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How to Leverage Paid Ads in Your Content Expansion Strategy

12 Oct

There is nothing more important in advertising than content. Content is all about, whether you are supplying it via your website, email marketing or in your advertising banner ads.

All you send to your audience in the form of visual and written content helps you keep them engaged and interested with your brand. It also makes it possible to attract more customers, expand your audience and finally, increase your company.

But, when it comes to content, it's not enough to publish and wait for your customers to come to your website.

At times you'll also need to take into account the possibility of amplifying your content through advertisements.

This report will highlight the importance of content promotion and pinpoint some of their very best advertising networks.

The Significance of Content marketing

Content marketing covers a broad spectrum of strategies and data. Ultimately, its primary focus is to create and distribute valuable advice to the viewers.

According to a report published by the Content advertising Institute on B2B marketing, 88 percent of businesses already use content marketing, and they utilize a wide variety of strategies.

Is there any evidence that these approaches are successful?

We all know that 70 percent of these customers say they're more inclined to read about the products they use. They'd also want to find out more about these through content instead of the conventional advertising approaches. Even the purchase intent of people that are clicking native advertising links is significantly higher than of people who are clicking on traditional banners.

Content will even help raise a website's domain authority by assisting the search engine optimization. The more relevant content you print, the more material the search engine crawlers have and the better your site will rank.

The Importance Of Paid Advertisements As a Content Amplification Strategy

From time to time, even in the case, you do your very best in creating valuable content for your audience the conversion is significantly lower than expected. To put it differently, your content doesn't reach the people it is supposed to. Sometimes, content marketing can be a great alternative for content amplification. It can be used to:

  • Boost content that you believe to be to market, together with less of an Opportunity to reach out to your viewers through organic search
  • Reach new audiences to Social Networking, fans of relevant sites or even lovers of a specific influencer
  • Boost base content to encourage organic shares. BuzzSumo used this tactic with its headline evaluation post, which is the 2nd most shared article about content advertising published this year.

Many businesses already choose paid amplification on social networks, and almost half of these cover native advertising too, based on the Content Marketing Institute.

What are the Best channels for advertising your content?

So as to properly assess which one of those channels better matches your marketing targets, you want to understand them, evaluate them and find out how they operate and what you can expect from them.

1. Google Adwords

In accordance with this record, Search engine marketing (SEM) is the paid system which B2B marketers use most frequently" for content distribution. While social websites grow in popularity with each new calendar year, search engines are still an important part of the internet industry. Google Adwords enables you to harness people's need to locate answers to their own questions via online search and send your content directly, by putting your ad on top of the search listing.

How’s Google Adwords relevant in this context?

Most businesses are prepared to pay for ads to drive more traffic to their sites, and almost everyone uses search engines to find content or to discover answers to their own immediate queries.

In accordance with HubSpot, 75 percent of users do not get past the first page of results at a google search. Consequently, you want to make it into the top so as to make certain that you get to your viewers. Paid search has you there quicker than any other option, and while it's not totally free, it might prove to be quite effective for your promotion strategy.

According to Search Engine Watch they targeted specific keywords associated with their own difficulty including "oil spill" and "oil flow." Therefore, they were able to receive a click-through rate of 15 percent as a result of high visibility from the search engine top results. Out of more than five million searches each month, their site received over 750,000 visits.

Content Advertising principle to apply:

This is an intriguing use of ad words as it does not overtly advertise a product but information about a company response to some news story about these. An expansion of this premise of content marketing to advertising words indicates marketing information related to a business event or viewer question.

Costs and targeting options

With Google Adwords, you can target keywords, based on popular searches related to your own industry or a complementary industry. You might even target users by location, the devices that they use to attach to the world wide web.

The expenses of the campaign depend mostly on your selection of keywords. The more popular the keywords are, the more complex the Cost Per Click for using them. Adwords utilize an auction-based system in which you get to specify exactly how far are you willing to pay for every click.

Warning: over time, search engine visitors have become more knowledgeable and often view ads with suspicion. When using ads it's important to keep on pursuing different tactics to ensure organic and direct, in addition to paying traffic to your site.

2. Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most common social networking platform for content distribution and one of the very popular advertising channels too. In accordance with Social Media Examiner, 84 percent of entrepreneurs utilize Facebook as a regular advertising platform to be able to drive more traffic to their websites and promote their content. An average user spends 35 minutes linked to Facebook every day. Why don't you use this time to broaden your audience and make them interested in your content?

What's Facebook relevant in this context?

Facebook supports a vast variety of advertisements, a lot of them suitable for content promotion. Several of them are well suited to content promotion.

