How long does it take to implement SharePoint development solutions?

How long does it take to implement SharePoint development solutions?

Advancement of the technologies is increasing day by day. Recently, a Microsoft Gold Service partner named Belitsoft, who is famous to enhance the power of the organization by fuelling enterprise network and shared knowledge.

From here the SharePoint development solutions were introduced in the market. The SharePoint services can be very proved to use for those organizations, who deals with a large amount of business process. As it helps in documentation, collaboration and management of the talents.

SharePoint development solution is one of the best ways to organize the project along with the management of the activities of the team members. If you want to know more about SharePoint development services, and how to implement them and what is the cost is. Please continue the blog.

What is SharePoint?

When your project is consisting of a team that is spread globally or on a constant move. You need a better application, in order to make their collaboration more effective. This is where the SharePoint development services come in handy. As it can share and control the content as well as the application form PCs, Macs and other mobile devices. MS SharePoint is capable of maintaining an effective and efficient workflow by connecting the team member through an enhanced connection.

Basically, the SharePoint development is a management system that is also famous for its documentation techniques. This platform provides the development team with a secure workplace to conduct various development procedures remotely. Such as creating task, task schedule tracking and other vital components required during the development process.

What are the benefits of using SharePoint?

Like the other content management systems present in the market the SharePoint also provide various benefits to their users. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy if you choose SharePoint Application development services,

  • Mobile Data access

The data and the documentation of the development process can be accessed from any mobile devices if you are authorized for it. This reduces the effort and increases the productivity of the development process.

  • Implementation of the changes is very easy

As a part of the development team, you can edit or rectify the mistakes of your teammate easily. The SharePoint allows you to implement the changes while you are accessing the data.

  • Social networking

The SharePoint development process uses intranet connection to connect all the teammate linked with it. For this, the developers can exchange information in very little time, which saves time for development.

  • Enhanced security features

Securing the data and the document of the development process is very essential. This is why SharePoint uses multilevel authentication and authorization techniques before allowing any user to access the data remotely.

  • Scalability

This development procedure is not for only established and large business. The start-ups and the small business owner and entrepreneurs can also use this development procedure. In order to create a website and ensure their success of the business in this competitive market.

  • Integration with the other programs and applications

The SharePoint development procedure is compatible with various other programs or applications. The users can use various applications from the MS office in order to input data in the development process. This increases the productivity of your website development.

  • Branding addition

These benefits are basically for those users who are not satisfied with the default look and feel of the development process. So, SharePoint allows those users to change the core design and the page design. To make it more appealing to the customers according to their perspective.

  • Support from the community

The community of the SharePoint software is huge. As it has the loyalty and the capability of providing better service just like any other Microsoft created software.

What are the disadvantages of SharePoint?

Here are some of the disadvantages of the SharePoint development process,

  • The full capability of the software can be accessed in a smaller environment

The full utilization of the software is only possible if you have higher bandwidth. Otherwise, you can’t access the full potential of the software, which may affect your product.

  • Experts are needed to implement the process properly

Without proper install, the software may cause a malfunction in the system. That is why you may have to hire Microsoft Technology Associates, in order to ensure proper installation.

  • There is not support for public pages

The SharePoint created website doesn’t allow public pages. That way you have been a third-party vendor to add, edit or change any web pages content.

  • Updates can damage your customization

If you are using customized SharePoint software for your development process. The updates of the software may damage the ongoing process. This is because the updates are only launched for the default software.

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  • Web-bases software

The users cannot use the SharePoint services when they are offline. The software needs internet or web connectivity in order to work on it.

What are the main features of the SharePoint development software?

The SharePoint software powered by Microsoft offers a number of features to the users as well as the developers associated with the development process. The software provides an attractive and innovative way to share information among the teammates and the business partners associated with it. Here are some of the main features of the software,

  • Interoperability

The SharePoint software along with the various web-based documentation and MS office can create a custom solution for the development process. This is possible because of the compatibility of the software with other Microsoft power applications.

  • Collaboration

This is the main feature of the software, for which the developers can collaborate through the software to increase the productivity of the development process. Plus, they can share their expertise and skill to create a custom dynamic website for the client.

