Can There Be a Self-Conscious AI?

Can There Be a Self-Conscious AI?

Did you ever end up waking up to reality from a bunch of ideas? Most of the ideas arise from the need of our brain to comprehend the contents of other human brains. This intellectual espionage is the Theory of Mind that stands as a major easing element of individual development.

Considering that the time people started living in groups, they have been attempting to understand the possible motives prompting the actions of fellow human beings. It was and continues to stay crucial for all of us to prevent danger and to empathize with other people to collectively find solutions to human issues and dilemmas.

But when Suzie begins thinking about what Emma has within her head, she might attempt to comprehend what Emma thinks about her. The very first example is the very first order of Theory of Mind and the latter being Secondly order of the module of thoughts. It starts to become somewhat debatable when Suzie reaches the third sequence of the theory of Mind if she begins questioning what Emma thinks Jacob thinks about Nina.

Now, imagine if all these titles are assigned to various AIs and this really is your thought process of one AI? Is it possible to endow the Theory of Mind into an AI?

More often than not, this Theory of Mind that's assumed to bestow us with all the power of understanding feelings, turns on to us. We get stuck within the self-created loop of bashful thoughts which don't lead us anywhere. Majority of instances, the excuse we have to our own behavior is faulty whereas we're more precise in giving meaning to some other people's activities.

From the current technological realm, where we are constantly trying to replicate ourselves at the kind of self-conscious machines, it's very crucial for all of us to recognize our miracles and idiosyncrasies.

Animals additionally exhibit the feature of this Theory of Mind that assists them to communicate with each other. Dogs, best known for being companions to people for centuries, have the most developed awareness of self-consciousness. It's clear from the way they sit in anticipation, trying to forecast if their individual buddy will give him food or take him out for a walk.

In a similar manner, Artificial intelligence may develop this Theory of Mind when living in close proximity with humans as their domesticated companion. An AI that may show Theory of Mind is going to have the ability to develop 'understanding' of individual actions rather than simply 'detecting' it. It'll facilitate self-evolution of AI into intellectual yet empathetic being, such as it did for humans. But what if an AI developed this attribute in an environment where the majority of the stimulation denote hazard? Imagine if an AI assigns threat to fellow human's or AI's activities more than it empathizes together?

If Artificial Intelligence grows all facets of the human mind, including its consciousness, then there's an excellent possibility that its conscious can turn onto it as it does for us.