The Ultimate Development Guide To Building A Healthcare Software In 2020

The Ultimate Development Guide To Building A Healthcare Software In 2020

App development is the coolest and trendiest industry in the current days.

The market is flooded with a plethora of apps. Most industries have stepped into the market. Our lives have become dependent on apps in some way or the other. It is used for various purposes ranging from educational, learning, professional, daily reminders, fitness, entertainment, and more. Just for a reality check, think of how many times in a day you use an application. And so do most of us.

The healthcare industry is not far from this as well. It has gracefully marked its entry into the app industry. The app is one of the greatest digital solutions for users as well as medical professionals. Users may rely on apps for check-ups, mental peace, or daily health, and many more. Are you interested to enter in healthcare app development? Well, here is a guideline for you:

The Ultimate Development Guide To Building A Healthcare Software

The need for healthcare apps is going to increase with each passing day. These apps help doctors to assist their patients, dieticians to guide their patients with diet charts, fitness professionals to create fitness guides, and many more. It reduces the need for a regular patient visit by providing digital solutions. A survey says that it is estimated that the global healthcare mobile app development market will grow and be valued at over $59 billion by 2020. 71% of the patients were in favor of healthcare applications as well as 70% of medical school students reported using at least one medical app regularly. 

We hope that this has helped you to understand the demand for healthcare applications. It is the best time to jump into this field with a strong strategy. Advanced technologies work as a driving force. Are you thinking of developing healthcare software? It is recommended that you reach out to SaaS software development service providers. Here, you can make the application available to your customer via the Internet through a third-party provider. Have a look at the strategies:

  1. Know the healthcare software
  2. Understand the market:
  • First and foremost, understand the demand
  • Figure out your target audience
  • Know the types of healthcare apps
  • Study your competitors
  • Know the challenges
  1. High time to integrate advanced technologies
  2. Think about your business requirements
  3. Should operate on multiple devices
  4. HIPAA compliance
  5. Search for an apt software development agency.

The Detailed Analysis

  1. Know The Healthcare Software

Healthcare software is vast, some of its types are mentioned below:

  • Medical diagnosis software
  • E-prescribing software
  • Appointment scheduler software.
  • Electronic health record software
  • Medical billing software
  • Imaging and visualization software
  • Medical database software
  • Medical equipment management software
  • Hospital management software
  1. Understand The Market

One of the most important things to get accepted and prevail in the market is to know the market. Following are the aspects you should know:

  • Demand: Do a detailed analysis of the digital solutions that are already in the market. Here, you get to choose from two options: (i) get into a brand new field or (ii) add new features to an already existing field.
    • Brand New Entry: Here, you have to do vigorous research on the market. Notice the areas that are lacking, get a deep insight into what new can be added in the app industry. Just figuring out what is needed is not enough, whether users will accept it is of prime importance. Here, you may have one advantage, which is you will be the king as you will not have to compete. But, the idea should be embraced by users.

