List Of The New iOS 12 Features And How They Will Impact iPhone App Development

List Of The New iOS 12 Features And How They Will Impact iPhone App Development

New iOS 12 was released in September 2018 and its feature specific ability has left the developers both anxious and excited.

Anxious due to the features that are capable of setting new standards for the user preferences that might require lots of effort and investment from thePWA Development company's end, and excited due to the opportunities such as iOS 12 features that can make the devices faster in terms of performance.

The release of this version is also important in the wake of Google Pixel 3 and Android Pie launch, which makes it necessary for the developers to have a comprehensive understanding of the technology. Various features of iOS 12 can impact the overall process of iPhone app development, all of them in a positive way though. In this article, we will explore the features of the New iOS 12 and how they can have a positive impact on the process of iPhone app development.

An Introduction To The New iOS 12

Apple had introduced New iOS 12 as one of the most efficient iOS versions with an objective to double the performance of the devices, along with working across all the verticals to make iPhones faster and responsive. The latest release has made various improvements to the old and new devices, and the iOS 12 version is specially designed to run across multiple devices. Many application development company developers are using this utility as it enables the application to launch faster, the camera to open quicker, and the keyboard to appear swiftly. Apple is optimizing the features of iOS 12 to deliver outstanding performance to its users.

Although Apple has focused on under the hood modifications for the iOS 12 version, it comes with a long list of features in the latest release which makes it quite impressive for iOS. Apple has also introduced customizable Memoji or Animoji, which help users to personalize their look. They can also have access to the fun effects and use them with FaceTime and messages. 

Top Features In New iOS 12 Every iOS App Development Company Should Know

Right after announcing the latest iPhones, Apple introduced a new iOS 12 version having a rich set of advanced features. This is especially in terms of enhancing user experience and delivering performance-oriented solutions that come along with much advancement in security as well. Whilst listing these features for the iOS mobile application development services, it is important to understand what these features mean to the iOS users and developers. Believe it or not, iOS users are moving at a higher speed for adopting Apple products or software. It has also been proved from the earlier experiences that Apple users quickly adopt the latest releases before the companies adopt the technology stack. To keep up with the latest changes in Apple tools and technologies, it is important to remain prepared on the existing toolset and upgrade the latest stack.

  • Performance, Performance, And Performance

With the launch of new iOS 12, Apple is making efforts to make iOS faster and performance-oriented, especially on the older iPads or iPhones. The latest release is working to speed up the performance across a wide range of iOS devices supported by New iOS 12. This has made PWA Development company stay focused on the instances when the iOS devices require heavy loading. iOS 12 is excellent at delivering fast and optimal performance along with prolonging the battery life.

  • Screen Time

Just like Google, the Apple platform is also helping online users to strike a better deal and maintain a healthy balance between emerging gadgets and their life. The screen time feature in New iOS 12 will elaborate on how much time you are investing in your Apple device or the time you are spending on particular applications. This will help you to break down the application and use it to a greater extent in the following categories such as social media apps, gaming apps, etc. The screen time feature will also help you keep track of the applications that are constantly sending you notifications so that you can prepare a weekly summary of your application usage practices. If you are running out of the application allotment time, iOS 12 will notify you. Apple platform is using the abundance of data usage for parental controls and offering people to check how often they are spending time staring at the screen.

  • Push Notifications

New iOS 12 introduces push notification enhancements through which the Apple users have full control over which notifications they will receive at first as well as the order they will receive them in. The users can also ignore particular notifications by swiping or skipping them away, and they can easily quit the messages on their screen if required. Based on gathering data and information from earlier in-app user behavior, the Siri assistant features can send personalized notifications to the users. Users can also group these notifications by topic or theme and adjust the notification settings from the lock screen. It also provides an instant learning feature where the users can get notified silently. Manyprogressive web app development companies and application marketers are willing to provide push notifications to their users, and through iOS 12 features they can easily get it done.

  • Password Autofill

The password autofill feature in iOS 12 eases the account development and entering the login details. It saves the password and stores them in the iCloud so that whenever a user accesses their account, they can quickly browse through its content even if they forgot the login credentials. The security in hands mint feature gives quick access to the users to browse through their account content, while also suggesting strong passwords to guarantee their online security and privacy.

