How Much Does it Cost to Build a Cloud-based App?

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Cloud-based App?

Both the small and the larger business opt for various integrated solutions in order to develop an app according to their organization. Among this integrated solution, the cloud-based solutions or SAAS has proven to be the best for every organization. As it provides better management and enhances the workflow of the business by accelerating the production and sales part of it. The SAAS apps are high demanding cloud-based solution which can also increase the mobility of every business platform present in the market.

 Software as a Service is a cloud-based application that basically delivers and maintains the business of its user. The maintenance and deliveries are done on a subscription basis. As it is a cloud-based product the users can host it into their cloud. And doesn’t need to be installed on a system or have a product license.

If you are a user of SaaS software you don’t have to deal with any of the updates or complex configuration settings. SaaS product development companies will always give you access to the latest update. One of the great examples of the SaaS software is Adobe’s Creative Cloud which has been altered from the traditional model to a SaaS model in recent years.

To know more about the cloud-based apps and how much cost investment need to develops SAAS apps. Please continue the blog.

What are cloud-based apps or SAAS (Software As A Service)?

These cloud-based apps or SAAS are very common in the cloud market as they are easily accessible. To access your data, you just need a device and internet browser with internet connectivity. Plus, the vendor organizations can handle and fix any technical issue from the users by themselves. For that, you do not need to hire IT experts separately.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs find these cloud computing services as a self-provision technology. But others also opt for third party services for integration, customization and security. In order to handle the analysis, evaluation and design of the SAAS applications you will knowledge of the different components used in the systems. Here are some of the components of cloud-computing solutions

  • SAAS (Software as a service)
  • PAAS (Platform as a service)
  • IAAS (Infrastructure as a service)

SAAS services provide several advantages to its users in a flexible and energy-saving manner. If you choose SAAS services you just have to focus on growing the business. The other aspects like updates, installations, management and other tedious works will be handle by the SAAS service provides.

There are also third-party SAAS services that build the application within the cloud infrastructure and provide it to the users with better accessibility options. The users will be able to access the software from any mobile devices with internet access and a web browser. Usually, the users can opt for 3 types of SAAS models which are defined by the NIST (National Institute of Standard Technology) organization,

  • Public cloud

The cloud is built in such a way that the public can access the infrastructure at any time. This type of cloud setup usually created and managed for open business, educational institutions and government sectors. Anyone can use gain access of the cloud infrastructure when they are on the premises of the cloud provider.

  • Private cloud

This type of cloud infrastructure is developed for only specific organizations. And the people who are associated with the organization can only access the cloud. The access of the cloud can be on-premise or off-premise or can be acceded after registering the device from the admin of the organization. Usually, the cloud infrastructure is managed and controlled by the third-party SAAS services which are hired by the organization only.

  • Hybrid cloud

This type of cloud unrestricted is usually created on the basis of public clouds. But it has the ability to change in the private cloud infrastructure when the need or due to high demand. The proprietary technologies that control the cloud control the application portability according to the situation of the traffic in the cloud.

What are the Advantages of using Cloud-based apps?

Cloud-based services or SAAS is a fairly priced, recurring revenue model. Using its advantages any small business can disrupt the present market condition effectively. Plus it also offers the users fast deployment than any other on-premise or off-premise cloud-based infrastructures present in the market. Here are some of the advantages of SAP Development Services,

  • Operational Management

If you opt for SAAS development services you don’t have to worry about the authorization’s aspects such as traditional licencing managements. Including the installation and timely updates of the cloud infrastructure, as those will be handled by the cloud-based app service providers.

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  • Scalability

When you opt for SAAS development services you will be able to provide much more services to your users. Plus the users can pay for those services they opt for from your organization. This increases the user-base of the cloud-based apps. Usually, the users feel safer with the flexible services you will be able to provide them.

  • Analysis

You can analyse the data reports any time you want according to the need of your business. This is possible with the help of some inelegance tools present in the SAAS development services. These tools are capable of detecting the issue in the system workflow and also provide the users effective suggestions to overcome or fix the detected issue.

  • Accessibility and persistence

By choosing the SAAS cloud-based services you will be able to serve your customers 24X7. They can call for your service from any device connected to the network. This helps the organisation to provide better customer services and increase its brand value. The accessibility of the services can be gained at any time and from anywhere in the world if it off-premise cloud infrastructure.

