Here’s Everything You Should Know About Field Force Management Software

Here’s Everything You Should Know About Field Force Management Software

Managing employees when they are working within the boundaries of a premises is easy. But what about when they are not restricted to a single location, but are instead going different places to do their work? Such a workforce can be termed as a mobile workforce, where employees are usually on the move. A great example of a mobile workforce would be the sales team of an organization. Sales executives and representatives are heavily involved in the field work, meeting prospective clients, studying opportunities, and so on.

Managing the sales team, or any type of workforce team for that matter which is engaged in field work, requires the help of a specialized type of software. Having a field force management software is of utmost importance for companies that has workforce out on the field doing work. The goal of any field force management solution is to allow employees to become better at their jobs and deliver high levels of service satisfaction to the customers.

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It focuses on keeping a close track of the teams that are working on the field and the job duties that they are executing on the field. By tracking and monitoring the mobile teams and their field performance, it becomes feasible to devise ways for optimization.

Following are a couple of benefits of using a field force management software:

  • It helps in smart organization and management of the resources on the field. Achieving a seamless coordination between different employees, where everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing, is one way field force management solution simplifies the mobile way of working.
  • The efficient management enabled by the software allows the organization and its mobile workforce to keep their attention focused on keeping the customers happy and not get caught up in the daily time-consuming trivialities.
  • The software is necessary to let the mobile team grow seamlessly. With a field force management software there to take care of the field workforce, there always remains room to expand the mobile team a little more.
  • It can be integrated with other key software systems of the organization, like ERP and CRM, and achieve productivity on even wider scale. Integration like this can help in interconnecting crucial organizational workflows with each other for more convenience.
  • Ultimately, the software serves greatly to the employees who are working on the field and require information on their fingertips to take the right decisions at the right time. When the mobile workforce is able to perform their work duties in a better way, they are consequently able to serve the clients better as well.

Enterprise mobility management is a concept that perfectly complements the notion of a mobile workforce team. In fact, enterprise mobility management is adding a lot of substance and efficiency to field force management. A mobile field force can be easily managed with the help of enterprise mobility solutions. For organizations having workforce distributed across office as well as field, enterprise mobility solutions can act as a common thread connecting everybody. Enterprise app development that leverages enterprise mobility to manage the field force is an excellent approach. Here’s how combining enterprise mobility solutions with field force management can work exceedingly well:

  • Enterprise mobility solutions are a great help when we talk about team collaboration in any way, like sharing of critical data among team members. The mobile technologies make it easy for team members to share information with each other, regardless of the distance separating them. This flow of information between the office workforce and field workforce allows everyone to be in sync with each other.
  • Today, employees desire more flexibility in their way of working. And enterprise mobility management offers them just that. Flexibility becomes even more important for employees who are working outside of office. They need solutions that help them accomplish tasks in an easier and time-saving manner. Enterprise mobility provides a great degree of flexibility to employees, and thus presents an exciting style of working for field workforce.
  • Because enterprise mobility enhances the communication and collaboration efforts among team members, it empowers field workforce to become more responsive to the changes happening at work. As the information is shared and updated in real-time, field employees are always in the know about everything important.

Now that we have explored the necessity and benefits of field force management solutions for enterprises that require mobility, let’s explore the cost aspect of building such solutions. Now, there is no one fixed price for a field force management software. The price often depends on a number of different factors. How many employees will the software cater to and what kind of features will the software offer are some of the factors that determine the cost of the field force management software.


It is impossible to imagine efficient functioning of a field workforce without the implementation of a field force management solution. Bringing great simplicity and ease to the field activities and operations, such a solution empowers the field employees to carry out their duties efficiently and empowers the organization to closely monitor their field workforce for performance. Adding enterprise mobility management to the equation is even better, because enterprise mobility solutions have the potential to streamline the process of managing field force even further. If you are an enterprise with a field workforce, you can bring more balance to how things work in your organization with the combination of field force management and enterprise mobility management.