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  • Grouped Notifications

Apple is undertaking a huge step for fixing the Messi notifications issue as New iOS 12 will be supportive for grouped notifications. This will allow users to easily interact or dismiss multiple notifications coming from the same application simultaneously. Through this measure, progressive web app development company developers are giving maximum authority to the users over the application, while allowing the applications to send timely notifications. Even the notifications will not interrupt your device activity or make a sound in any way to cause you inconvenience. The view controller in interactive controls allows the developers to:

  • Style the application interface elements with eye-catching fonts
  • Add custom pictures for branding and marketing purposes
  • Customize the component placement like titles or subtitles
  • Display the application-specific data for specific keys in the notification board
  1. Privacy And Security

Apple has loaded its privacy and security features in the New iOS 12 version. These features are inclusive of a built-in password organizer, encryption, two-factor authentication, and many more. This feature also blocks USB access if the device is locked for a long time. With iOS 12 version security, iOS developers can enhance the user experience of their existing applications along with login on the onboarding login credentials. In iOS 12, the device automatically suggests a unique and strong password for every website where the user needs to log in. It also has password auditing and security code autofill features so that the users can enter strong passwords and do not leave the login panel to access the code. iOS 12 also provides lock screen options to the users, making it difficult for any malicious action to get access to the logged devices.

  • Custom Emoji: Animoji With Tongue Detection

The Animoji character roster that was first introduced with iPhone X is yet again expanding with tyrannosaurus rex, tiger, etc. Starting with the New iOS 12, this feature can detect when the users are sticking their tongue so that it can mimic the same. The major advancement in personalizing the progressive web app development avatars is what Apple refers to as Memoji. New iOS 12 allows users to create desirable characters along with choosing the hairstyle, skin color, and outfitting the accessories. Apple has invested a lot of effort and work into the Memoji feature.

  • Enhanced AR Experiences And Measure Application

Apple has collaborated with Pixar over a file format typically designed for enhancing augmented reality explanations known as USDZ. iOS 12 has a robust augmented reality feature that is being put to use in a New Apple measure app. This feature allows users to accurately measure the objects around them as soon as they put the same in-camera frame and drag out a line to measure it. Many application development company solutions are already offering this feature through ARKit, however, Apple is developing its own interface taking advantage of the new release. 

  • Group FaceTime

The video interaction application of Apple is capable of hosting multiple conversations at the same time. iOS 12 will also introduce the FaceTime sessions, which can include around 32 staggering users. Group FaceTime features will be supported across macOS and iOS easily. In other words, when multiple users are on the call, the video interface will get larger while they are conversing and the window will shrink when the users are not speaking.

  • ARKit 2

Through ARKit 2 feature in iOS 12, Apple is trying to have a leg up in the competition. To establish iOS as a leading platform and to stir breakthroughs for mixed world experiences, Apple is making efforts to own the augmented reality conversation. Apple is updating the existing ARKit interface and offering developers an opportunity to develop shared experiences. In simple words, this feature enables the PWA Development company to create a solution where two users across different devices can see similar things while running a similar application.

  • Pictures

The iOS 12 photo application automatically provides search suggestions to the users and has the latest 'For You' tab that can suggest various effects and filters that the users might want to apply to their pictures. This feature in the application will also make it easy for the users to share the pictures and the users who receive the pictures will be prompted to share it back from the same event. This feature is a transparent attempt made by Google to catch up to the efficacy of Google photos. The photo-sharing suggestion will propose a user to share desirable pictures with the people that are in it. For instance, if a friend shares images with you then your device will instantly look for similar pictures that may or may not be of the same event in your picture library. It will suggest you to share the images back with the same user. This New iOS 12 feature gives access to intelligent search options when the users are searching for the relevant keywords to look for a particular image of any certain location, date, or event.

  • Siri

Apple claims Siri as one of the most renowned digital assistants globally and to bolster the lead, Apple is allowing the developers to offer maximum integration of New iOS 12 features. Third-party application solutions can develop shortcuts to allow the digital assistance to carry out a number of actions quickly. Apple is also introducing various shortcut applications that allow users to string various actions that might get triggered by a single request. This dedicated shortcut application solutions will encourage theprogressive web app development company to try the latest features of iOS 12. Voice Technology has also become famous, especially with the emergence of devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. The iOS 12 shortcut feature makes Siri highly productive in streamlining regular tasks along with reducing the actions to get there. The device shortcuts can easily automate tasks, and you can program this feature to automatically turn on your application actions.

Some of the Siri improvements are inclusive of:

  • Suggestions based on behavior learning
  • Translation with various language pairs
  • Password search
  • Flashlight control
  • Find my iPhone
  • Celebrity facts
  • Photo memories
  • Carplay And Apple News

Apple has announced that the latest in-car platform will add extensive support to the users for the most renowned turn-by-turn navigation applications, namely Waze and Google Maps. iOS device utilities are no longer restricted to you using the Apple maps. With the release of new iOS 12, it gives access to the third-party navigation applications to the users. After the launch of New iOS 12, the Apple News application is going through a huge transformation as well.

