How to Stay Up to Date on the Latest Technology to Ease Web Development?

How to Stay Up to Date on the Latest Technology to Ease Web Development?

Expectations of the users are always growing and they don’t stop at any point. Today's world is growing at a faster rate because of the advancement of technology.

However, it must be mentioned that it is never easy to create a simple but engaging digital experience. Users must possess the ability to access the content anywhere and also at any time without any kind of difficulty. Moreover, the nature of the software must also be innovative.

There are many website development services that basically hire dedicated developers. These developers not only meet the requirement of the company’s client but also remain updated which is valuable for both the developer as well as for the company. However, not everyone is interested in this field and they just remain as they are and so they are unable to satisfy their client with their old trends. It is better to choose the perfect web development company that will be having dedicated developers for developing the web project for their client that will meet all the requirements of the needs of the client.

How to stay updated with the latest technology for easing web development?

It is very important to stay up-to-date in case of any field and the moment the developers are left behind with the advancement of technology, other developers will pass you and will keep you behind in this competitive market. It is very important that the developers stay on the cutting edge and also find ways for learning as well as developing the skills for web development to get more clients in the near future. The world of development is very much dynamic and so to keep updated,  you must know the greatest ways so that you are not left behind. Some of the best ways to stay updated on the latest technology to ease web development are given below-

Maintaining a personal network

Being a developer the main time is spent working online and it is very much normal for nay of the developer. There are various communication tools that are available in the market and with these tools, it has become very easy for the developers in building as well as maintaining a personal network of friends and professionals in the industry. This plays a vital role in keeping each other very much updated. This relationship is basically symbiotic in nature that will play a major role in benefiting you as well as the people with whom you are choosing to stay connected. A good website development company will always have those developers who always maintain a personal network with other groups of developers.

A slack group is there which is basically maintained for purpose and there is also an ad hoc conversation on WhatsApp. You may choose either one of these or any other options for interacting with various other developers. This interaction will play a vital role in improving your knowledge as well as skill for doing your work. This network is also beneficial in those cases when you can remain stuck with any problem while developing any project or finding any difficulty to overcome it. This network therefore will help you in assisting you with your work or any kind of coding with which you are unfamiliar.

Online resources and websites

Now in the case of any renowned or junior developers, it is very much important that they have subscriptions to or they are visiting any big technical and web development websites along with news resources on the web. There are various famous websites which will provide various information regarding web development and they are Ars Technica, Smashing Magazine, TechCrunch, etc. These websites are a very good source for providing resources and they will always keep you updated with design trends as well advancements and changes taking place in web-centric and online technologies.

Being a good web developer means that he or she will have to wear multiple hats or have a single working knowledge of different aspects of web design. Various processes of web development are database design, user interface design, and management and so the developers must be having a good working knowledge and have good skills in this field which will help them to become a better developer in the near future. There are various websites which can help the developers in learning these process of web development and the developers must pay proper attention to those website to become the best developers. A good developer will always try to meet all the requirements of their clients.

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Forums and Online groups

Various online groups are present in today's world for the developers and not only groups but online forums and websites are there that will be very much useful to every developer who is experienced as well as to the beginners. This can be considered as an indispensable resource for the development of web projects as well as for visiting a place where you will be kept updated with the new trends. This kind of platform is generally provided by collaboration spaces and specialist web development forums like Stack Overflow. It is nothing but a veritable dictionary having code snippets combined with powerful search tools and also on tap assistance from other web developers and software developers.

Reddit is known to be the alternative of Stack Overflow but it is community-focused and this is also subreddits that basically offer specific specializations. Subreddits are available for any language or pursuit of web development. However, it must be mentioned that among those most of them very much active in nature where they are having various developers who are ready as well as willing to help those who are having any kind of difficulty. This is very good for beginners as they receive great help from experienced developers. If a developer is lending their hand to other developers then not only they are helping the developers but they are also improving their own skills and gaining extra knowledge.

