Location-Based Mobile Application: The Ultimate Guide

Location-Based Mobile Application: The Ultimate Guide


What you go into creating an app? This is the second relevant question people ask, where the first question is what the process of making the app is. The app making is not a joke at all.

Don’t get fooled by the 3 step guide to create an application. To build a successful application, one needs to follow some layout.

Surely, you might make a basic app within a few hours with a phone gap. Every time, this is not going to be the case. You might need to put some extra effort if you are thinking of building a popular, useful, and financially successful app hire top android app development company. If you want your app to turn into a successful business, one should be well aware of the needs of the customer. The ideology behind this is that your app should be able to address the needs of the people without being delayed.

In today’s world, everyone is searching online for someone or for some services to ease their work, their life. Offering the solutions or guides to accomplish any work or thing through an app, is something that matters. This is the place where on-demand location apps come into play.

Why location-based apps are essential?

To know this one needs to know the basic functions that a geo-location-based app can perform.

  • Information. A geolocation app provides the user with full information related to the nearest object or object of interest in a specified location.
  • Helps user in socializing. The geolocation app can be used to determine the physical location of peers and colleagues nearby.
  • Helps in communicating. Suppose you visit a place and you want to share the view and experience of that place with other people, so can write reviews, your experience, post-view of that location as well. In this way, new people will be getting to know your comments and this chain continues.
  • Marketing. Through the geolocation app, it can attract more incentive market campaigns and a new reason for the interaction of your services with more customers or users.

Geo-location application apps matter. We are a generation that beliefs in facts. Allied market research statistic has revealed that market –

  • The market of location-based services is going to hype by 2026 and reach $157.34 billion.
  • Experts who are analyzing the app market believed that it will grow at a CAGR of 27.1% from 2019-2026.

Below are those industries which are made these apps based on such functionality-

  • Weather predicting industry.
  • E-commerce industry.
  • Automotive industry.
  • On-demand services.
  • Travel and tourism industry.
  • Hotel and hospitality industry.
  • Social media and dating.
  • Augmented and virtual reality field.

Ways to grow consumer interest in GPS app development-

  • Expanding boundaries of social. Now a day’s people generally reveal their, identity through social network profiles. The only issue with this information is that it is only a compilation of static and frozen facts. The location feature makes it dynamic and with enhancements in the logical continuation. This feature is added to the intrinsic nature of the user. This gives users the ability to share the lifestyle, social level, and daily routine.
  • Provides commercial benefits.Customers love to see the hints, referring from other user’s views via using a service. Location-based app development provides a wider service web that contains influential information about events happening in the user’s immediate surroundings. Therefore, customer loves these apps, because it provides trusted coupons of discount as well.
  • Increase the interest of customers in assessments, rankings, and recommendations. To have fresh content for their services, most of the successful social location-based industry allows the customer to a certain extent to generate fresh content for their services according to the customer's own experiences.

Ways to expand business interest in geolocation app development.

  • Geolocation brought profit to the business. The technology of geolocation has the data to show the future of any web services. So, it can provide an extra edge to the location-based industry, in competition. This is so because it is essential to work with the audiences of location services. This will be the marketing plan for that location-based industry. Foursquare has a recent advancement; it has started to charge a symbolic fee to know the companies on the map. This will allow Foursquare to target or focus its users effectively.
  • GPS locations can be used for advertising.GPS coordinates locate the person’s location automatically. This is valuable for advertising any services. Notifications get pop up on their phone from mobile apps through GPS geolocation. If you are present at a place, where a nearby sale is going on, then through mobile application notification will be pop up. So geolocation app is a good way to advertise the services of a location-based industry.
  • The combined use of location-based services and augmented reality. As geolocation-based technology is enhancing rapidly, exploring the potential use of advancing augmented reality technology is a must. Augmented reality is the best use of geolocation. In this augmented reality, virtual elements are superimposed on physical objects.