    • Add New Features: Here, you have to focus on what features are required in the existing application to make it more dynamic and user-friendly. Have a keen eye on the features or services that are in demand but are not available. You have to develop a powerful user-friendly application to get an edge over your competitors. Do you want to take the help of tech experts to implement your ideas? It is recommended that you take the help of SaaS software development services. This approach of developing software is high in momentum these days.
  • Your Target Audience: Research to know your target audience. This will help you to design software from a user's perspective. You can issue a survey to understand their likes and dislikes. The more detailed your research and surveys, the nearer you will be able to be to your potential users. It will give you a strong reason to know why you are building the application. It may work as a driving force for it. In users’ minds, a connection is made with healthcare apps. You can take the help of Google keywords to know the most searched keywords by your target audience and include them in your project.
  • Types Of Healthcare Apps: Healthcare applications are basically of two types:
    • Mobile Health Apps For Medical Professionals: These apps are preferred by medical professionals, be it doctors, dieticians, or fitness trainers. It mainly helps to guide patients and give digital solutions for small issues. It reduces the maintenance cost of hospitals as well as reduces the need for regular visits. It helps in managing the work. Examples of this type of apps are:
      • Doctor on-demand apps
      • Medical database apps
      • Appointment apps
      • Clinical assistance apps
      • Patient health tracking applications
    • Mobile Health Apps For Users: They make users' lives a lot simpler as well as help in healthy living. Users can contact a doctor virtually whenever needed. Many advanced technologies are connected to apps to track patients’ health status. Healthcare IT solutions are the only way out to stay connected to a medical professional as well as increase the efficiency in this competitive era. Their examples are:
      • Reminder apps
      • Health tracking apps
      • Healthy living apps
      • Women’s health tracking apps
      • Medical education apps
      • Home remedies apps
      • Diagnosis apps
      • Mental health apps
      • Physical health guiding apps
  • Study Your Competitors: To be the best in your sector, you have to know your competitors really well. Here, your goal should be to outperform them. Learn their best qualities, and know the deficiency as well. Integrate them into your project. Competition signifies the demand but at the same time being a newbie you will have to be a really good player. Know that unique selling point your competitors use to be the best. Software development healthcare is currently the much-needed digital solution. In this hectic world, we are quickly relying on these digital services.
  • Know The Challenges: Challenges go hand-in-hand with the process of building healthcare software. Some of the major challenges faced during the process are:
    • Lack Of User Participation: Usually it is observed that users intend to use an application only when they need any medical advice. To maintain the market users need to get back to the application again and again.

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    • Data Privacy And Security: A lot of data is fed on a daily basis on a healthcare app. Patients share their personal information. Medical professionals share their personal credentials. This increases the need for data privacy. A survey says that 50% of healthcare apps are prone to cyber-attacks. This discourages users from using the applications. There are a lot of challenges, but you can use your skills as well as technologies to overcome them. If you need any help in solving the issues it is recommended that you contact the software development healthcare service providers.
    • Trust Issues: Patients are not able to completely rely on virtual services. A lot of awareness is required to get a majority of people to accept these applications.
    • Difficulty In Navigation: Healthcare applications should be easy to operate. They are used by a wide age range of individuals. So, the design and operation should be easy for everyone, whether it is young users or old aged users. The main icons should be on the homepage. A map can be added with the note to reach the desired page quickly.
  1. Stay Ahead With Integration Of Advanced Technologies:

    Technology has the potential to reshape the healthcare industry as well as solve the challenges. Do you want to have an upper hand over your competitors? Healthcare IT solutions can help you with this. You can implement advanced IT solutions in your project. Here is a list of the highly useful advanced technologies:

  • Artificial Intelligence: The healthcare industry is considered to be at the top in terms of using AI. AI is being integrated into the industry to reduce human errors. In the coming years, you can expect AI to be used to diagnose diseases. Currently, it helps to keep track of patients’ symptoms and details in an organized way. With the help of patients’ symptoms, AI will be able to diagnose their diseases. A report says that global AI in the healthcare market size reached $2.5B in 2017 and is likely to hit the $36.15B mark by 2025. Some of the major AI uses will be robot-assisted surgeries, workflow supervision, and assistance, virtual nursing assistant, and preliminary diagnosis. A web development company in USA has been using advanced technologies to build an application. You can also integrate it into your upcoming project.
  • AR, VR: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have turned out to be the real force behind reshaping the healthcare industry. As per the report, the healthcare-related AR/VR market is estimated to reach $7.05B by 2026. Sensors and simulators are used in AR to enhance pieces of training and medical education. The integration of AR in healthcare apps will drive more and more trainees and students to get a rich experience. VR, on the other hand, is highly beneficial for pain distraction, rehabilitation, and diagnosis.
  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMT): IoMT as well as IoT help to make the healthcare software easily operable. They help to connect healthcare devices such as blood pressure diagnosed, heart rate checker, and many more to an application. This will update the daily health status of patients so that doctors can easily check and analyze it. According to a survey, the global IoT in healthcare market size is projected to reach $534.3B by 2025, expanding at a CAGR of 19.9%. Some other medical areas in which IoT and IoMT can be actively used are remote patient monitoring, medication management, telemedicine, interactive medicine, and many more. Are you thinking of building a healthcare application? If you need any help with it you can reach out to a web development company in USA.
  • Blockchain Technology: Blockchain technology is the most powerful for any sort of transaction. It makes it almost impossible for a third party to invade the system and steal information. It is known as a tamper-proof technology as it cannot be tampered by intruders. A transaction is shared only between the sender and the receiver. This technology always safely shares medical data, as well as maintains data privacy. It is widely known for its use in cryptocurrency.
  1. Think About Your Business’s Requirements:

    From a business point of view you might be thinking of making an overall development process as well as aftermath a profitable venture. You have to think about the ways which you can implement to monetize your software. For example, if there is a photo designing or editing application, it provides a limited free service but to use its special features users have to take premium membership. You can use ideas like these or better ones to monetize your software. Have useful data that users want and you will gain subscribers. A custom software development company has been working in this field for years. You can take their help to know the intriguing ways to monetize applications as well as implement them.

Your sole aim should not be to monetize the project. Users’ perspectives should be the topmost priority, otherwise, you will have to leave the market before even making a good entry. Most of the apps on the Play Store are free to download, so if your app is paid why will users download it? In-app purchases would be better than this.

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  1. The Software Should Operate On Multiple Devices:

    A healthcare application can be required by a user at any time. So, it is not a wise idea to restrict its compatibility with a single device. A user should be able to log in through a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Users’ login credentials should be enough to update all the information and data saved by them on any device. Ease of use is a must to make an application more acceptable.

  2. HIPAA Compliance:

    Every country has its own medical guidelines. Health is the most important asset for any individual. If by any chance any incorrect information is updated, it may cost a life that you cannot afford to get back. So, it is recommended that you follow the HIPAA rules. These rules are established according to a national standard.

The HIPAA security rules help to maintain the confidentiality of digitally-shared health information. HIPAA privacy rules help to maintain healthcare information. Healthcare software development services must be well-versed with HIPAA guidelines. Compliance with HIPAA security rules and privacy rules will make an application more trustworthy. You will not only develop a safe health app but will also win customers by following the HIPAA guidelines.

  1. Search For An Apt Software Development Agency:

    After you are done with thinking and analyzing all your thoughts, note down your final ideas. Now, another important task is to hunt for the software development agency that provides all the services. You can use different platforms such as Clutch to know about a company. Finalize the best five companies on the basis of your criteria. Have good communication with them and do a proper check of the company.

You can look at the previous projects of the agency that are similar to yours. It will help you to get an idea about the company. Convey your ideas to the agency and make sure they are ready to implement them. Know their skills and perspective. A dynamic software can only be developed by integrating your ideas with the agency’s skills and perspective. Make sure that the company stays with you till the end and make accommodations whenever required.

Custom software is in demand for these data due to the numerous advantages it offers. It not only helps to build a good relationship with a customer but is also great with market research and management. Are you thinking of having custom software developed and need help with it? You can contact a custom software development company.

Final Note

The entry of the healthcare industry into the digital world has made the work a lot simpler as well as living a lot easier. Though the competition is high you can outperform it with vigorous research, great ideas, and perfect implementation. Users’ perspectives and requirements should be the topmost priority. You have to bait the hook according to users who want to be the favorite.

Here, we have presented you with the ultimate guide for healthcare software development. By now, you should have got an idea about the high demand for healthcare software, the essential steps required to build it, the challenges as well as the power of application of next-gen technology in the healthcare industry. If you want to develop a healthcare app, you can reach out to healthcare software development services.