Attending events as well as conferences

Every company that is reputed has thriving seminars, conferences, and also events calendars. There are many benefits which a developer can receive if he or she is attending these seminars whether they attend it virtually or as a person. These seminars are having many benefits such as allowing network with your peers, attending lectures, talks, and also focusing on groups that are tailored for your industry. The nature of these conferences can be incredibly specific which will focus mainly on CSS art or it can also be broader like the very popular Forward conference. There are many software design companies that will arrange seminars or conferences and as a developer, you will have to keep track of all these in order to become better than who you are today.

All these conferences are basically held by third-party companies who are planning events. Not only this but the first-party company can also do this kind of event. One such example is Apple’s WWDC. Another example that takes place as a developer's conference is Facebook’s F8 developer's conference. These conferences will help any developers to learn from the creator’s platform. Not only you will learn but they will also allow the developers in staying up-to-date with the planned as well as expected changes that may take place on their platform.

Studying online and doing online courses

Knowledge is unlimited and so it never ends how much you study. There are various online learning courses going on which is becoming very famous. Havard’s CS50 online course is very much popular and there may be many developers who have completed this course. This course basically offers an introduction to various ideas as well as theories that will play a role in constituting the theory of computer science.

According to the claiming of these kinds of courses, it can be said that there are more than 2 million users who have completed this course and this is the proof of the popularity of this learning course. Learning institutions offer these courses directly which is similar to that of the Havard CS50. But some companies are there like Linkedin Learning and Skillshare which provides structured video courses and this can be taken by anyone and that is also with a monthly fee which is very negligible.

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MOOC is very famous in the present day. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. The company may also play a role in offering subscriptions to the course to the employee as this will help their employees in staying updated. This will allow the employees of the company to know about the world of web development and help them in acquiring new skills. Moreover, they can also help the employees in picking up new languages for coding.

Subscribing to podcasts

A commute is said to be wasted if the commute is not having any listening to the podcasts. It is very important to think of any kind of topic and then doing a quick search will help in finding a variety of podcasts that are dedicated to this topic. They might be focusing on a single area or can even be offering a roundup of innovations and changes in the space. It is good to find podcasts for the things which you are looking for. If the format is having any kind of audio nature then you can consume them easily in a variety of ways. If you are listening to the commute at any place whether it is at your gym or during your relaxing time, then there is no way that you are not getting updated. Moreover gaining knowledge is also possible by listening to this kind of commute.

There are podcasts like CodePen Radio and Syntax which will help in providing the format’s gentle introduction. These podcasts not only focus on the development of software but will also have some more soft skills as well as contents that are business-oriented.

Reading company and personal blogs

Reading blogs is a very good habit. This can be one of the best things which a developer can do in order to stay updated in today’s world of technological advancement. Keeping an eye on the blogs of the company is very important and a developer will also have to look at the blog of the industry as well as the people they are admiring. If a developer is finding himself or herself working in any kind of platform very often then it might pay off in following the blogs that will play a role in relating to it.

Developers as well as the people who are very much involved in the process of development will for sure gain valuable knowledge and insights from these blogs. A QA engineer will always have benefits when they are seeing the Global App testing list of QA. Being a leader it is for sure to get something from the list that is very much useful. Top app teams are having trust in the Global App testing.

These were the seven ways by following which a developer can easily stay updated and this will ease them with web development. The best web development company will always make sure that its developers are updated and having proper knowledge about the new trends of web development. So knowing the ways of staying updated with web development will not help the developers. The developers must also have some ideas about the latest trends which are discussed in the later paragraphs.

Latest trends in web development

There are various ways of staying up to date on the latest technology so the developers can ease with the process of web development but it is also important to know about the latest trends of web development so that faster knowing the ways a developer can easily go on the correct path and have basic ideas about all the latest trends. The latest trends of web development that will benefit any developer are given below-

PWA or Progressive web apps

The technology of the PWA gained the attention of not only the modern developers but also the attention of the investors. It is because of this technology that the developers can easily perform user-experience having a high quality similar to that of the native apps. The rising website trend of the PWA makes it possible for the user in viewing their website in a mobile browser and that also without downloading the computer programs or special apps. In the year 2020, PWA will be written with the help of React, Angular, and JavaScript. Users can also have access to cached content and push notification when they are offline.

