The Features Of ‘shoelace’ Launched By Google

In this digital age, there are numerous social networking sites to connect with people.

Social networks offer connectivity and are crucial in this age. There are several mobile app development companies which offer such connectivity to almost all sectors of the society. There are different apps for different purposes.

Platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, allows us to connect with the people we know and offer features like chats, video calling, etc. to stay in touch with them. There are professional applications like LinkedIn which help us in connecting with employers and professionals.

The best android app development company has been developing new platforms with numerous features to deliver the best experience. Shoelace is a social platform designed and developed by Google to connect people with similar interests and plan events.

Shoelace is a Hyperlocal social networking platform developed by Google’s incubator project area-120. It is a newly launched social network application by google which connects people with similar interests and allows users to organize events. In Google’s own words, the shoelace is developed “to tie people together based on their interests – like two laces on a shoe.” Right now, the shoelace is still in invite-only launch mode in its initial testing phase in New York. The custom mobile application development process is still ongoing.

iPhone app developers along with android app development services are working together to expand the accessibility of the app. After the initial testing phase, it will be launched worldwide.

Features Of ‘shoelace’ Launched By Google

  • The application allows you to connect with people having similar interests and organize events. Let’s say, you are new to a locality and you want to take your dog out for a walk. If you wish to make contact with other dog owners in your locality, you can connect with local dog owners and organize a small hangout in the nearest dog park.


This way, you can connect to people easily. This obviously will prove beneficial for you and your dog. You get to connect with people who have a similar lifestyle and your dog can make new dog friends! You can organize different events and small hangouts for people for similar music interests, art preferences, etc. Bonding over similar interests is a perfect ice breaker for starting conversations. This application does that work for you

  • The application also has a map interface to get accurate locations of the people you want to connect to and the events you want to attend
  • The application aims to encourage more real-life connections. Skype has made our life easy by allowing us to connect to people anytime and anywhere in the world. From personal talks to meetings, anyone can be connected through skype. With this digital development, the act of meeting in real life isn’t that common.

Through this application, by organizing events, you can connect to people in the real world. You can have a strong social connection just in your locality. Instead of just connecting people virtually through smartphones, you can engage in real-world meetings and hangouts

  • The activities listed on the app are called ‘loops’. You can attend loops in which you are interested in. Based on your previous attendings and preferences, the application suggests more loops for you to attend. You need to keep attending such loops to ensure your interests in the people you would like to connect with

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  • People who are new to a city or a country can easily connect with their neighborhood. They can talk to people based on similar preferences and break the ice. Connecting with people who have similar ideas and similar interests is easier and more comfortable
  • With the feature of organizing events, the app aims to decrease the use of smartphones. Through smartphones have made our lives convenient, they hurt our physical and mental health. We spend most of our day looking at screens. Increased screen time virtual features disturb real-life social interactions. This app gives you a chance to break off this virtual reality and interact in the real world
  • With an application that allows you to meet people, there is a major concern of security. Many frauds are being reported who cheat the people by connecting through social media. To make sure that the people and events listed on the application are authentic, the mobile application developers have taken strong measures.

There were earlier attempts by Google to create a social network app that allows people to organize events. The custom mobile application called ‘schemer’ was launched in 2011. The application didn’t receive an active response from the audience. ‘shoelace’ is the better version of ‘schemer’ with additional and improvised features. ‘shoelace’ is designed according to the current requirements.

Security And Privacy Concerns.

Shoelace is a hyperlocal experience application that connects you with people. Such an application demands a high level of reliability. You are trusting an application to connect with the right people. Frauds and misleading information from the application can lead to a security threat to a person.

Therefore, privacy and security of information, authentication and the reliability of the information provided by the application are a very serious concern. Google has worked hard and designed the application to be reliable about the people and events you wish to connect to.

  • To join a community in which you are interested in, you need to verify yourself through a verification code sent to your mobile number or through your Google account. This is done to ensure that the accounts created by people are genuine. There are instances where fake accounts are created for the wrong reasons. The verification process ensures that the user information is legitimate
  • The activities and the events listed on the app are called ‘loops’. You will have to attend such events to ensure your interest in people you might want to connect with
  • Shoelace follows community guidelines. All the features are aligned with community standards of the locality you belong to
  • If you still have further complaints about accounts, events or the application, you can report your complaint to Google.

Google has attempted custom mobile application development in the past. Platforms like Google+, Orkut, etc are few of the attempts by google. These applications haven’t had an active response and have been shut down due to the lack of users.

The launch of shoelace comes shortly after the shut of google+. Shoelace is a meticulously designed by the best mobile app development company has hopes to start a new phase of social media by encouraging more real-world meetings.