but security is not equal to all. Microsoft provides the best privacy and security solutions with its mobility solutions. They have gained a good reputation because of this thing in the mobility management industry. Data and identity are two of the most important aspect of any organization, if they are leaked or damaged then there can be a huge loss. No enterprise wants to compromise with their data or their secret identities. This is something that is taken care of by the mobility solutions provided by Microsoft to all the enterprises in the world.

  1. Detecting And Working To Remove The Defects Before Any Damage Happens

It is important to detect any defects before any damage happens. If the defects are detected early then the organizations can start the process which can eliminate them. There is no enterprise application development company in the world that wants any errors or defects in their mobility solutions: It is important to create solutions that provide tools that can detect any kind of defect in the system or any part of the enterprise. Defects slow down the processes and come as obstacles in the path of growth of the organization. 

Microsoft works with experts if the industry to help their mobility solutions to detect most of the defects that enterprises face commonly. With early detection and timely removal, mobility solutions can help enterprises grow at a better pace than their competitors. Microsoft has always taken care of its clients and with mobility solutions also they are doing the best they can.

  1. Expanding Security With EMS

Microsoft and dot net development company work hard to provide their clients with enterprise mobility solutions that provide them with the best functionality. They don’t want to leave anything that can make their solutions anything less than best. There is one thing that makes any mobility solution the best than the others and that is the security that they provide to the enterprises. These solutions improve everything in the organizations, they help them in finding defects, in protecting their data and keep their identity safe.


Microsoft Enterprise Mobility+Security provides greater protection, detection as well as response capabilities for every mobile workforce. With the number of benefits offered by it, such as Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Intune, Azure Information Protection, Microsoft Secure Score, and many more, it not only enhances the security but also offers numerous additional tools to empower the user. 

EMS is a prime requirement in any dot net development company, due to which many big firms are using and integrating with themselves. In the future, there are possibilities for this platform to enter other industries of the market to provide security too.