What Will Be The Initial Cost Of Developing An E-Learning Platform Like Unacademy/Gradeup Using AWS Or Azure?

What Will Be The Initial Cost Of Developing An E-Learning Platform Like Unacademy/Gradeup Using AWS Or Azure?

In the current epoch when we are constantly hearing the terms ‘digital’ and ‘smartphones’ everywhere, the advancements in technology have changed the face of learning.

Most importantly, plenty of students reside in tier2 regions which means that they lack proper institutes and resources of education. Even in metropolitan cities, educational institutions are overcrowded or congested which makes easy learning impossible.

Unacademy, BYJU’s, or Gradeup are the platforms that are counted as one of the largest e-learning chains having millions of users. These platforms are suitable companions for the students for appearing for competitive exams. They provide online classes by experienced professionals and offer an opportunity for users to clear subject-related queries. Other than this, users can also monitor their preparation level by attending their e-learning portal development. Aspirants can enhance their learning with live test series, practice sessions, quizzes, and much more.

In this article, we will explore the cost involved in developing an e-learning platform.

The Significance Of Online Educational Website Or Webapp Solutions

The educational sphere has entirely transformed now due to the modifications that are driven by emerging technologies. The success of this platform has impacted the process and operations of educational institutions and it has become more progressive and innovative. Most educational tech startups are relying on advanced app development technologies to personalize their learning atmosphere. For any educational institute, it is not necessary to have experienced teachers in the class. On-demand educational platforms have transformed the conventional education system that has been categorized for decades. These solutions have proven that being a part of schools or colleges is not a guaranteed way to get a reliable education. Most of these websites offer incredible courses to students that are specially designed by lecturers from prominent universities.

E-Learning platforms that are developed by Azure software development services are an excellent way to educate students about using emerging technologies for education. According to statistics, the e-learning industry is all set to cross $18 billion by 2022 in India and $200 billion globally. Are you planning to integrate e-learning website solutions to educate new students and generate revenue, and wondering how much it costs to create an e-learning platform from AWS or Azure? Follow the below-mentioned segments to learn the whole process:

In the wake of educational app development where almost everything is one click away, educational applications have surfaced a revolutionary change. These applications have not only simplified the learning experience of students but have also reduced the stress of the parents or guardians.

More About E-learning Platforms Like Unacademy, BYJU's, And Gradeup

E-learning websites like Unacademy, BYJU'S, Topper, or Gradeup visualize the potential of progressive educational solutions or mobile learning approaches. Other than simplifying the learning process these solutions also make them interactive and engaging for students and assure them a comprehensive standard of learning parameters with simplicity and effectiveness. The flexible nature of online education encourages students to solve their subject-related queries in the best possible way and indulge the essential educational resources effectively. With these web portals, students as well as educators can accomplish a high degree of supreme knowledge and keep receiving it consistently. They also provide absolute freedom to students or educators and enable them to delve into the educational content through videos, podcasts, and other mediums. E-learning platforms offer highly interactive learning through online classes. These exceptional solutions come with a performance-oriented approach, security, and integrity.

In the present environment, every educational institution is celebrating the benefits of emerging technologies and Microsoft web app development services to offer a smart learning mechanism. To make digital learning solutions stand out from their competition it is crucial to offer something more than or different from the competitors along with serving the potential students or audiences. There are numerous advantages that are associated with online learning portals and by integrating the below-mentioned factors you can enhance user engagement on your e-learning platform.

  • Student Portal- In this panel, you must integrate features like easy sign-up, student profile creation, subscription model, course details, online test, push notifications, etc

  • Parents Portal- In this panel you must integrate features like parents sign up, profile creation, view students' profile, student report, etc

  • Teachers Portal- In this panel you must integrate teachers sign up, profile creation, dashboard, class creation, etc

  • Admin Portal- Admin panel must have various management features such as subject, students, parents, class, contest management, and others

Features Required For Developing An Outstanding E-Learning Platform

E-learning platforms develop a large content-rich repository by empowering their educators and other professionals. These platforms make it accessible for everyone to use their content and course modules. They also inspire aspirants or students to prepare for their upcoming examinations and promote the concept of self-learning in an incredible manner. Across every educational institution, these path-breaking platforms have changed various rules and conventional proceedings. They offer world-class education and knowledge to students anytime, anywhere.