Connect Click Ads

These advertisements allow you to promote external sites and send individuals to a specific landing page such as a featured article or blog post. It's possible to deliver these ads across several feeds and reach out to a massive audience. Facebook Permits you to design a banner ad with a headline (25 characters), an ad duplicate text (90 characters) and a link description (30 characters).

Boosted Page Posts

With boosted content, you can market posts from your FB page and consequently, your Facebook content. You can also boost posts that encourage your blog and website's posts. Similar specs, to those available in Link Click Ads, use also to boosted posts. You are allowed to market posts with a headline, a link description, along with an advertisement copy text. The only distinction is the advertisement copy text does not have any limitations on the lengths of text.

These ads are designed particularly for cellular and are supposed to run ten times faster on mobile compared to normal web-based ads. Canvas ads are interactive and designed to completely capture the attention of your audience. You are able to share images, videos, enable people to swipe carousels and participate with images or products. You can also include text blocks here, buttons for offsite headers and links with emblem.

Content Marketing Principle:

Allow your audience's interest to be your guide in choosing what to promote. Wait to boost your posts until they've begun to gather organic shares. This allows you to verify that you are boosting content your audience likes, and keeps you from paying to get enjoys, shares, and comments you could need for free.

Costs and targeting options

On Facebook, you can target users by demographics (place, language, sex, occupation etc.), pursuits and connections with particular activities, behavior and social circles. In accordance with the Facebook ads guide, there are over 1.59 billion active users on Facebook. This means that the overall audience is big enough that you target your ads effectively dependent on the aforementioned stats.

It is also possible to decide to deliver advertisements only to your relations or create a delivery list, a custom audience based on Facebook user IDs, email addresses or phone numbers.

Facebook Advertising, including most other similar programs, would be a bidding platform. This means that you, as a marketer, should define how much are eager to spend with a certain campaign. Costs differ on a CPC (cost per click), CPA (cost per action), Impressions, and CPL (cost per Just Like ) bases.

3. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is a banner advertising platform which connects publishers with advertisers, so allowing the advertisers to purchase space for banners on the publishers' websites. I can already imagine some eyebrows raised..."How does this kind of stage help me amplify my content?" , you'll ask. "How do I produce another banner for all my valuable posts?"

Why BuySellAds is pertinent here?

All content isn't created equal. There can be instances when you would like to promote important and valuable reports on platforms such as BuySellAds in order to create more downloads, views, and also mentions. Extended manuals, eBooks or maybe a comprehensive research study are cases of high manufacturing value content that could be boosted with banner ads.

Prices and targeting options

All websites that are a part of the network are organized by categories and topics of interest, which enables the advertisers to create a simpler choice of the websites their banners should be published on. The platform also offers you access to stats related to the most recent viewers of a website and provides you insights about the cost of every banner ad placements on each and every website you choose to include in your own campaign.

The prices depend on what site you select. Costs for banners pace are determined by every site particularly and can range from $10 to a couple of tens of thousands of dollars for an advertisement placement.

Tools like this banner from Bannersnack assist you to create your personal professional banner ads.

Content Marketing Principle:

Verify that your audience is more interested in the topics associated with the sites where you will market. Once you know there's interest, think about just how much competition you've got to be the best response for queries in the subject area.

4. Outbrain

Outbrain is a native advertising platform that lets you promote your content on an enormous list of popular websites such as CNN, Time or ESPN. By utilizing this channel, you have immediate access to millions of users from all over the world. This is an excellent opportunity to broaden your audience, enhance your new awareness or push in quality traffic to your own small business site or website. Unlike traditional banner advertisements, these native advertisements aren't intrusive, and they are published on the targeted websites as recommendations for your users.

What's Outbrain important within this context?

Native advertising performs 10 times better on mobile devices than conventional banner advertisements. Users say they pay 3 times more attention to native ads than other varieties of banner ads, a report stated. These are amounts you can't discount.

Here is an excellent illustration of the way Outbrain can assist you to expand your business. It comes from 8fit, a fitness program that provides personalized programs for exercise and nutrition with step-by-step instructions. They spent in Outbrain ads with a collection of content related to their industry which directed people to their online magazine and ultimately, to their app. Their goal was to convert visits to subscriptions and app downloads. What was the outcome? Within a span of four weeks, their exercise app was downloaded on several hundred thousand devices.

Costs and targeting choices

Outbrain enables customers to choose where ads will be delivered according to audience segmentation, place targeting, and apparatus targeting. You may also blacklist the sites you don't need your ads to appear on.

The service also offers a Reach Estimator Tool that enables you to estimate your monthly possible reach. Thus, you will make more intelligent targeting decisions and ultimately, allocate a suitable budget.

