How much is Microsoft Azure really going to cost?

How Much is Microsoft Azure Really Going to Cost?

If you are a smart business that believes in staying ahead of time and easily adapting to new technologies, there are chances that you have already heard of Azure by Microsoft Technology Associates. However, if you're still oblivious of this new technological advancement and do not know what Azure is or how it can benefit your business, how to install Azure, how to begin the use, etc. This guide will help you understand Azure, and you will not be in the dark when it comes to the cloud world.

There is no doubt that the cloud is the future. As a business, you must look around and try to make sense of the direction in which the market and economy are going. And we are sure if you are looking at the future from IT's point of view, you won't deny that the cloud is going to play an important role. Businesses are using more and more cloud-based services and are transforming their traditional business culture, operations etc., by using cloud technology and leveraging its features like efficiency, competitiveness, etc.

As per one report, 73% of the organizations have at least one component of their business or one application of the business operations running on the cloud. Businesses are spending more money on cloud computing as compared to what they used to. Not just small enterprises or startups see transforming the business to ensure their sustainability and growth in the market, SMBs are investing over more and more in this transformation.

And when it comes to cloud computing, how can we forget one of the leading names in the cloud tech industry, Azure cloud solutions. Many businesses across the sectors are leveraging the benefits of cloud services and are relying on Microsoft Azure. Azure is undoubtedly one of the trustworthy, easy to use, secure cloud service providers that offer multiple tools to take care of your business. 

Though we have seen above that many businesses are transforming to cloud services, and at least one of the applications such businesses is running on the cloud, this technology is relatively new in the market, and there is a lot of scope of progress and adaptation too. There is yet a lot of misunderstanding about the cloud. In order to get the most of Microsoft Azure solution, companies associate with the best web development company in the market or hire dot net developers or development services. All the businesses want is to stay updated, use every possible resource available in the market to get a competitive edge, and sustain the market uncertainties.

Here, we will not only clear every basic concept related to Microsoft Azure solutions but also try and understand how much cost-effective it is for a business.

Definition of cloud computing?

Let us start understanding the basic concepts. Let us first know what cloud computing is. In simple words, cloud computing is using internet services to access applications, software, storage, and services rather than using hardware to store and install the programs. So when it comes to Cloud Computing, your business can use services like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive to store your data. Here, you no longer have to rely on computer devices to store the data where it takes a lot of space on the hard drive too. With Microsoft Azure solutions, you do not need any search a physical storage space, and you can access your data from anywhere at any time using any computing device with the help of the internet connection.

When you run cloud-based software, things go the same way. The software is installed in the remote server and runs there. This server belongs to the company that has but the software. Whenever you wish to use this cloud-based software, you go to their website, open your profile or account, and access the software using an Internet browser instead of traditional desktop software.

Cloud computing can be used in different ways. If you're associated with the best web development company, its team will help you in understanding cloud services like Microsoft Azure Solutions. Cloud computing comes with a lot of benefits, and one of them is access to the amount of computing power that can be generated using traditional hardware.

As we have seen, you do not have to spend money on buying and maintaining a huge on-premise setup or hardware or servers. This reduced the burden on the businesses. Cloud software is usually more cost-effective, and businesses pay as per their use.

Definition of Microsoft Azure Solutions?

Microsoft Azure solution is a cloud computing solution developed by Microsoft Technology Associates. Azure is actually an umbrella solution under which more than 600 services are provided. This web-based platform is used to build, test, manage, and install applications and services.

Azure hosts a wide range of Microsoft infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Software as a service (SaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS) and offers three core functions:

App services,

Virtual Machines,

Cloud services.

What are virtual machines?

It is one more popular functionality offered by Microsoft. A Virtual Machine is a computer image or a file that Orestes like a real computer. You can run it on a Window like any other traditional Window application. A Virtual Machine is more like a computer within a computer concept, so if you make any changes or updates in the VM, it will not affect the host computer. Virtual Machine comes with it's own CPU, hard drive, memory, etc. It is used by development services providers to run apps on the incompatible operating system, run tests on beta releases, handle infected data, and build backups. One more advantage of virtual machines is that you can run many VMs on the same host machine. Using VM is cost-effective as the dependability on the actual hardware is mitigated, and your business is saved from the maintenance of the hardware too.