So it is crucial to integrate feature-rich components in your e-learning platform. For the very same reason, it is extremely important for e-learning platforms to include cloud computing services to avoid any loopholes in the future. There are plenty of features that are worth considering in an e-learning application to clear doubts of students and enhance the process of learning.

  • In-App Payment- For learning sessions or practice tests, students usually look for a course or apply for the material within the website. Hence, it is important to integrate a payment gateway with multiple payment modes and offer convenient in-app payment options to users. This is a crucial feature that is worth considering adding to the e-learning platform.

  • Learning Gamification- Many Microsoft web app development platforms have given due importance to the gamification of learning operations and it has helped them to gain magical results. It has also encouraged educators and learners to formulate interesting ways of learning subjects and courses. Learning gamification opens the doors of creativity and increases the excitement of learning for students.

  • Online Examination- What good is an e-learning platform without the feature of online mock tests or examinations within the application? This feature allows students to prepare for upcoming examinations in a much better way. Also, educators can conduct online examinations to monitor the performance of their students and prepare them accordingly.

  • Digital Learning Analytics- By including digital learning analytics in a website or an application, platforms can offer valuable insights to their students into their performance, progress, and most importantly, position. These analytics are specially formulated within the sphere of education and they improve the understanding and the learning of the students positively.

  • Push Notifications- Students can ignore social media post notifications but they will for sure keep their interest alive for e-learning push notifications. This feature helps students to interact and get easily accustomed to the interface, and remain updated with the upcoming courses of classes of their preferred content. Push notifications also simplify the learning concepts that are associated with a platform.

  • Offline Mode- For the smooth running of any online solution, having a fast internet connection is an important factor, but across many regions, a stable internet connection is a matter of huge concern. Hence, the application must have offline mode compatibility so that students can download their course content or modules and study them as per their convenience. This enables students to have information offline so that they can visit the application whenever they require to access the information.

  • Virtual Reality Enabling- Digital learning is entirely about providing convenient and highly engaging services to students or aspirants. Nothing other than a user engagement platform can work better with emerging technologies and the most satisfying approach is Virtual Reality. You can integrate this feature into your e-learning platform so that students can learn about the specifics without any inconvenience.

How Do E-Learning Applications Work And Which Factors Can Affect The Cost Of Developing Such A Solution?

E-learning platforms are an emerging example of education technology that aims at providing highly competitive, engaging, and interactive learning services to aspirants or users. All of these platforms have improved their student’s access to the course modules or content and their ability to perceive knowledge. To create any such solution with Azure or the AWS framework it is important to combine world-class technologies and proven pedagogical mechanisms accurately.

You must also consider integrating innovative technology, experienced teachers, and data science ability to provide a personalized educational experience to students. The platform must be capable of exploring the upcoming education trends and must offer an integrated medium to students for benefiting educational entities such as schools, colleges, faculties, educational institutions, etc. Azure and AWS provide an amazing platform to e-learning portal development companies where they can increase their user engagement and generate revenue from the same.

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Any education learning platform can be made successful by integrating improved technologies and trending mechanisms into it. But all of these factors can also increase the cost of developing the platform to a great extent. Developing an application needs meticulous research about all of the aspects of development. Hence the platform must have a transforming idea that can fulfill all such aspects that come into practice. You can find out more about the features that can increase the cost of developing an educational platform-

  • Interactive classes or sessions

  • Guidance for competitive exams

  • Subscription offers for students

  • Free course module on current affairs or general knowledge

  • Communication interface for messaging services to provide instant support

  • Using the latest animation or illustration services

An Overview Of Microsoft Azure And The AWS Framework

Microsoft Azure and AWS are highly efficient web development frameworks and they are known for their extensive usability. Let us explore both of these platforms in terms of developing an e-learning platform:


Microsoft Azure alludes to a Microsoft cloud environment that is meant to create, deploy, and manage applications or services through a Microsoft-centered network. This Cloud computing platform is transforming e-learning businesses by integrating emerging technologies into them. The major reason for this is the attribution that it supports such as operating systems, programming languages, databases, and devices.

