How Are Big Brands Making Use Of PWA To Improve Their Business

No business in the world will deny that they have benefited a lot from technological advancement, and the invention of the internet and mobiles. The IT sector has not looked back since the invention of the first computer device.

Technological advancements see part and parcel of the business world and public/private life too. The IT industry has been making more and more creative innovations and investing in research and development of advanced technologies. Cross platform app development, hybrid app development services are one part of the big roller coaster innovation-ride. One more new addition to the IT advancements is PWA, progressive web applications. PWA is now fully backed by browsers like Chrome and Opera. Even browsers like Microsoft Edge, Firefox, iOS are also making efforts and taking progressive steps for accepting PWA. Even known business names are demanding to adapt to the PWA and are ready to associate with the best progressive web app development company to exploit their capabilities as an organization to the fullest. Progressive web applications can be a springboard for your business to jump higher and longer in the business world if you develop and use it rightly. Having a PWA development company as a partner might help you here. 

A social media giant, Twitter has also made investments in making it's main website more responsive through PWA. Twitter is trying to make the website faster and offer better user experience with an optimized interface, just like Pinterest or FB. It is all about sharing your content to the users more seamlessly and I attractively. Some known media houses with international reach like Forbes, BBC, etc have also introduced PWAs to share and circulate content across the global consumer base respective of the device the user uses.

Progressive web applications are also changing the e-commerce sector rapidly. Even Starbucks has launched its PWAs. So, there has to be something about the progressive web applications that these big brands are getting attracted towards. You ask any professional mobile app development company, and it will tell you about the growing market of PWAs and how even small and medium sized businesses across the sectors are adapting to this new technology. Here are our efforts to understand the reasons behind the popularity of PWAs and why it will be better for your business to partner with a progressive web app development company and board the wagon.

Let us first understand the definition of Progressive Web Application:

PWA is an app that you can install on your system. You can run this app without a proper internet connection or even offline. This is possible because PWAs use the cached data from your previous communication or interactions with the app.It is more like a website that functions like a native application. It comes with all the features and specifications a native app would offer. All of this is done without compromising the usability of the website. Issues such as compromised network or internet connectivity, data obstructions, etc can be overcome with PWAs.

Google has praised PWAs by saying that the web experience these apps offer are:

Trustworthy: Even if you have uncertain or disrupted network or internet connectivity, your website will load smoothly. It never lets your website slow down.

Fast: Needless to say, PWAs make websites faster and work on user interactions smoothly and quickly. Smooth user interaction gives positive user experience. Easy and seamless animation and elimination of janky scrolling is now possible.

Engaging: Easy to use, smooth user interaction, responsive interface and engaging your experience. What else does one want?

What a progressive web app development company does is to blend the best features of both the online and mobile-based applications. PWA's are surely becoming a trend in the market. If you are a business that wishes to offer its customers or users with a seamless website interaction, faster communication, and an overall optimized user experience, PWA is useful. Even in terms of cost effectiveness, functionalities, development time, this technology is amazing. If you are a cross platform app development company, you will like PWAs. Along with enhanced experience for users, PWAs help boost technological capabilities, and add balance to the business workflow. These apps are comparatively simple to develop, and testing & maintenance is manageable and easy.

How are Brands using PWAs to connect with users

  1. Increasing Consumer Expectations:

Nowadays, customers are hardly in any mood to tolerate poor or interrupted digital experience. Whenever these customers go online they expect a seamless and hassle-free digital interaction no matter which website or application they are using. In today's world customers have multiple alternatives or options that do not like any particular website. They are free to move and switch to another website or app or platform if they have a poor experience. It was observed that when Starbucks launched its PWA, it experienced a major hike in the interaction. With faster page loading even Pinterest experienced a 60% hike in mobile interaction.

  1. Native App-Like Appeal:

Progressive web applications are known in the market for offering consistent and adaptive interfaces across devices. PWAs load life regular website offers many native life functionalities or features such as push notification, permission to add a touch to device home screens, smooth offline operations, etc. PWA's also offer website benefits like search engine finds, accessible from almost every popular and modern web browser. You can find PWAs in the App Store or Google Play just like regular native apps.

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  1. Reduction in Expenses and Use of Resources:

Progressive Web Applications require only one code base to run with all its functionalities and offerings. With a single code base, progressive web app development company can offer website and app-like experience to users across devices and browsers. This means the app can be managed and maintained by one team, can be tested in one go, it needs only one platform, design, development approach, etc. PWA's do not only save the cost of app design, and development but also saves the maintenance cost.

