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Mobile app developers now verify users through WhatsApp like text messages or SMS

10 May

Mobile applications are the newest trend in the market today.

Most of the people that own smartphones use mobile applications for their daily purposes. With advanced technologies, people can shop for clothes or order food online through mobile applications. This generation largely relies on mobile applications which have paved the way for the mobile app developers into a new business opportunity. There are many application developers in different countries expertise n creating applications on various platforms.

According to the mobile app development services, earlier, the app developers used the phone numbers, emails or Facebook accounts for verification. However, in the recent conference of Facebook, there were various updates on WhatsApp announced by the CEO. The WhatsApp will now have the users control the non-promotional and automated messages that they receive.

The users also get the privilege of choosing whom to add to a group and whom not to. The team has also permitted WhatsApp to verify their users using WhatsApp like text messages or SMS. The developers have the privilege to in-built the WhatsApp verification in the android tools and kit. Therefore, now the users can receive all the verification details through messages or codes.

Till date, the WhatsApp users used their emails or Facebook accounts or other third party applications for the verification process of WhatsApp. The custom mobile app development suggests that the only reason behind the third party interference was security concerns. The multi-sector authentication program of the mobile applications was completed through the SMS or codes send to different applications or platforms to check the codes and match them thereby completing the process of verification. Many users do not prefer to use messages or SMS in any kind of platform which affects the growth and engagement of the users for the mobile application.

Numerous mobile app developers incorporate WhatsApp like the verification process in the applications which helps the users to download and instantly verify themselves. This has not only increased the number of users in the applications but also helped to prevent hacking. Many facebook profile users used a third-party verification process for creating fake profiles and misusing the popular social networking site.

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Now, with the very own verification process, the mobile applications are safe with no privacy scandals or third-party verification processes. The use of SMS codes has worked successfully with the younger generation as they use emails mostly for work purposes and barely use third-party services for verifications or other purposes.

Many existing applications use mobile number for their verification process. This is usually done through a one-time password that the user receives and needs to deliver it in the application within the given time. As per the android application development company, the codes that the user receives are securely encrypted and fall under the multi-factor verification process.

The account information provides the user to the application is recorded as an added security. The SMS platform is a simple and easy process that many applications have adopted for years. However, the application users do not recommend the platform and are not comfortable in verifying their accounts through mobile numbers. Thus, reducing the number of application users and depleting the growth of the applications by losing clients.

According to the mobile app development services, there are around 200 million people in India that have their WhatsApp accounts. India is a country that has potential markets emerging every year. The people tend not to use their mobile numbers or third parties to involve the verification process. All the opportunities for the mobile app development companies are facing loss and slow growth rate. Some people have limited SMS plans and often tend to save those to use it in times of emergency.

It is not unknown that mobile application developers have experience in developing an application for various platforms and frameworks. The custom mobile app development for Android and the iOS platforms are two most used platforms and the developers are skilled any one of the platforms.

With the announcement done by Facebook, the WhatsApp SDK enters the scene to help the applications and the users from the hassle of third-party verifications. The kit once incorporated in the Android or iPhone devices can be used later for the verification processes of various applications via WhatsApp messages or codes send to WhatsApp. The users also have a privilege to choose not to receive any kind of SMS in the entire process. Facebook has taken care of the disable option of SMS for every user.


Whatsapp android kit is the main tool that is designed for the users to quickly verify their accounts and login into the applications or various other websites and register their names only by using their mobile numbers or email Ids. The android application development company suggests that there is no requirement of passwords or codes in the entire process. Whatsapp is the only social media that the users are comfortable to use and receiving the verification codes in the social application cannot be problematic for them. Since 2018, the WhatsApp updates are available in the web arena and is successfully running ever since.

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