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Which One to Select - Native Apps Vs Progressive Web Apps?

In today’s generation apps have become an important part of each and everyone’s lives including the brands who are trying to attract customers with their digital marketing efforts.

Gone are the days when the desktop was the primary source of content and data consumption, today mobile is twice as relevant as the desktop when it comes to content.

But with this, the question arises about which platform to use to develop apps in order to get the maximum audience? Should one go for React Native app development services or Native apps or should one go for Progressive web app development? This question is something which each and every brand has in its mind, so let us divulge in to more details to get a clearer picture of the same.

Developing a Progressive web app is an approach in which the platform has a combination of apps as well as websites. In simple terms, it is an optimized website which can use features of your phone, let’s say camera, and can be accessed through various web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. The content keeps on getting downloaded as and when the user keeps on browsing which is why it is known as progressive. They are simple to use, fast and almost as efficient as the Native apps.

React Native app development services are an approach for native apps development. Native apps are the normal applications which we all have been using since the inception. They are made differently for different operating systems and thus are more efficient and provide optimal performance. Today though with the hype around Progressive web app development and major companies like Twitter and Alibaba committing to it, the demand for PWA Development Company is on the rise. But the question still remains between Progressive web applications’ development and Native apps. So below we look at the attributes which set these two apart and which one you should select.

Progressive Web App Development Vs Native App

Reminiscent of its name, Progressive app development refers to the progressive means of app development while using the newer age technologies such as HTML 5 to its advantage. It is used to deliver a more flexible, robust and working web application which can be used from any web browser on the customer’s device. This makes it totally different from the Native apps which only have only the liberty to work in its native environment and not across browsers. They can function on Android, iOS, or even Windows but only in their own native space. This makes the apps provided by the PWA Development Company extremely robust and useful as it comes with numerous benefits such as:

  • Hybridization across multiple platforms: The fact that with Progressive Web Apps one has to develop just one app which will be functional across platforms, including that off iOS, Windows or Android is pretty fascinating and one of the most exciting features of PWA. Before the inception of Progressive web apps companies looking t build an app had to come up with three versions of the same app which was supposed to function across all the OS, iOS, Android, and Windows.

This ultimately increased the overall budget as the company has to spend thrice and give thrice the time needed making it a tiring as well as a long and exhaustive process. With PWA’s now the same company only needs to develop a single app which will not only be functional across platforms but also cheaper and easier to build.

  • Reduction in the app acquisition process: In Native apps, the app user first has to find the app solution to his problem and then move to the available app store and then finally download the required app. This process is lengthy and time consuming and it was also noted in a recent study that 2 out of 10 users drop from the process before app download.

This problem leads in an increased number of stages in app acquisition process making it difficult for the developer to get the required number of users. But in PWA’s there is no need of installation of the app for use, a user can simply access the app on the available web browser within minutes as soon as the need arises, making this format extremely helpful and profitable.

  • Amazing User Experience: The fact that PWA’s bring to you an array of extensive functions which enhances the user’s experience along with the unified platform use is something which cannot be attained through any other platforms. The PWA’s through this provides a much better user experience as compared to the Native apps making them very impressive and efficient.


Though Native Apps still maintain a lead in terms of consumption (they account for 87% of all mobile traffic) as they are extremely powerful and integrate better at the base level with the system helping to get an enhanced performance, PWA’s are getting better day by day. If you are looking for a way to get customers on board at a rapid pace at the minimalistic cost and time, PWA’s are surely the way forward.