  • Extensibility

The application created through the SharePoint development process can be launched in the online market easily. To avail yourself of that you just have to subscribe to the office 365 app from Microsoft along with the advanced features of the software’s cloud.

Steps to implement SharePoint development solution on your project?

In order to develop a better website with the help of SharePoint Development solution, you have to follow some simple steps. You just have to subscribe to Office 365 powered by Microsoft and follow these steps carefully to create a better site from the scratch. Here are those steps one by one,

  1. Choose what type of site infrastructure you want to implement

Basically, a site infrastructure is the environment of the website. So, choose it wisely as in the future you might need a bigger environment for your website. You have to choose a structure which have more usability and findability according to the market of your business. Here are some ways you can select the right site infrastructure for your website,

  • There is various time of site structures present in the market such as project sites, store portals and departmental pages. So choose them according to your requirements.
  • Then you have to decide who will access your site data more? Whether they will be external users or internal users.
  • After that, you also have to decide all the data of the various companies will be stored in single or multiple storage places?

If you follow these steps and know the requirement of your business you will be able to fix the perfect site infrastructure for your website easily.

Usually, this software divided the various collection of sites according to the aim and the data they consist of. This is enough for a small or start-up business. But in the case of larger organizations or business, it is recommended to maintain internal and external site collections. This Microsoft Azure Solution will help the organization to maintain better administration, security without compromising the performance of the website.

  1. Fix the collection method

Every website is consisting of one main web page and various other sub-web pages. Usually, the main page is the home page where you will place information, links to other subpages and also the contact information of your business. The sub webpages consist the detailed information on the project content.

This logical way of constructing a website helps to maintain the administration and prioritise the content of the website. Plus, it helps the visitors to navigate through your website easily.

  1. Choose the components you need on that structure

In this stage, you have to decide what are components that you want to implement on your website. Here is the list of some basic components of every website,

  • Library- to keep all the documents and the data of the website in a single space. From where the website will draw data during the processing.
  • Contacts- This will provide all the information of your business, your address, phone numbers and email of the admin and also the employees of the organization.
  • Tasks- The taskbar will be for the worker of the website where the day-to-day task will be updated by the admin of the website.
  • Calendar- The calendar is not only for displaying dates. Now you can schedule your meeting timings and also place reminder.
  • Announcement- This comes in handy when you have to display some important notice to notify the employees as well as the users.
  • Notes- These is optional components; you can use this you want to display any important message while doing any task. It can be implemented for both the employees and the users.
  1. Ensure the text layout

This step is dependent on you. You just have to fix the proper text layout which will suit your content the most. There are ready-made templates like one column with or without sidebar, two-column with or without header and footer etc. These are the essential factors of your project and will help you to design your website properly with various images and graphics.

Moreover, if you don’t like the readymade templates, you can always go for the custom ones.

  1. Develop a website with the help of SharePoint

This is the most crucial stage of the development process. Focusing on this step can well help you to ensure a better performing website with the help of SharePoint. Here are the steps of ensuring it,

  • First click on the create site option. Now you can create various types of websites such as a communication site, a blog page or a team site etc. This depends on the priorities of your website like it is for collaboration with other organization members, or a broadcasting medium etc.
  • Now you have to set a title for the website. The emails of the members associated with it will be generated on the given title only. And also you have provided a little description about your business such as aim, motive and asp .net development services you are going to provide to your users.
  • After that, you have to ensure the privacy setting of your website and all the member associated with it. Usually, here you will get 2 option one is private only and the other is public. If you opt for a private only option the then all the information will be only shared with your employees. And if you opt for the public the information will be shared with every visitor of your website.
  • You can create an optional admin box where you will be able to control the aspect of the website. And without your permission, no one can edit or change the content of your website.
  • Now you have to add a member to your website. Try to put some information like the email address of the members so that the users can consult with them if they face any issue.
  • Now you can finish the development process and your website is ready to load the content of your project.
  1. Customization that you can do after the development of the website.

Just developing a website with the SharePoint software is not enough to launch on the market. You have to customize it on the basis of the requirements of your business.

