Cloud Platform Cost understanding for AWS, Microsoft Azure, & Google Cloud

With the advancement in a cloud computing platform, there has being a sudden increase in its competition. 

Now, industries are becoming a cloud computing services provider. This has intensified the overall trend of clouding and companies are not scared to embrace it. However, three tech giants are also providing such clouding solutions to companies. This includes Google as Google cloud, Amazon as AWS and Microsoft as Microsoft Azure. It has provided ease and given a different manner for it to work upon.

Introduction to Cloud Computing Solutions

Let us learn about these three terrific clouding platforms to determine its average cost and pricing details.

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Amazon has become the oldest and leading player in clouding market. Now, AWS is working for more than 13 years that makes it a great platform to work upon. It gives a pervasive form of the cloud platform to form setup in an accurate form.

  • Microsoft Azure

Cloud computing was joined by Microsoft in the form of Azure eight years back. It gives a different form to the Microsoft App Development that is that holds a lot of potentials. In the world of computers, it became a great addition with the cloud service that gave global competition to businesses. Even the competitors were not able to have such an impact on the market.

  • Google Cloud Platform

Now with the total experience of seven years, it has managed to gain a lot of popularity. With the brand name as Google attached to it, Cloud platform has gained the trust of so many companies. Google and YouTube are the main names that help in powering up this service. However, now the public can access this cloud service with the entrepreneurial mind like Google.

Now, let us tell different factors that are related to these clouding services. These factors can easily determine the cost of each product that is provided by these giants.

1. Storage

One of the major factors that help in determining the cost of a cloud service is its storage space. It is believed that the cloud has unlimited space to it that gives it an edge as compared to other storage options. It helps in solving several problems related to computing and management. On top of that, there is no data leakage that makes it ideal for the asp net application developer to work on it with total security. Microsoft Azure has block device storage that allows saving small chunks of data.

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However, AWS is a bit different than this. It has object storage process that is followed up by it that is cost-effective and flexible in nature. This dense storage instance gives it a mode to work on showing extensive manner to test and document. Google has its way around clouding that works on both block and object storage. This gives the cloud computing services an edge to work upon along with Google cloud infrastructure, Google Cloud SQL and Google Cloud Database.

2. Availability and Locations

Location is a vital point when it comes to deploying and budgeting. It is essential to provide the best possible route to work on in the case of a client that must be short enough. The three giants have aced it all in terms of cloud computing and global reach. With 55 availability zones, AWS has is doing great whereas Azure is at 54. Google is also not far behind these giants and is settled on 49 for now. The coverage has different ration for three of them. Amazon is leading with an average of 4.9/5 whereas 4.8/5 is given to Microsoft. At last 4.4/5 is given to Google.

3. Computing power

The cloud services processing powers holds a lot of importance when it comes to selecting the best Cloud Computing Solutions. The higher the computing power makes it more powerful with the other services. Also, it has a direct impact on the price of cloud services. The higher the power, the greater will be the overall price. The Microsoft Azure is famous due to its Microsoft App Development that can be done with Virtual Machine Scale Sets and Virtual Machines.

It has a huge impact on the overall setup of the cloud. However, Amazon has a different work up such as Elastic Compute Cloud – EC2that can easily work on virtual machines. This is a convenience for the overall computing setup that gives it a plus point with the preconfigured setting. It is different when it is about Google services. it is mainly working up on the equivalent combination of both that helps in managing it simply. This is mainly about power and how it is easy to shift off with respect to other locations.

Let us get you an average idea on the pricing of the overall system. The total price rate depends on the critical factors that help in budgeting the overall system. The small-scale businesses and startups work on pricing in a complicated manner. This depends on the specification and region selected by the asp net application developer or others. It will help in setting out a proper region difference. Azure is mainly pricing for solid state drives that are expensive in Asia. Amazon is mainly for reserved instances and Google for the usage D count. The cheapest one is Google followed by Amazon and Azure. So, now you know what to opt for.