  • Cost-effective

If you opt for the SaaS application services you have to pay only for the services. Plus, you can save money on the hardware as it needs none.

  • Security

The SAAS cloud-based services provide their users with multi-layer security services. Plus, as a user, you will get better assistance in case of any breach from the security specialist. In case of any cyber threat or virus, the system automatically provides you security warning and effective suggestion to safeguard the users or organization data.

  • Storage

As the SAAS is a cloud-based service you will be able to subscribe unlimited amount of data at a reasonable cost. You can save each and every piece of data available in the organization and provide hierarchical access to them.

  • Automatic updates

The updates of the service will be provided to you by the SAAS service providers. So that you don’t have to worry about the launching and integration of the updates with your existing version of the application. in the case of the on-premise cloud-based app, the number of IT professionals needed for executing this type of works is less.

  • Payment flexibility

The SAAS development services offer a huge number of services to their users. These services can be selected on a subscription basis, where the users will have to pay only for the selected service as per their business model. Thus, the cloud-based application provides more payment flexibility to their users.

Here are some of the scenarios where SaaS Development Companies will be able to provide better services,

  • In the case of established companies, the owner can opt for the SAAS development services for shorter projects. Also, the projects which will be not needed throughout the year is best for these types of services.
  • The development services are best for small business or start-ups who are entering this competitive market. As they can get the expertise of developing their own software along with easy on-premise or off-premise deployment at a reasonable cost.
  • The server can be accessed from both stationary or mobile devices. which increases the efficiency of the workflow along with the accessibility of the software.

What are the challenges while using cloud-based apps?

Along with a large number of advantages, the SAAS cloud-based services also comes with their own challenges. The first and the most thing that you need to have good quality internet connection for using all the benefits of SAAS services. So if you have to depend on the internet connection while assessing the cloud infrastructure then it cons for the cloud-based services.

Although internet connectivity is not an issue nowadays. People can connect to the internet from almost every part of the world with the help of the advancement of technologies and also smartphones. Here are some of the challenges that as you might have face if you choose SAAS development services,

  • Limited customization option

There is a very limited amount of customization option present in cloud-based apps. The users are allowed to choose the various development services provided by the SAAS provider. But they are not allowed to customized those according to the requirements of the organization.

  • Risk of a security breach

This can happen when your business usually deals with sensitive data of customers. Although you can opt for on-premise private cloud options which provide multi-layered data protection. But then also you have to take more security measure to safeguard your data.

  • Loss of control

You have to fully dependent on the SAAS service provider. As they are the ones who will control the development process along with the customer services according to your organisation. So, you have to maintain a better relationship with the service providing company, so that they provide better services to your customers.

  • Slower internet speed

This is one of the biggest challenges for the SAAS development service providers. As if you have slower internet connectivity you will not be able to enjoy the advantages of cloud-based apps. There are places where people have lower internet speed, for that area using the on-premise services can be the best option for storing the data of the client.

  • Lesser audience base

Being a one-of-a-kind software SaaS has a very less audience base. Which is not enough to bring substantial profit for your business. To avoid this, you have to expand the functionality and features of your business. Plus, you have run business analysis often to know more about your competition, customer requirements, and ongoing trends in the market.

  • Lack of customers loyalty

Without loyalty from the customers, you will not be able to succeed in the market. For established SaaS development companies have their fixed customer who will always opt for them every time. But in the case of start-ups, you have to convince your users. Features like user data security, better user experience, and interface, and better branding on logo usually prove loyalty to their customers.

  • Poor execution of ideas

Every idea has a flourishing time. Take the example of CD players, in the past, it was a great idea but now in 2020, the uses of CD players become almost obsolete. So, it's better to try and execute an idea that meets the ongoing trends and requirements of the users. This proves the fact that there are no bad ideas just sometimes the execution of the ideas is not good.

Factors that govern the cost of developing a cloud-based app.

In SAAS development you will need better developers to provide the best customer service to your users and increase your brand value. As a client, you have to pay for the development services including the support fee to the SAAS service providers. Usually, the cloud-based development process doesn’t need that much codding. A huge part of the development cost goes to desired staffs. If you hire the better and experienced SAAS development team they can assure you a better product for your organization. More the experience od the developers more will be the development fees they charge you.

