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Comparison between Magento1 and Magento2

It is well known Magento is King among E-commerce solutions. Magento was released in 2008 as an open source E-commerce solution for small and medium-size businesses and now approx 30% of shops run over Magento’s various versions.

With three Magento editions Magento1 Community Edition, Magento1 Enterprise Edition, and latest Magento2 version offer wide levels of scalability and control over a system. Magento is an amazing invention for the E-commerce world.

In this article, we will explain the key differences between Magento1 and Magento2.

Magento2 have used most recent versions of PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and JQUERY.

Overall major differences between technologies included by Magento1.x and Magento2 are described as follow:

Architectural differences

Magento 1 has performance issue which has been improved in Magento2.

The Magento organization modified the stack by enhancing various new technologies – Apache, Nginx 1.7 or greater, Composer, Symfony.

Architecture differences are:

  1. Magento 2 supports most recent PHP versions only. Latest versions include security benefits that affect website speed.
  2. Reduced unnecessary browser’s operations on the client’s side due to bundled and minimized JavaScript.
  3. Better browser caching for static content.


Magento 1

Magento 2

Apache 2.x

Apache 2.2 / 2.4

Nginx 1.7 or greater

PHP 5.2.x – 5.5.x

PHP 5.6.x / 7.0.2 / 7.0.6


MySQL / MySQL Percona 5.6.x or greater

Varnish 3.x / 4.x

Redis 2.x / 3.x or Memcached 1.4.x

Solr (Only for EE)

Solr 4.x





JQuery (In latest themes)


RequireJS / Knockout.js

Zend Framework 1

Zend Framework 1 / 2



PSR – 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Speed & Performance

Compared to Magento 1, Magento2 improved page load speed. Full-page caching added for both Magento Community as well as Enterprise Editions.

Extensions Confliction

A lot of third-party extensions available in the market for Magento 1. However, the problem is, whenever multiple extensions get installed and try to rewrite the same functionality, confliction appears. Resolving this issue manually increase costs, time and efforts.

With Magento 2, plugins allow code/program to overlap core files rather than overwrite them.

Low-cost extensions: Installation and updates of new extensions have become easier and lower with cost. The process of set-up and installation of extensions and modification of features and functionalities are becoming easier because of the new technology stack like HTML5, Require.js, CSS3.. added in Magento 2.


Admin panel interface in Magento 2 is very user-friendly and easy to use and navigate. It allows finding data, catalogs, statistics and other information easily, surfing to all parts of the admin panel and manages shops/website more efficiently.

Magento 2 presents extensive dashboard like monitoring place that shows sales data, orders, average orders, latest order, top search terms, revenue tax, customers, shipping, product quantity, and other important information.

SEO & Security

Due to better rich code snippets on the catalog pages that improve search result in Search Engine Results Pages(SERPs)

The strong hashing algorithms (SHA-256) for passwords have been used, This made passwords stronger to the dictionary types of attacks.


As Magento community edition is free to download but there is a price difference between Enterprise Editions of Magento 1 and Magento 2.

  • Magento Enterprise Edition license cost: starts at $18,000/Year
  • Magento 2 Enterprise Edition license cost: starts at $22,000/Year

Why Do You need to Migrate to Magento 2?

Obviously, the Magento 1 support isn’t closing anytime soon, but it is very important to consider Magento 2. Here are the reasons:

  • There will not be any new amendment or inventions for Magento 1. For better forum supports and solutions, you need to move for Magento 2.
  • The technology stack , new ideas and innovation used in Magento 2 are high-class providing better-optimized speed, performance and security.