Just how much does this cost? Outbrain, such as Facebook, lets you devote a daily funding, which is allocated on a per click basis. Therefore, in case you have a $50 per day budget and place your cost per click sum at $1, then your effort will run for the day till you've got 50 clicks.

Again, keep in mind that consumers are very educated and ad-sensitive. They might or might not click through to content if they suspect they're being manipulated.

Content advertising Principle to Apply:

Like with any content, knowing your audience and their queries or needs and answering them into a winsome manner has become the most significant factor to keep in mind. If you are sponsoring content on Outbrain, think about looking at the hottest content for each of the sites you aim, then supplying something that aligns with what has resonated with the particular audience.

If you are not sure what kinds of content perform best for a specific domain, take the time to study the societal shares of content at their site.

5. Instagram (influencer advertising )

Instagram is possessed by Facebook and consequently, all the targeting and advertising options are available on precisely the identical platform.

Instagram Stories

Not a very long time past, Instagram also launched a new attribute, Instagram Stories, followed closely by Ad Stories. Advertisement Stories allows you to print your ads within full-screen format within the slides of other peoples' stories. Thus, you may add another channel to your advertising strategy, one that may take you to a relevant audience.

Influencer Marketing

Another fantastic way to market your content on Instagram is via an influencer marketing campaign. Unlike other types of advertisements, in case you find the correct influencers to your enterprise, you get to deal directly with them and cover them for their contribution to your campaign.

In accordance with Digiday,”and can start with $250 an Instagram place for societal stars with less than 50,000 followers, then include about $1,000 per 100,000 followers per post." However, costs will go higher if you are targeting a renowned celebrity.

If you do not know influencers in your business, there are lots of tools available online which will help you locate them and finally, reach out with them. BuzzSumo's influencer tools provide an option to find Instagram users who are interested in your content area. Each listing includes an Instagram Authority Score which you evaluates the accounts for audience participation

Content Marketing Principle:

When coping with influencers, begin with a natural relational approach and remember to Consider the WIIFT principle: What Is In It For Them. Before asking for help, provide influencers your service as an active part of the audience, sharing, listening and subscribing on their content with time. Ideally, you need to begin this procedure long until you ask folks for help in amplifying your content.

6. LinkedIn Ads

"Buyers favor LinkedIn as the very best social media for sharing business-related content, with 84% sharing business content on LinkedIn," a report printed on Curata says.

This means that although Facebook and Instagram are in some ways more popular amongst marketers compared to other social networks, in regards to B2B advertising, LinkedIn is a system you should consider too. LinkedIn functions self-serviced ads in the form of sponsored content, sponsored InMail and text advertisements.

Why is LinkedIn applicable within this context?

In order to assess the relevancy of LinkedIn ads when it comes to content amplification, let's examine the type of advertisements they Permit You to publish on their network:

  1. Sponsored content (sponsored upgrades enable you to post sponsored content and upgrades in other peoples' feeds.
  2. Sponsored InMail ads enable you to send your content into your targeted audiences' inboxes connected to their LinkedIn accounts.
  3. Text advertisements enable you to put ads on (and over ) the LinkedIn website. These advertisements are comparable (and look similar) using the Adsense advertisements published with Google Adsense.

Costs and targeting options

The really great thing about LinkedIn is it is a business-oriented social networking. This means that aside from the standard targeting alternatives available on different stations, you get to target your advertisements based on other pertinent data such as job title, skills, company size, industry, LinkedIn classes etc..

All these targeting options are applicable especially in B2B advertising, where companies will need to reach out to other companies or individuals that are applicable and can make decisions for many companies.

What about the costs? LinkedIn offers two kinds of pricing models you can choose from, the most conventional duo CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per 1000 impressions).

Content advertising Principle:

Tailor the content you promote on LinkedIn to match viewers tastes with research into what sorts of things receive the most involvement on the network. Bear in mind that publishing directly on Linkedin through the publisher platform can also be a very effective way to reach individuals who look to LinkedIn for definitive content for their topics. Insert an influencer component by quoting people whose long-form posts on LinkedIn are heavily shared.


As a marketer,we are sure you already understand how important is content within your marketing strategy. But sometimes it may not be enough to study, write, and publish your content. You may need a few extra strategies that will help you get to your viewers. Paid advertising should be a part of your plan.

We've learned collectively why advertisements are effective for content amplification and in which you can sign up in order to start a marketing campaign. Largely, it will help you accomplish your goals professionally and efficiently.

Which among those advertising networks did you try and what were the results? Do you understand other channels appropriate for a content advertising plan? Reserve them in the comments section.

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