Bots and Artificial Intelligence

According to many developers, the bots will become more self-learning will play a role in matching easily with the user’s behavior and needs. There are many B2C companies that already seek the help of this technology to serve their customers. Good examples for official page chatbots are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc. The rise of the Bots will also play a major role in influencing the design of the web specifically for the UX one. A Bot can also play a role in getting integrated into the regular website, PWA, household or professional equipment, and any other app connected through the internet that is developed by any commercial company.

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is basically an idea that will help in improving the speed performance of the webpage and will also reduce the risk of leaving it by the viewers. AMP is also somewhat similar to that of the PWA technology. The major difference is that the page gets accelerated because of the plugins that are open-source that are developed recently by Google and Twitter.

SPA or Single Page Application

SPA basically plays a role in avoiding the seamless communication that is related to the server and will also show the better performance of the page providing a certain level of data protection. Because of the rise of the JavaScript framework the popularity of the SPA also took a rise. SPA is fast operating and so it seeks the attention of the users. Moreover, users will also get instant feedback. Other important features of the SPA include less consumption and working with code that is server-side.

Voice Search Optimization

In the future, web development will have very few formats for texts. Voice will be playing a major role here. In the near future, the commands will be given by voice and not texts. Because of this feature, it is possible to recognize different people’s voices and they will also be providing a personalized experience that is AI-based for every person. Voice search optimization will be beneficial for the owners as well as the end-users. This is because the technology is multi-tasking, will save time, etc. There are many SaaS application development companies that use this technology to serve their client.

Motion UI

 Motion UI basically plays a major role in making the usage of digital products more clear and intuitive. The approach basically involves the CSS transitions and custom animation integration that is powered by stand-alone libraries that are having various classes of animated elements. Developers will be able to spend very less time in digital product building and therefore it will be saving the cost of the product owners and all of this is because of the Motion UI.

Automation testing

There are various benefits of test automation. This will help the team of developers in collecting the test cases and learning from them. Moreover, it will also reduce the cost of development and also the time for the cycle of testing. A better end product will be received with less money. Today's world is more competitive and so you have to become faster and provide your user with the best quality to become the best among all. This is the reason why developers will be choosing Automation testing.

Serverless architecture and applications

In the near future, this technology will be used for IoT apps, Chatbots, APIs, and products that require complex backend requests. The most important and common task that can be done by using this technology is notification delivery, exporting objects, and downloading backups of files.


IoT stands for the Internet of Things. This is basically the devices that are interconnected and there is no need for any kind of action from the ide of the user for executing operations and performing useful results. The main reason for the advancement of this technology is to make the daily life of humans easy and convenient. It helps in payment automation, smart city technology, smart home, and also e-health environment development.

Mobile-first development

In the year 2020, mobile devices are more and so the trends will be moving towards the improvement of mobile devices. This is basically a concept that will help in thinking about the product that will be treating the screen of the mobile and also other hardware features like physical buttons placements, productivity, etc. So people will be adapting to the mobile box and this will make the functioning easier.


A responsive website design is a full form of RWD. This is basically an idea and it is having three types and they are creating a mobile-friendly website, adapting to desktop or mobile-first website that will look on the screen of the mobile and also in the desktop in the very same way. This approach of RWD or Responsive web design will gain attention and will become more famous in the upcoming future. Till now there are various responsive web design services that offer the best quality of things for improving the conditions of their client.


So these were some of the basic ways that can help in keeping any developer updated and the ideas that are given above related to the new trends that have been introduced will help any developer to gear up. Now choosing the best developer must be done wisely who are updated with the trends or you will be lagging behind your competitors.