What Is New For Android Users In The New Android 10 Update?

What Is New For Android Users In The New Android 10 Update?

Initially, the new Android 10 was released early in March this year with the name of Android Q Beta.

But for the latest version, Google the best android app development company has now changed its decade-old style of giving names after deserts such as Android Pie and Android Oreo.

The latest version of Android is known as Android 10, Google said it has made the change in naming style for its global customers so that they can understand and relate easily. Since Android 10 has already been released, it has been running in all Pixel phones whether it is Pixel 3 or Pixel 2 or their XL or A versions such as Pixel 3XL, Pixel 3a, Pixel 2XL, Pixel XL, etc. So it is becoming important for each and every mobile app development company to keep the features of Android 10 in mind while developing the new range of smartphones

The Pixel users can easily update their phone through system updates option of settings on the phone. Else they can wait for the over the air update to come in the market. It is always recommended to back up all the data before going for any update and the same is true for the update of Android 10 on your phone. If you want to update through the OTA upload files, make sure you back up all the data before you sideload the OTA upload files. The features that Android 10 has enabled custom mobile application development to reach new heights. Now let’s learn about the features that the Android 10 has bought with it.

Features Of Android 10

Some of the highlights of the new Android 10 are mentioned below, let’s go through them one by one :

1. Murky Theme Android

Android 10 brings a dark as the user interface for its customers. The dark theme setting reduces the strain on eyes along with saving the battery of the phone. This theme can be applied to the system in and out that means on the system as well as on the supporting apps. This dark theme feature can be extended to each and every version of their app by the developers, even for the ones which were meant for the older versions of Android.

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2. Privacy settings intensified

A new section has been introduced regarding privacy in the settings only. This new section has bought Activity control, Location History, and Ad settings as well along with many other options like Scoped Storage, through which users get to control the access given to apps for using the data on MicroSD and sensitive app data. You can also stop the launch of unwanted apps in the background. Another significant feature for each and every mobile app development company.

3. Supports Foldable Device

During the demo, Google showed this really cool feature of switching from a smaller screen to a larger screen swiftly while playing a game on the device as it folds. This kind of native support to the foldable devices is quite impressive as the companies, as well as users, prefer foldable devices more be it mobile phones or laptops, rather than the typical hardware design. This makes the interface much more user-friendly. This is one of the most overlooked yet critical features in custom mobile application development.

4. Bubble Notifications

Users will get to read their notification in an intriguing style of Bubbles now. With this new feature, users can perform different tasks along with carrying a conversation at the same time. For the notifications related to chat, floating icons format has been adapted. It is quite similar to the chat heads used by other messaging apps. It can be dragged anywhere on the screen and one needs to tap the icon to open the chatbox and other composition tools.

This design has been adopted by the Android app development services for the applications used by customers the most. They can also be pinned to the home screen as well. So their use is limited to messaging, calling and other interactions initiated by the user.

5. Control on proving location access

Android 10 brings the enhanced location control settings to provide or limit access to all the apps installed on the respective device. It provides options such as give access all the time, or only when the app is in use or give access to the location not at all.

6. Advanced design for sharing of sheets

The new design is made to make the use and sharing sheets of much simpler and quicker than before. Another feature that makes it look like sharing links or content to another specific person within an app.

There is also an option of preview on the top right corner to check how it appears to the viewers and hence can be customized as per the desired design and format. Users can make use of the auto-suggested shortcuts as well, to customize the selected sheet that is to be shared.

7. Caption assistance

Android App Development services have included the feature of providing live caption which was developed for Youtube. This enables the OS of the device to generate and provide captions which is very beneficial for people who like to or prefer to watch things on mute and for people with hearing problems. The captions can be generated for audio, video messages and much more for any sort of app.

8. Default smart replies

The app developers will now be able to provide their own customized replies and actions to send out important information by the users. For example, if a notification contains an address, then Google maps will be opened right away by tapping on the address in the message or notification.


There are many other interesting features such as Focus mode that enables the silencing of disturbing apps, this feature is made available to the users of Android 9.0 Pie as well, and gestural navigation mode along with the renewed Family link and security updates, and improved Sound Amplifier. Android 10 update clearly makes the company one of the best android app development company.