You are allowed to hire multiple individual developers with capabilities in various aspect of the SAAS development process. But then you have to full fil their hourly rates and you have to calculate which needs time and effort. Instead of that, you can opt for SAP Development Company where you will find a group of a specialized developer who will take over your project. Plus, you have to pay only to the company and enjoy the benefits provided by the developers for your business. There are 4 factors that can affect the SAAS development cost such as,

  • Planning

A properly planned project always provides a better result to the client company and assure a smoother workflow. During this step, valuable development aspects such as aim, goal, revenue model etc should be documented properly and should be developed with experienced SAAS specialist. Usually, a proper plan takes more than 30 hours.

 You should not think about the time in this stage, as by allowing a considerable amount of time in this stage you will be able to achieve a better and cost-effective development process that will be best for your business. This stage is very important because you can estimate the amount of cost investment you need during the development process.

  • Project Management

When you hire the SAAS developers individually you have to hire a better project manager who can ensure proper coordination among the developers. Then only you will be able to get a better end product and better quality of support.

In this case, you have to go through a prolonged hiring process where you have to invest time, effort and money to get the best outcome. Thus if you are successful to get the best developers and designers present in the market, they will not let down your organization.

  • Validation

The validation step is also crucial during the development process, which will help to decide whether your application is worth buying for the users or not. In this step, you have to gain knowledge about the existing competitors in the market and their product. Also, you should know whether the product is free or have a price tag. Then only you can attract users by providing better services and functionality at a reasonable cost.

In this step, you might also have to communicate with the potential customers to find out, their requirements. The best of doing that is to conduct a survey for the target audience. The best way to complete the validation process is to validate each and every aspect of your app along with the customer requirement and the market value. This can take more than 10 hours depending on the number of elements present in your application that needs to be validated. With better validation, you will be able to provide a value for money product and services to your customer and increase brand value.

  • UX/UI design

Every user wants enhanced users to interface with smooth and simple functionalities. Integrating high-end functionality for attracting new user can compromise the computation performance of the application. So, it is better integrating simple functionality without compromising the performance of the application.

The main aim of the SAAS developers is to provide a comfortable user interface to the customers. in order to achieve this, you will need extensive effort and innovative ideas and a skilled designer who can execute those ideas. If conduct the designing stage after the validation process you will be able to confirm the design according to the potential users. This can help you to increase the user base and revenue of your organization.

Cost of developing cloud-based apps.

In order to, get the estimated cost of developing a cloud-based application, depends on the various functionalities integrated in it. an application that as custom made according to the requirement of the business cost more than the basic ones. Here are some of the functionalities that can affect the cost of development of SAAS application,

  • Platforms and device support

In order to increase the customer base, you have to develop your application for both the existing mobile app store. Nowadays there are many hybrids framework available in the market where you will be able to create an application for both the iOS app store as well as the Play store of Android.

Along with this, it will also help if the cloud-based application can be accessed from any mobile device. This can increase the efficiency of the workflow.

  • Visual objects

If you want to implement high-end visual objects like videos and picture it can jack up the development prices and also affect the performance. So you can use basic visual content to maintain the budget.

  • Maintenance plan

This is required after the development process is over. You have to provide support to your users and maintain the good reputation of your organization.

  • Integration points

Try to keep more integration points so that there will be space for integrating upcoming trends and features through future updates.

  • Hardware features

Technologies like GPS navigations, NFC, Motion sensors and much more can be integrated with cloud-based apps. It is better to implement those which you require for fulfilling the customer targets so that you can stay within the budget.

The cost of implementing these functionalities can vary for different cloud integration services. The SAAS development services present in the market will always deliver you a better dynamic and feature-packed product at a reasonable cost. Here is the cost for developing differently typed application

  • A simple app with basic functionalities and features can cost you around 40,000 to 60,000 US dollars
  • Medium functionality application can cost you around 61,000 to 120,000 US dollars.
  • A complex app with high-end features and functionalities can cost you more than 150,000 US dollars
  • You also have to maintain user support from the SAAS service providers which can cost you around 90,000 US dollars per year.

All the above-given value are approximate value for developing and support of the cloud-based application, so it can vary for the different cloud integration services. If you are fixed on the requirement and aim of your business outsourcing the development process to countries like India. You can bring down the development cost as low as 5000 US dollars.

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Conclusion- The development cost of a cloud-based application can very intimidating to the business or new entrepreneur entering in the market. It can only be solved by hiring the best SAAS development service provider companies available in the market with the helps of extensive market research. As the best development service can ensure better product and customer service at reasonable rates.