New Cloud Delivery Model Meant That SaaS Software Had To Constantly Prove Value To Individual Users

New Cloud Delivery Model Meant That SaaS Software Had To Constantly Prove Value To Individual Users

Before the arrival of cloud computing, it was a really difficult task to host websites as well as to manage resources.

There was traditional infrastructure available such as a mini data center, which was not only expensive but tough to maintain too. There were plenty of prerequisites such as continuous and fast internet connection, regular maintenance and more to run this infrastructure successfully.

Nowadays, new and advanced services have emerged that create a replica of the database and monitor all the tedious tasks. In the present scenario, cloud computing services have emerged as a powerful solution to eliminate problems.

Hosting a website has now become a matter of a few clicks. Also, it has become cost-efficient as the user only has to pay for the resources he/she will be using. Plenty of new applications have been deployed in the cloud. There are technical giants that offer cloud computing services throughout the world. These companies help in computing, deploying, as well as testing the application. 

SaaS development services and other services on the cloud now have to develop based on the new delivery models. Let us have a look at all the delivery models:

Different Delivery Models


  • Software As A Service (SaaS)

This is the layer that is said to be the most important one in cloud architecture. These are the applications that are hosted over the cloud. Cloud provides application development, deployment, and performance facilities. Users can do a lot of things like making sheets, documents, mail software, and ERP. A SaaS development company works like normal software but their storage and deployment are done over the cloud. There is a high level of security provided to these software and also their storage capacity is unlimited. These are hosted over a server that allows them to respond in a fast way to the users. These have also been affected because of the new cloud delivery model.

  • Network As A Service (NaaS)

This is the layer where the networking application and elements reside. This is the layer that allows the software to access network features. This provides an environment that is favorable for all kinds of applications that are integrated or fully deployed on the cloud. These can be hosted on either a virtual public or private cloud. 

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The users/developers can set a subnet group for themselves, and also they can generate a static IP that can be associated with their connection or the software. People can manage the name of their domain, and add or remove all types of security layers that are parents. These security layers might include HTTP, HTTPs, FTP, sFTP, and many more. This is one of the layers that provide networking facilities as well as security for the network.

  • Platform As A Service (PaaS)

There are facilities for writing, modifying, and deploying a software program directly on the cloud. This is known as Platform as a Service. This layer of the cloud allows the user to automatically manage all the devices for which the developers are writing the code. They can also write the code in any language of their choice. Be it Node.Js or PHP or Python, there are features available for all of these languages. 

AWS provides the developers with the Lightsail service that allows the users to deploy or host their websites in any programming language they want. This is one of the most useful services provided by the cloud and it also increases the productivity of the developers. This service is one of the reasons why more and more enterprises now prefer to host their websites or software with their help.

  • Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS)

This is probably the most advanced feature offered by the cloud. With the help of IaaS, companies can use machine resources in the cloud. From the vast market place, the configuration of the machine has become possible with the help of this feature. To implement this feature, one can select the machine image type from companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and more. The next step is to add CPU in batch or parallel. This will fulfill the utilization of resources. Then before moving forward, the user has to choose a solid-state device or HDD. It is important to choose these architecture services very cautiously to have proper utilization of the IaaS feature.

  • Storage As A Service

Cloud offers storage service to websites, software development services, as well as applications. It is cheap, highly efficient, and easy to use. It also provides the storage type according to the needs of users such as LoadStorm, Blazemeter, Jenkins Dev, and so on.

Why SaaS Software Had To Constantly Prove Value To Individual Users Because Of New Delivery Model

Because of the new cloud delivery model, the SaaS applications have become more open to developing. The SaaS development company which deals with clients that are new will need to make its applications according to the new model. There are a lot of developers and a lot of existing companies that have moved to the cloud. One of the biggest names that have moved to the cloud is Netflix. 

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Their data and all their functionalities happen over the cloud. They made their site even better when they switched to the cloud from the traditional website hosting service. There are many benefits and one of the most important ones is that it provides unlimited storage capacity. 

Also, it is easy to backup and it recovers the data if in any case, it gets lost or corrupted. The reason why services need to provide value to the individual users is that there are a lot of companies in competition and personalized services are something that will keep the platform strong. It is important that all the customers have their own customized dashboards. This is also one of the reasons why Netflix provides different screens for different users so they can get exactly what they want.

Increase In Popularity Of SaaS

Cloud software development services are getting better and that is why more and more enterprises are moving to it. They are way cheaper than traditional software and website development and deployments and also easy to maintain.

Development companies do not have to maintain the software for each enterprise individually and they can also maintain them from a remote location. This is way more efficient than software developed by a custom software development company.