For starters, you have to give a proper look to your website with the various content, graphical images etc. You have to be creative and innovative for this, a website with better design and content will always get more traffic. Then you have to decide what are pages which you will add to your home page. And try to maintain detailed contents of the project in the subpages. And last, of all, you have to maintain security levels among the employees as well as the users. This is to save your site date from any kind of cyber threat or leaking. Plus try to keep your website simple and easily navigable for the visitors.

Specification needed to deploy SharePoint development solutions.

The specification needed to deploy SharePoint development services can be divided into 2 categories. Such as

  • On-premises SharePoint development

The development process will be conducted on a site selected by you. Usually, the clients who want their custom build website opt for these categories. The on-premises SharePoint development needs various kinds of Hardware likes servers, storage units and networking hardware. Plus, you will need a team of IT professionals who will conduct daily maintenance of the servers.

  • Online Share Point development

This development process is conducted online, and the developers can work on your website while sitting at home. In order to maintain a smooth workflow, you will need various accessibility protocols to connect the developers. That means you have to provide key access to all the developers associated with your development process throughout the world.

Time and Cost required to implement SharePoint solutions successfully

In order to create a feature-packed dynamic website with the help of SharePoint software, you have to plan it in a careful way. Also, if you hire better SharePoint development services, not only they will take care of the development process. But also, they will keep account of the deadline and update you on the different development stages.

A normal website with basic features usually takes 3 to 6 months. Here is the time breakdown for the development process until the support,

  • Analysis and discovery of the website takes two to 4 weeks
  • Testing of the website takes 4 to 5 weeks
  • Design, development and launching takes 4 to 6 weeks
  • Training the employee takes 1 week
  • Support for your website takes 4 weeks.

These are the approximate timings of developing a website with the help of SharePoint. The timings may differ in case you want custom features and functionalities for your website.

The cost required to develop a website through SharePoint depends on the functionality and features of your website along with the SharePoint development team you have hired. Usually, developing a basic website can cost you from 20,000 to 30,000 US dollars. And if you want a custom build website from the scratch the cost can go up to 200,000 US dollars. Here are some of the factors that govern the development cost of a website,

  • Security tools

As SharePoint is a product of Microsoft, it offers their client a huge number of virus protection and backup protocols. And the use of third-party services will help you to provide more security of the website data and various data retrieving options. That means if any breach happens on the website, the software will provide you with the option to retrieve the whole data easily. And more the security you want more will be the cost of development.

  • IT employees

Investment in IT professionals depends on the complexity of the website. That means, if you require a basic SharePoint developed website with the necessary functionalities, lower-skilled IT employees will do the joy easily. But if you need a featured-packed custom website, you will need the help of various IT specialist like business analyst and help desk manager etc. This will cost more, as the number of developers will be more.

  • Licensing the website

Microsoft provides its clients various licensing options for both office 365 and SharePoint development services. The subscription starts from 5 US dollars per month. The amount of the subscription depends on the space and the number of applications required by the clients. Not only that you have to subscribe to the Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Windows server separately, for the deployment of the website.

  • Integration of the third-party services

The third-party applications cannot carry out the task of your website on their own. For that, you have to integrate various third-party tools and services into your website. This will be going to cost you separately. More the third-party apps integrated into your website more will be the development cost of it. for example, the SharePoint documentation is not eligible to convert a paper document into PDF format. For that, it needs the help of third-party service like OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Then only SharePoint can convert the paper documents into a searchable digital format like PDFs or Word.

  • Hardware Infrastructure and functionalities

In the case of onsite SharePoint development, the process needs various hardware infrastructure support in order to maintain a smooth development procedure. Such as various servers like Microsoft SQL server, SharePoint Application Server, and SharePoint web front-end server. Not only that you it also requires various networking hardware and storage platforms or disks.

  • Design

Sometimes the developers use high-end designs and graphical content like 3-D pictures in order to increase the traffic on your website. But it can compromise the performance of the website while increasing the development cost. So, it is better to use simple content to maintain an affordable development cost.

Hiring the best Azure cloud solutions in the market can help you to plan a website development procedure according to the requirement of your business in a cost-effective way.

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Conclusion- The SharePoint development is a space where the developers can create a website while keeping total transparency with their teammates. The information of the development process can be share via SharePoint software, and the developers can edit or change through their convenient devices. So choosing the best SharePoint development services can give you a better website, which can ensure the success of your business in the market.