How much will it cost me to build an educational app for my School

Schools and institution find it very beneficial to sell their courses online.

The online education is more or less the integral part of our daily lives. Online education extends from the simple tutorial videos on you tube and Vimeo to the large degree courses separated in several modules. There are many universities, which are delivering the amazing set of courses. 

Taking a step back, the whole concept of online education arose from the old industry pattern for distant education. Somewhat mystical idea of online education emerges from the distance education system, where the students used to enroll for the course and the course material is couriered to the student. The assignment is also submitted through the courier service. This gave a rise to the online education with the help of online video calls and scripts loaded over education app.

Here in this article we will discuss the features for education mobile app development for schools and the cost of designing and developing such app. E=Self-education is not the rare trend today. The evolution of technology directly correlates to the uprise of online businesses. Education is not just limited to the kids and school-going children, instead expanded to the professionals and research students. An intended person can now learn new skills, get degrees and expand the expertise without the need to visit the campus. 

What are education apps?

Simply education app is the mobile app, which help people in learning. You can learn any language, learn computer-programming skills, study engineering, grab the law skills, and practice the sports activities. Using your smartphone, you can learn whatever you want on the go. Sudden shift in the tendency from not joining campus to study at home made education industry more revenue generating Diaspora for businesses. Stakeholders are putting their efforts and the money to promote the exclusive courses whereas students also like to take things at their own comfort. 

There are several categories of education apps depending upon the category of the education learner: 

App for Tutors 

The elearning web portal for teacher contains fewer features than its counterpart app. The app is made to help teacher in planning, grading, scheduling, generating the analytics. In absence of the app, it is very less impractical option to find several apps for individual tasks. 


The features of an app depend over the possibility and scope of app. Here are few important features of an education app for tutors whereas for more it is always recommended to consult Tutor App Development Company:

Login/Sign up:  Log in and sign up is an integral part of any app. Today, almost every app offers the ease to login with Google, Facebook and other social media accounts. The login and registration page is not just limited to the tying the customer to our app. In fact, the purpose of the log in and registration through social media is to get the information of the users and provide them the desired content. Learner appreciates the options for signing up with social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter etc.

User profile management is also a common feature in both learner apps and tutor finder apps. The user with their profiles can personalize the view according to their choices and requirements. They can track their progress, check the courses running, set the priority, schedule the class and make necessary schedule changes. In addition, the personalized view contains the options to see some relatable analytics. 

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Learning material: Materials are the content, which is either taken from the reliable or from the existing course books or prepared by the teachers/tutors. Depending upon the subject and the stream of pedagogy the learning material is designed. When the learning based training material is prepared, the content is more elaborative, and script based, whereas the web based training, material is made with advantages that are more psychological for students. The content of the education app can be classified into:

  • Theoretical scripts
  • Interactive text exercises
  • Video and audio sessions
  • Live streaming classes
  • Tests

Search: Search feature is available to find the desired content or courses within the app. A user can find the sections and reach to the desired course of section. Teachers can also adjust scheduled programs. Longer the courses are, more important is the search option. Both iOS app developers and android developer can work over the desired features.

Push notification: Push notifications are the amazing medium to keep the user aware with the app. Sometimes the user set up some task, and often forgets before completion. With the help of notification, he can be reminded of the unfinished tasks. Alongside, the sudden message from user and the assignment submission from the students are immediately acknowledged to the tutor. For teacher apps, the notifications are more important. Skipping the class can really affect the tutor's reputation. Tutors can also use the push notification for asking users to rate your app and promote the course. 

Statistics and reports: Statistics are always important part in education mobile app development to know the popularity of the course. The user engagement tells about the blind spots and the way to promote the course.

Cloud integration: Education apps comprise of the scripts, Pdf notes, audio lectures, video sessions, live-recorded sessions, images, gifs and other documents. Saving these files on the local survey is difficult because of the scalability of the apps. The content may expand unexpectedly. This way, the clod integration is must. The sessions, videos and other things are stored o the server, and user can always access the content. 

Cross-platform development: One cannot be sure for the devices to be used by the students or learners. May be you are using smartphones, and your students are using tablets and the laptops. The app must be comfortable to work with different screen sizes and operating systems. If the majority of your clients use iphone, you must contact iphone app development companies and android development company for android. 

Also, few features are added in elearning web portal to attract the students, which include the integration with social network and the share feature for students. With the integration of one click sharing, the apps gain new users and easily shared with others. 

Apps for Students

  • Application for learning the specific subject
  • Application to kids for facilitating the development
  • Application to  offer reference material
  • Application for online courses
  • Application for Exam preparation
  • Application to help for students

Educational apps for students: Few tutor finder app development companies also make their apps to work in the desired manner for learners. 

Apps for the specific subjects: These apps are called the niche market apps. These apps are created for teaching any single subject to users. Often the language learning apps are considered into this category. Duolingo and Memrise are such popular apps. Also, some driving lessons are made available for the learners. Programming learning skills, music learning lessons, guitar and such instrument learning are served to through online educations apps.

Apps for kids: Kids are also facilitated with the apps, where they are offered with the psychologically created interactive lessons. Today parents want their kids to learn something, as the kids get hold of the tablets. The interactive cartoons and animations are offered through videos in app. Also, the kindergarten education is now offered with the help of education apps. Education apps for kids are the simple and colorful apps, which also sometime offer games.

