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5 Reasons Why Node.js is considered a Game Changing Technology for Web Development

Picking a backend technology for a website is one of the most significant decisions that any developer has to take. Node.js being one of the most versatile open-source cross-platforms is unquestionably becoming the first choice of web development companies across the globe. The benefits of this open source server environment extend from its skillfulness in developing multi-user, real-time web applications to its speed. Read on to know why Node.js is best for any website!

Here’s a quick overview of what exactly is Node.js

It’s an open source system for creating web applications. Ostensibly, it’s capable of implementing JavaScript. It can render event-driven APIs. Moreover, it’s fairly an easy task to learn Node.js if you are already acquainted with JavaScript.

Node.js is not a framework, but it can be undesrtood as a runtime environment that supports performing JavaScript on the server-side. Although it was initially formulated in 2009, it gained renowned position amongst developers recently. Today, many booming companies such as Walmart, LinkedIn, Netflix, Medium, and Groupon have employed Node.js in developing their applications.

It helps in completing custom web application tasks extremely fast, which may include reading or writing of the database, network connections, and the filesystem. It’s really a magical gift for programmers who desire to build quick, robust web applications that may effectively handle parallel connections with increased output.

Many seasoned developers have regarded Node.js as a ‘Game Changing’ technology with its vast benefits for custom web development services. So, if you have been confused about what technology must be utilized for your website development, here are some crucial reasons why Node.js would suffice all your demands:

Freedom For Building Diverse Applications

In the field of frameworks, Ruby on Rails is known to be one of the competitors of Node.js. However, they both differ in the way each of them allows developers to work on the platform. Ruby on Rails imposes a specific set of rules and guidelines for development purposes, whereas Node.js provides much more freedom and space to the developers to ace their custom software services. Moreover, Node.js is entirely unopinionated, which helps the developers to create an application from scratch.

JavaScript Rules the Development Field

If you're keen on developing diversified applications, JavaScript is among the most commonly practiced programming languages to choose. In fact, JavaScript is one of the most popular languages available on the git repository hosting service provider GitHub. Addition of Node.js to JavaScript was a masterstroke, as it now allows the developer to build applications on the server-side. Moreover, it can operate on different operating systems (OS) and can even out their inconsistencies.

When compared to different languages like Python and Ruby, JavaScript is just magical and delivers terrific performance. Not just this, when developers use Node.js as their back-end framework for custom web development services, the chances of making human error reduces significantly. It’s because the need to modify languages when switching from working on the client-side to working on the server-side is eliminated.

Enjoy the Perks of Single Codebase

Proving its worth as one of the prime game-changing technology in the web development field, Node.js is enabling the developers to frame JavaScript coding for both client-side and server-side. As a result, it becomes easier for the developers to send and synchronize the data between the two sides and hence save a lot of time. It has unquestionably revolutionized how custom web development services are carried out by the web development company.

Big Brands are Thriving with Node.js

Every technology when launched gains a considerable momentum in the beginning and then depending upon what it offers, its fate is decided in the market. The reason behind every new technology gaining momentum is the availability of so many startups that tend to exploit the potential of nearly every recent technology accessible in the market.

Node.js grew famous because it was adopted by big established companies such as Microsoft, PayPal, The New York Times, Netflix, Uber, Linkedin and many more. According to several reports, after LinkedIn chose Node.js for their mobile application, they saw a substantial increase in their own mobile traffic and in addition a reduction in the range of servers from 30 to 3 was also recorded. PayPal is just another example that profited from Node.js. After adopting Node.js as their platform, this payment system firm saw a positive impact by recording a decline in their response time by 35%.

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Its Powered by Google-Chrome

Association with Google itself sets the standard for Node.js to deliver great performance and efficiency. Yes, Node.js is powered by Google's V8 engine and it functions on the backend. Not sure what this means? Here’s a easy explanation:

Node.js has a similar runtime in Google Chrome to execute as on JavaScript at the front end. The Node.js development team in Google with their immense efforts have managed to pull off one of the most agile and effective runtimes when compared to advanced Javascript. Furthermore, by employing the Google programmer tools, developers can debug with the Node.js debugging feature. This unique feature allows preventing several mistakes at both ends.


Node.js has undoubtedly transformed the way custom software services are carried out by developers. Many organizations have trusted Node.js for their web development and have received positive results. So, if you’re facing problems with your current platform, identify them, and then see if they can be resolved with Node.js. If yes, then what are you thinking! Employ Node.js for your application. Its results might surpass your demands and expectations.