Types of geolocation app

Location-based services include several categories. These can include-

  • Maps and navigation. The most popular, obvious, and direct use of geolocation apps development is Google maps. These become very important when people are present in unrecognized areas by them. So users are very much dependent on this service.
  • Geosocial applications. Users link or attach the geotags for the places they visit. Photos and videos are generally tagged with the locations on their social media handles. The tags tell the address of clubs, resorts, restaurants, nightclubs, or a gym. In messengers too, we send our locations, more than the writing of addresses. Also, the apps for dating get a boost after having the locating technology. Many girls and boys easily find their apps in nearby areas.
  • On-demand services. Location determination of any users, now easily approachable through many apps using GPS geolocation. Sitting at one place, we can call a taxi, can order food, grocery, and other items also. One also need not wait for the operator as well. So the guide to have a location-based app is the need of any business owner.
  • Apps tracking fitness and Apps to inform more on health. Location services in fitness work as, they can tell nearby walking or running routes, sports club or facilities nearby. Fitness apps are very popular nowadays. People also share their sports achievements on social networks attaching the route or map located.
  • Augmented reality apps. We all know the Pokémon-go game which has been very popular and had conquered the world in 2016. This app also uses the GPS and Google maps, so that anyone can catch Pokémon all through the city. This also joins the various people to each other as in a team, which is otherwise unknown. So, making a gaming mobile app is good, but how to develop the location-based app, can be a good idea to convert it into reality.

How to create a location-based app?

Now, the core of this location-based app comes into the picture. We are at the crux of this guide. Making a mobile application app, with GPS geolocation needs some other location services and maps also. These can be joined using API. As many, ways are possible to know the location. Here, we will be telling you about some popular ways.


GPS stands for the global positioning system. This technology is excellent in locating, using satellite signals. All mobile devices are having GPS. Mobile devices having activated geolocation services will receive the signal from the three satellites at the same time. Distance to the object is known by multiplying the signal by speed. Time is taken by each signal to reach the earth. GPS is not good at reaching the indoors, because many a time it gets blocked by the tall buildings in around.

For knowing the exact directions and routing, sensors like magnetometers and gyroscopes are used in the smartphone. These are also called essentials.

Merits of GPS

  1. Very fast location is determined, at a high speed.
  2. Accuracy level is at best in GPS receivers under decent conditions. GPS can also determine the altitude above the sea level, which is also a necessity in a few location-based apps.

Here are some drawbacks of GPS-

Drawbacks of GPS

  1. GPS activation in smartphones or smartwatches consumes a whole lot of battery. Work is going to solve this issue.
  2. GPS performance is affected by the ability of the device to interact with the satellites rotating in the orbit. Like, as if any device is present in a tunnel or basement, the possibilities are GPS is not able to locate the device because signals can’t react properly to the device.
  3. Sometimes trees, tall buildings, and atmosphere are not in the favour of GPS location services. Geomagnetic storms can cause a deviation of up to 80 meters.

Cell ID

Every smartphone has its CELL ID. They are connected to a particular cell tower. By knowing that which mobile station it is connected to, the location of the Smartphone and its owner can be traced. In places where the facility of GPS location services is not there, CELL ID is used.

Merits of CELL ID

  1. These work well in big cities.
  2. These are useful when GPS is not working there.

Demerits of CELL ID

  1. Less accuracy is found in CELL ID. These can give the coordinates several hundred meters away from the actual location. Inaccuracies are more in this.
  2. This approach is taken generally when GPS locating services are not working in a particular area. This gives more benefits when an app is in its development stage.


A-GPS stands for Assisted GPS. This is highly efficient as a locating technology. It gives mixed information. It combined the information of both servers and the satellites. Transfer of data place

On the internet and can be easily accessed via the internet or WI-if.

Merits of A-GPS

  1. Determines the location very fast.
  2. Consumes very much less battery as compared to GPS.
  3. Highly efficient in areas of dense forest, depressions, and tunnels.

Demerits of A-GPS

  1. Outside the cellular coverage area, certain functions of A-GPS are inefficient.
  2. This service due to traffic gets lost sometimes actually and requires resynchronization. This leads to hype cost and more when it is roaming.
  3. As A-GPS has some benefits, therefore it is used in location-based app development.


BLE stands for Bluetooth low energy technology. It is combined with beacons; it gives an option for predicting the geolocation for location-based app development. Batteries are used by beacons, and which transfer the signals to the device of the user through Bluetooth. This method is common where the internet is absent, and closed rooms are there and location-based app development is to be done.

Merits of BLE

  1. It can be used at ease. BLE beacons can be installed in indoor rooms.
  2. High accuracy is there in locating the user.