Dictionary apps: Thee apps are generally the supplemental and the reference apps. These apps are sold and marketed for school-going kids and others. These app may include encyclopedia, dictionary, document catalogue, audio lessons, how to scripts and similar media content.  

Online education apps: The famous online education apps are the biggest platform for submitting the online course and run the courses. The famous platforms such as Coursera, Udacity, Udemy and EdX are fill with the number of platforms. ThesE apps offer the online courses run by different third parties. You can enroll for any third party course and can start study. The lectures are owned by the specialists, and reliable sources along with graded homework and feedbacks. 

Exam preparation apps: Exam preparation apps are made for helping students to better prepare for the exams such as TOEFL and IELTS are having many apps for preparation. Also, the government exams for different countries comprise a huge section of students. Therefore, the apps are generally made with the number of mockup test and online test replicas. 

Class aid apps: These apps are in fact integrated with the existing smart education technologies. The apps are made to give students a more communicative way of learning and make mobile phone a second classroom. These apps aid in classroom sessions as well as the post class assignments. Also, students can discuss the tutor, ask those questions and take help for preparing the assignments. 

Additional features recommended by Tutor App Development Companies


The kids' educational apps generally contain the AR and VR based games that allow them to learn. Kids never get interested toward the text-based courses. Make kids learning requires a proper instructional designer and the creative content. The gamification is another aspect of Animation, which is highly used today in Education, whatever is the age.  

Gamification is integrated on app in different phases:

  • Tokens as a prize for customer to track the progress.
  • Stories to show the learning ladder.
  • Learning material with animation and cartoon.

Also, you can come with education game apps and include others to play and promote the app. If you have any amazing idea and the brainstorming plan, it can really work for you.


You cannot ascertain the geographical location of your students. Once the course is online and promoted. The student can come from every corner of the world. This is why it is always recommended for making the versatile for every country's relevance. 

Video and Sounds: 

When the text or the content is connected to the video or audio, it tends to stay more in the brain. The brain is made in such a peculiar way, that the random things stay in mind whereas the things learnt are forgotten. To make thing more comprehensible and stay longer in the mind, Videos and sounds are integrated.

Alongside, sound quality is must for education mobile app development. Specifically for the language-learning app, the audio plays a significant role. Audio must be recorded by native speaker, and with different native accents. For other apps, it depends over the educational content. 

Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality is the advanced method to give a live experience of the non-existing world. This is the amazing method to study human physiology and advanced surgeries. Also, the technical studies are done here with the help of Virtual Reality. Although VR and AR are the most popular method, but still it is costliest medium, therefore very less recommended. The use of VR in your app can make it stand out of the crowd. 

Monetize the app: Apps are made to be monetized. There are many methods, which helps in making your app earn more. 

Freemium:  The most typical but most popular monetization model for making your app earn more is offering freemium. Freemium is meant to provide the abridged version without any cost and then selling the premium version on some price. Offering the freemium is the medium to tempt users for full paid version of the app. However, for the same it is also necessary to have two version of the app. 

Free trial: 

Offering the free trial method is also a traditional old method. Your app is distributed on free but for a limited period. With the free app, you give users an access to all features for a limited time and then ask them to purchase the subscription if they like your app. With free trial, the app gets famous and many apps offer the ease to run app even without purchasing the paid version. This model is somewhat mixed form of Freemium and Free trial version. 


Advertisement is the well-known and easiest monetization model. This model only starts when your app reaches to an ample number of people. Once your elearning web portal is popular, you can start putting advertisement. But also, this method sometime annoys the customers. Showing an ad after disrupting the class is gruesome. It breaks the user's concentration and considered a negative impact. For putting advertisement, you need to do a proper research and show only the relevant ads. 

Paid download

If you think, your app has potential. And if you are confident for the popularity of your app, you can look for paid monetization model. This is an option for the business with the reputed models and big names. The businesses that have already number of loyal clients prefer to directly launch the paid version of app in market. These apps are launched by universities and renowned colleges to expand their number of students.  

Cost of development for Tutor finder app development or education for schools:

Before the development of education app for your schools, several things need to consider beforehand. Above we have discussed two types of app and then several apps for learners. Along with it, the essential features of an app and the monetization method plays a big role in increasing or decreasing the budget. 

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It is always advisable to recognize your customer. If you customers use android mobile, you need to have an android app and if you are unsure of the devices, cross platform app is a great option for you. Now once you have decided the platform, let's ask yourself below questions: 

  • Will you need the audio playback support for your app?
  • Will your app require the game integration?
  • Will your app includes the video playback.
  • Will your app offer the profile management? 

For an average education app, the development team may include Project manager, UI/UX designer, iOS/Android developer, QA, and sound designer. Localization features adds some more cost to your project, whereas the AR and VR projects are too heavy for the budget. An average cost costs your around $48000 and may be more depending on the features. 

Wrap it up: 

Education is the most important part and for businesses, the online education is the only persistent sector, which runs even in recession. The online education is slowly taking over the classroom culture. The need of professionals gave rise to online education apps, which now swept into the kids education and kids grooming as well. This way it has become the most profitable industry. Also, the globalization has pushed the concept more ahead and thus highly adopted by everyone.