This platform stands as a major cloud market leader that offers Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service, and Platform as a Service to users. This is why educational app development companies are integrating the best technology for developing high-end e-learning applications in technology-driven industries. Azure has consistently contributed to the growth of the revenue of various platforms and it is categorized as an infrastructure leader. It is suitable for developing a student-oriented eLearning application and to establish strong relations with them. This platform can extend the visibility of e-Learning websites by offering key attributes to aspirants by optimizing cloud environments.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services is a reliable cloud-based infrastructure that is used by numerous organizations and businesses for developing extensive web-based applications or websites. Regardless of whether you are running a mid-sized organization or a small business, AWS has the potential to benefit your platform in the long run. It has more than a hundred tools that businesses can separately utilize for their app-specific requirements and it saves users from investing in numerous servers. The e-learning development platforms can choose this tool to understand the capacity of their solutions and scale them as per the upcoming trends. It is an incredible framework for companies that worry about overpaying service providers for cloud processing. Amazon Web Services offers cost-effective cloud computing services as it has commitment-free protocols that enable the organization to minimize their investment.

Comparing both of the platforms in terms of developing an e-learning platform is extremely difficult because of the price changes and the frequency of the solutions. For general e-learning solutions, Azure has the lowest price whereas AWS has the highest price. To fulfill the requirements of a computing-optimized server and a memory-optimized server, Azure and AWS have almost identical price models.

The Cost Of Developing E-Learning Solutions Via AWS And Azure

More than 90% of the people using smartphones tend to download any sort of application on their device. This is inclusive of e-commerce applications, social media applications, and gaming applications, where more than half of the applications belong to the education category. e-Learning platforms have multiple course categories for students or educators and hence it is extremely important for web developers to make an additional effort in order to make these applications quality-oriented and easy to access.

An e-learning application comes with unavoidable features because each of them has its own specific role and their absence can create a huge impact on users. Many app development platforms believe in integrating Azure software development services to analyze the initial cost of developing an online learning platform.

However, the cost ultimately depends on the features, size, scale, and design of an application. Additionally, the cost also depends on partnering companies or stakeholders that you are dealing with. Go through an average cost estimate for developing an e-learning platform like Unacademy or Gradeup via Amazon Web Services or Azure (these aspects are mentioned based on hours):

  • For different technical implementations in an e-learning platform, the average initial cost is $1000 for around 30 hours.

  • For user interface designs the average initial cost is $12000 for around 300 hours

  • For the frontend or backend process for both the platforms the average initial cost is $9000 for around 400 hours

  • For an application on website testing, the average initial cost is $1800 for around 50 hours.

Anyway, for developing any learning platform via Amazon Web Services or Azure, the development cost depends upon multiple factors such as developers, features, and the place of development. In the aforementioned details, a rough estimate of the initial cost of development has been given.

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Keynotes Of AWS And Azure Cloud Solutions Cost

  • Amazon Web Services and Azure cloud services have almost identical price modules due to their free tier services and additional pricing

  • Google Cloud is the cheapest serverless Cloud computing segment that comes with a minimal computing price as compared to Amazon Web Services and Azure

  • Both these platforms have an around 6 times higher price module as compared to Google for developing an e-learning platform

  • For developing any on-demand platform it is important to include the API gateway price of Amazon which is around $3.50 for every million requests and this feature is important if you want to incorporate HTTP invocation


There are various factors that are worth considering while developing an e-learning platform with Azure Cloud Solutions or AWS. If you are developing a solution that is going to have tremendous exposure then this comparison will help you to secure plenty of money. Also, you will get an overview of the initial cost of developing any learning platform like Unacademy through cloud computing solutions and you can put an end to the struggle of developing similar solutions from existing infrastructure. The price estimate that is given in the aforementioned segment is exclusive of the gateway price of exercising Amazon Web Services or Azure’s cloud services.