Demerits of BLE

  1. It is costly, and algorithms for this require investment at starting.
  2. Regular updates are required in this. Replacement of batteries required periodically.
  3. BLE technology is worth using for location app development.


IT is a great option for the geolocation app. mainly, there are two ways of its working, using RSSI and predicting the location from the database, or through Google maps. Apps will demand the internet connection either by wifi or by cellular data. This works best for location tracking.


  1. It can be used easily. The user can find the active network and its location as well. For working well, it requires an internet connection.
  2. Locations are quickly predictable.

Demerits of wifi

  1. Its radius of action is small.
  2. In the development of geolocation apps, it is easy to use and effective too


The usage of this technology is increasing rapidly. User’s position along with time is getting specified when they move into the virtual perimeter. For example, when a user reaches the specified or designated destination, a notification gets popped up, and send to mobile devices that offer a coupon or discount. The radius of action for the geo coverage is around 500 meters. This is also an approach to GPS development.

Merits of Geofencing

  1. It can provide coverage to larger territories as comparing to BLE-beacons.
  2. It provides diversified options for business growth. It involves the programs of loyalty for customers, provides a system of notification, can work for employees present in remote areas, and so on.

Demerits of Geofencing

  1. Its radius of action is around 500 meters.
  2. It is unfavorable for very high consumption of power.

Few interesting and some impressive location services-

GPS apps use the feature of geolocation. Your main priority should be knowing or analyze the embedded feature of geolocation in GPS apps. Ensure yourself by analyzing other apps that are taking benefit of using geolocation in GPS. We will be telling you here some of these apps-

  • Scope app. Scope app is one of the apps which can tell that what is happening in the world at various places at a particular moment. Users of this app are forming the network all across the world. Likewise, if you want to know that what is happening at this very moment, you can send a request to a user, and the user will send the short video of that place on this scope app? In this way, the scope app is making the best use of the geolocation feature and also providing a value able service to its customer.

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  • The last quake app. This is the app belongs particularly to the European Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC-CSEM). This app uses to know the situation for coming natural disasters like earthquakes. So, its parameter is particular as well, so can only be best designed by a seismologist. It is to alert the public and give them a sigh if any danger is there.

This app is using the newest technologies like- it can witness the report of earthquakes. Other latest technology is that the earthquake information collected by the witnesses, get installed on the internet and mobile phones.

The last quake gives the following services-

  • Provides authentic information in no time.
  • Tells the prediction of coming earthquakes nearby.
  • This app collects all information-based content in the form of comments, photos, or videos, created by witnesses.
  • It will send the SMS to the priority contacts if you are found located in the area affected by the earthquake.
  • Transfer of the location captured by witnesses, affected by earthquake transfer onto the internet.
  • Suggested life sing action one needs to take at calamity time.
  • SNAPCHAT APP. This is a mobile messaging application. It has also got photos and videos on it. In snap chat, messages are already in place. In 2014, the owners of this app have come with a new feature to their app. This is the GPS-geolocation feature. This feature is known as ‘GEOFILTERS’. This gives some graphics overlays to the user when she is found in a specific geographical location. It also permits a user to make their geofilters. This feature makes it more engaging. This also, the very new and most wonderful use of the geolocation app.
  • Trigger APP. This is also one of the apps which use location-based app development. Trigger app performs very minute tasks, but these are important. It only requires the user to pre-set the triggers. It performs functions like it mutes the phone or gets in vibration mode wherever it finds the Wi-Fi or in the workspace, it activates the GPS-navigator whenever you get entry into the car. The phone will already get into night-mode when your bedtime arrives. We have appreciated the fact that the trigger app, has made one of the most beneficial uses of the geolocation-based app. The exchange between the user and the device also gets more interactive.
  • The Foursquare Swarm app. This app has been useful to you when you have forgotten those places where you visit very often. You visit someplace or a new cafe or restaurant, so the swarm app will make you remember the place you have visited. This has also the innovative use of the geolocation-based app.
  • WherezMoney. This is also one of the apps which use GPS geolocation services. It keeps track of financial management, controls the budget, and will tell you effective cost management. It keeps a record of the money you are spending at various places. So, you can easily check on your budget. It does this by the cost of geolocation.

How complex is the geo-location-based app development?