  • iBooks Have Become Apple books

Apple platform has also rebranded its ebook application solution from iBooks to Apple Books. The new iOS 12 Book Store feature makes it easy for the users to explore the book titles and browse them in the top charts.

How The New iOS 12 Can Have An Impact On iPhone App Development Services?

The Apple iOS 12 is here with some incredible features making the devices 40% efficient and faster. Apple has made tremendous modifications in its hardware, the most acknowledged changes being the increase in its screen size. This will enable the iPhone app development servicesproviders to get easily adapted to emerging technologies. This new release leads to the likelihood that the devices will display the keyboard and launch camera applications faster than usual. This update also comes with a capability to determine application limits and is available with a visual feature 'do not disturb' and New file type 'USDZ'. In the latest release, many advanced features were introduced and bugs were resolved. Let us explore how New iOS 12 can have a major impact on iPhone app development.

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  • Interactive Controls In The Notifications

The whole mechanism of iPhone app development can be enhanced by customizing various notification alerts. In simple words, iPhone developers can easily add switches or buttons to prompt the user action and to magnify the look and feel of the overall content. Furthermore, they can also add attractive fonts, custom images, and application-specific data attributes as per the customer requirements and personalize the appearance of the application with notification application extension. The user interface displaying content through notification content extension has a view controller that helps developers to easily add interface elements, custom images, and customize the placement of titles or subtitles.

  • Siri Suggestions And Shortcuts

Now iOS 12 will allow Siri to protect the shortcuts and suggestions along with stringing the same to the users as well. The update of this iOS feature has made Siri extremely mature, especially in terms of shortcuts and solutions. To incorporate this feature in the application, iPhone app development can be expanded to a greater extent. On the other hand,progressive web app development companies can also develop the codes for special features enabling users to access Siri shortcuts from the watch face or lock screen. This has made iPhone app developers accelerate their user interaction along with developing automated workflows after applying special conditions. These conditions are fulfilled as per the user requirements.

With the provision and emergence of the network framework, iOS app development has been simplified to a great extent. It enables the developers to easily create successful network connections for receiving and sending the data with the help of transport and security protocols. With the network framework interface, iOS developers can efficiently develop network connections. iPhone app developers can easily create efficient network connections after accessing security protocols such as UDP, TCP, or TLS.

  • OpenGL ES Remains unavailable

New iOS 12 is exclusive to OpenGl and can have a major impact on the gaming application development company. However, it enables the developers to use a highly advanced option to fulfill the same purpose which is known as Metal. iOS developers now have access to the advanced GPUs on macOS and iOS. This feature can have an impact on the graphics-intensive or gaming mobile application development services. New iOS 12 features do not have OpenGL ES which is a cross-platform graphical application programming interface. The applications developed using this protocol can continue to run on the latest release, i.e., iOS 12. In place of OpenGL ES, iOS developers can use another platform such as Metal that offers access to modern devices. It also enables the applications to use advanced rendering by offering unified support towards computing and graphing.

  • Enhanced ARKit 2

The presence of ARKit 2 features in iOS 12 makes it highly beneficial for the application developers as well as users. ARKit is especially known for its persistent augmented reality and multi-user capability that allows iOS developers to use the mapping data for delivering a shared AR experience to the users. This feature allows developers to easily develop shared augmented reality AR experiences and users to enjoy multiuser AR experience. Moreover, they can also scan the real-world objects along with incorporating their positions or movement in the application. The iOS mobile application development services developers use the multi-peer network connectivity framework to create a multi-user experience. With the ARKit feature in the New iOS 12, developers can use a wide range of objects as a segment of applications for engaging users.

Having discussed the impact of the New iOS 12 on iPhone app development services, it is crucial to let enterprises and startups know how they should implement the right strategy. For instance, they should know that the iOS developers can make the most out of New iOS 12 features and they should choose to work with the developers who are well-equipped with the knowledge of the latest tools. Enterprises can also consider modernizing their existing platform-specific iOS applications.

Capturing The Efficacy Of New iOS 12 For iPhone App Development

The Apple platform is often known for bringing exclusive solutions to its users, and iPhone developers can use it to create attractive app solutions for its users. With the latest release of the New iOS 12, Apple has tried to leverage the iPhone app development services process by offering a variety of options to the iOS developers so that they can easily create customer-centric and appealing applications within no time. Startups and established organizations who are seeking iPhone app development services, must look out for their technology partners and ensure that the developers have effective strategies to use the advancement of the iOS 12 version. Besides, with the release of its new features, businesses will have many opportunities to modernize their existing applications.