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Businesses use Microsoft Azure Solutions for its wide range of services or functionalities. It has many cloud computing products that businesses can use to transform their workflow. Azure is the only hybrid cloud that is consistent.

Who can use Microsoft Azure Solutions?

Microsoft Azure is accessible and offers scalability to the user. Businesses, irrespective of their size and sector, can trust this cloud solution. Businesses are also using Azure for its cost-effectiveness, easy to use products and services, and the wide range of functionalities that it offers. Azure is agile, flexible, and allows users to add new services. Businesses can increase their storage abilities and build new apps or programs. They no longer have to think about the infrastructure and storage hardware, etc.

With Microsoft Azure Solutions, companies do not have to hire in-house IT Professionals or buy costly hardware like routers, servers, etc. This saves companies a lot of money. Companies also have real-time visibility of how much storage they are needing, how much they are spending to use the cloud services, etc. This helps them in planning a better and accurate IT budget.

What makes Microsoft Azure Solutions reliable is it's uptime assurance, disaster recovery planning, robust backup service, etc. 

Benefits of using Azure Cloud Solutions?

If you try to replicate the massive power and functionalities offered by cloud computing by using hardware or on-premise systems, it will cost your fortunes and will be difficult to maintain it too. But, using all the cloud-based services on demand, and paying for what you use, how much you use is more affordable for any business. Plus, businesses get access to cutting-edge technology, which might be hard for them if they had been using on-premises services. Azure cloud solutions also offer many smart services and tools using which businesses can run their workflow smoothly, monitor and analyze it for better and informed decisions. Digitally transformed businesses can perform faster and more productively, and efficiently.

As far as the scalability of Azure is concerned, using its applications, a business can react quickly to the changing situation or demands. These changes will not be costly. Additionally, when your business is running on secure, reliable, scalable services, it adds more credibility to the organization. Your company can deal with client data better and can build positive client relations.

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Where is Azure data stored?

Azure cloud solutions operate on data centers spread across the globe. It allows Azure to care for a wider region than any other cloud-based services provider. To put it even directly, Microsoft Azure Solutions data centers have enough fiber cabling that it can reach the moon and return three times.

Azure currently operates 54 regions in 140 countries. This means customers can choose the region as per their needs and enjoy data residency and resiliency, maintain compliance, and more.

How can businesses access Azure?

Businesses that are interested in using Microsoft Azure solutions simply have to subscribe for its Pay-As-You-Go package. A business will have to fill in the basic information about the organization and input the payment method. Businesses can sign up for a free account first if they are not sure if their dd ion or want to test the waters before diving. This free account can last for 30 days.

A business can also opt for all-in on Azure and enjoy Microsoft's FastTrack package, which allows businesses to migrate data from on-premises to the cloud.

How much does Azure cost?

Azure cloud solutions offer multiple programs and services. So the cost of using Azure actually depends on the services you use and how much you use them. There is no upfront cost that Azure charges you. Businesses will pay for what and how much they have used. Azure also offers per house services.

It is preferred by many businesses across the sector for the same reason. No business wants to carry an extra burden of installing a program with a lifetime license or pay for it every year or month, even if the use is not that much. Take an example of Azure App Service. Users can build robust cloud-based apps using this service. Azure offers this service at $0.013 per hour. There are many such services available at a per hour charge. If you hire dot net developers, they will be benefited from this service. While some services are available per hour, other Azure services like Functions service are charged per execution. This service costs around $0.20 per million executions.

What does an Azure free account do?

If you're a new Azure account and you never had a free account with Azure before, you can avail of the free service. It comes with 30 days validity, and Azure offers you a credit of $200. Businesses will have free of cost access to a few of Azure's services for 12 months, along with free access to 25 products lifetime.

After finishing these 30 days, businesses can continue enjoying the free services; however, they will have to upgrade to a pay-as-you-go service and remove the spending limit they had with a free account. If the business is still within the given usage limit for each service, they. Can use Azure cloud solutions free of cost.


If you are a smart business, you do not have to think about installing a permanent infrastructure on your premises and then employing a team permanently to take care of it. In modern and contemporary business, you must go with the market and adapt to new technology. Cloud computing is one such technology that is disrupting the business world for all the good reasons. Microsoft Azure Solutions is a respectable, cost-effective, reliable, and easy to access cloud solution that can help you stay ahead in the market. We hope this article has helped you understand the importance and the cost of Azure Cloud solutions.