  1. Flexible:

Business organizations understand that technology is important but they also want to make sure that they install a futuristic application that is adaptive and flexible enough to survive and function in the changing business needs and future demands of the market. This way the businesses do not have to spend again and again on the installation of new technologies and training, etc. Here, PWAs are helpful because these apps are versatile and flexible at their core. These apps are built to ensure transition and avoid expenses on building websites or apps that demand redesigning from time to time to meet customer expectations.

Here are a few advantages of using progressive web applications or collaborating with a progressive web app development company.

Low Data Usage: 

Progressive Web applications don't need much bandwidth as compared to the regular native apps. PWAs are smaller in size and can use caching better. PWAs can be run on very little data. If you are a company with a very tight budget on data, this application is perfect for you.

No Installation or Updates: 

This application saves you from spending data time on making regular installments and updates of the app, unlike native apps which have to be updated before launching. PWA's can be updated like websites, that is when they are getting loaded. You will not need any permission from the app store or play store for this process. In case there are any bugs, they can be found and removed easily during the update.

Fewer Costs:

In the case of native apps, applications are developed for a specific kind of business or sector or device for some platforms. On the other hand, PWAs are easy to develop and offer similar functionalities as the native apps. PWA development is cost-effective too. This means these applications offer better ROI. 

Offline Mode: 

We have already seen above that you can use PWAs offline also as they use caching and work as let your previous interactions with the app. This is a great opportunity for businesses to present their products and services to a customer base that is not connected to the internet. You can increase your customer base to the related areas also, ultimately adding to the profitability.

Improved Performance:

Loading time for PWAs is better and faster than other native apps. As we all know that loading time plays an important role in search engine optimization or search engine ranking efforts. This means if you are using PWA's, your chances of getting ranked are higher. This means you can reach many people.

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Here is the list of big names in the world that are leveraging progressive web applications. Go through these names and understand the technology more before you go ahead and contact the best PWA development company in the market.

  1. Forbes

Forbes is an international media company that has also switched to Progressive Web Applications in order to offer an optimized mobile experience to readers across the globe. The app enjoys lesser loading time. Forbes has experienced an increment in user engagement on the app.

  1. Flipkart

This is India's biggest e-commerce site which decided to patronize a mobile-only strategy a few years ago, focusing on the bike application only. However, the company was not experiencing any positive changes or growth. Then Flipkart decided to integrate the web and app presence into a reliable PWA to let their users have a quickness to the complete shopping experience. Flipkart enjoys more engagement rates now. Even the conversion rate is positive. 

  1. MakeMyTrip

Here is another company from India that offers a friendly travel experience to its users. It has over 8 million visitors per month. MMT uses PAW to serve its customers, users better, and faster.

  1. TwitterLite

Twitter wanted to make its presence faster and more interactive. So along with PWAs, Twitter launched TwitterLite, the fastest way to access Twitter.

  1. Starbucks Coffee

We have already seen above how Pinterest and Starbucks are head over heels when they started leveraging the vendors of PWAs. With its PWA, Starbucks allows you to check the menu, place orders, and more, offline. With PWAs in place, the business continues to improve its performance, productivity, and enjoys a highly responsive interface.

  1. Trivago

When it comes to Hotels or accommodation search engine marketing, Trivago is the leader. It's PWA is spread in 55 countries and runs in 33 languages. Needless to say, the business is enjoying a huge change in customer engagement percentage. And more than happy about it.

  1. AliExpress Etail PWA

Last on the list but not the least is AliExpress. It is a successful B2B e-commerce platform by Alibaba. When Alibaba launched AliExpress, its motto was to encourage people to download as many AliExpress apps for iOS and Android.

However, the company did not get the expected response from the market and even the performance of the app was very slow and so was the process of installation. PWA's help Alibababin overcoming the challenges of the native AliExpress app. 

Post AliExpress PWA, Alibaba registered a positive conversion rate of 104%. With a better user experience and speed and security, users are loving the app.

Summing Up

Go hire or partner with a progressive web app development company as that is the future of mobile applications. PWA's are cost-effective as they do not demand much funds for the development, can be installed in a few minutes, easy to use. PWA's help in engaging customers and retaining them.