Mostly, in making any geolocation-based application, the main issue is of security and protection of the app. Some ethical issues which need to be taken care of are listed below-

  • First is the ethical issue. The data which is collected is needed to be analyzed and personalized. This needs a keen observation of the pattern of the collected data. Some interesting patterns will be highlighted. The difference between ethical and non-ethical must be known.
  • When geolocation services are used, the data of users is collected, and this needs personalization. In the development of the geolocation-based app, security is the main issue. The controlling of the information requires experienced developers and needed much effort.

The unethical application would not run for long. Here we will see what an unethical app looks like? For example, the app known as GIRLS AROUND ME was banned by Apple Company in 2017, when it is found that it is not safe for female users. The women users nearby get easily located through this app, and it has to give adverse effects to the safety and protection of women.

To have a long-running and successful location-based app, the owner or the developers should give a thought to bad consequences (if any). The solution to prevent any unethical use is to create secure family and friends groups, which will sure any user that he/she is interacting with a known person. This will prevent any stalking as well.

A company that has made the location-based app collects the personalized information of any user. Because the reputational costs are on a very high stake.

What is the actual cost of creating geo-location-based apps?

Many things get invested when creating an application. The last choice of locating technology goes under the basic requirements and also on the intent goes behind in making the application. The main factors will be authenticity, speed, range, accuracy, usage, power consumption, and much more.

  • Country. You can save money by don’t hire people from the US or Western Europe, in the development of location-based mobile application development. You will get qualitative work from the people of the US.
  • In the USA, the cost of developing a simple application is from $10,000 to-20,000.
  • For Great Britain, the cost in developing the simple application is $18,000-20,000.
  • For Western Europe, the cost of developing a simple application is $18,000-19,000.
  • For Eastern Europe, the cost of developing a simple application is $5,000-8000.
  • For Ukraine, the cost of developing a simple application is $5000 and more.
  • For, India, the cost in developing the simple application is $5000 and more, but the quality of coding is depressing.

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  • GPS apps functionality. The functionality of GPS apps varies from each other. The GPS apps develop for different intent is having different complexity. So, it is not possible to tell the cost of any application. Also, how much of the time you will be needed to make the app can’t be told as such. This is because they have varying complexity. With the below-listed information, approximate time can be standardized in making the app development.
  • Simple apps require about 250-400 work hours.
  • Medium complex apps require 500-700 work hours.
  • Highly complex apps require more that at least 700 work hours

Stages of Development of a location-based app

The GPS location-based app development has the following stages.

  • Explore the market and analyze the competitors. This work can be performed by you. It is like homework, which should be done before making the app. These are the real issues that require deep analysis of the market and solutions can only analyze by this. The professional agencies can also help the company in solving their market issues.
  • Prototyping. This means the logical structure of the app. How your app will look like when made up. Therefore, for iphone app development services you get the idea of your application and how the screen will look like. It will fives the feel for your app. It also collects feedback from users and also makes the necessary initial changes, because the required changes will not be done at this far. A low and simple fidelity, which is only a rough layout, will be done on the paper only.
  • Including GPS geolocation in your app. a nice UI/UX design can also make your app easy to use and operate. The design should be clean and favors the functionality of the app, making it easy to operate. A good UI/UX design is needed to be done and this will make the app work for a long time.
  • Development of the app. This stage mainly requires the development of the various versions like IOS apps, android, and web-versions. This stage is to ensure the best functionality of users.
  • Testing. This stage is to find out all the hidden bugs in the app. Testing is important, because once the user finds the difficulty or bugs while using it, the confidence in the app will be lost, and it is easy to regain it. Testing will prevent your app from failing. Therefore, strong testing is to be done to make the error and bugs free app.
  • Release of the app. The app is made available to the users through the APP store, Play store, and also the websites.
  • A high-performing useful app is very much in demand when the right marketing is done. It may not get enough downloads when the right marketing is not done. Marketing gives exposure to the app so that it can make its maximum customers. Also, marketing is done in the making and after the development of the app. Social media handles also need to be done to build excitement in the users as well.

In conclusion

Now, as you have seen the nuances of developing the location-based app, you need to move forward in the right direction of the app. You can implement the above guides for your GPS location-based application. One must analyze the needs of customers with the help of Android app development services, the right intent behind this and its security, it's marketing, and investment and many more are some of the areas, where extra effort needs to be put in. These factors can impact a lot on your app's success.