The Reason Why an Android Phone Makes Much More Sense Than an iPhone to Your Industry

The Reason Why an Android Phone Makes Much More Sense Than an iPhone to Your Industry

Booze, Ambien, Owen Wilson. . .You'll See Why

As my company implements client relationship management software, our customers are for the most part business owners and owners that are on the street and work. A number rely on their telephones (too, I presume, booze and also Ambien) to get during the day - and - nighttime. I have asked what smartphone that I like and for so long as I could recall I always give exactly the exact same response: The Palm Treo.

But that is not accessible anymore. So today I urge any system that is running Google's Android functioning system.

Now, do not get angry, iPhone users. I concur that you're brighter, better and cooler looking than me (though, no crime, I really do question the intellect of anybody who sleeps out of a store simply to get a dumb phone). Yes, and needless to say, that the iPhone is amazing, elegant and strong. I have many customers who use and enjoy their iPhones. My whole family - except are enthusiastic and joyful iPhone customers and we calmly apologize unless somebody sticks on Fox News.

However, this can be a business choice. For my customers, who are mainly small and medium-sized businesses, an Android-based telephone makes as much sense as work boots, safety glasses and Ford F-150's. Allow me to explain why.

For starters, Android a part of a much, much larger community. Go right ahead and look it up. It is OK...I will wait.

Watch? Though it looks like everybody around you're utilizing an iPhone, they are not. Android really controls over 80% of the international smartphone and tablet computer marketplace and Google has been anticipated to increase this industry share to 85% by 2020. Sure these are customers out of India, China and other areas of Asia but will we all acknowledge that these folks are largely smarter than people? They obviously know a fantastic thing when they see it.

What exactly does this mean? This means a larger community of consumers which provides more choices, service and competitive pricing to get a business person trying to find the ideal device. And of course, a fantastic reason to go to Mumbai.

Talking of apparatus, Android is encouraged by far more of these than Apple's iOS platform. The iPhone was the only cool thing in the city. However, Samsung, Amazon, Sony, HTC and lots of others create quite trendy devices which do not only operate about the operating system but also understands your favorite TV series, what restaurant you continue eaten and what size panties suits you. For a company, this means that in the event that you produce your very own internal programs or have discovered a fantastic program for your business, your customers are going to have the ability to run it no matter the apparatus and however crappy it really is. All of it comes down to greater flexibility and options... .and regrettably more crappy programs.

Let's not overlook lower costs. Company owners such as me are notorious cheapskates. iPhones may be costly - and - so can a few Android-based apparatus. But that is only in the event that you go end. The lowest priced iPhone about is roughly $350. However, you and your sales team are readily outfitted with good Android telephones or tablet computers costing too well south of 300. Some Android mobiles I have seen the market for as much as $130. Just consider the savings which you may share with your employees in the kind of higher salary and greater benefits! Hello? Still with me?

Look, I am not likely to worry about consumer interface and characteristics both operating methods have advantages and weaknesses and when there is 1 thing I have heard from selling applications and residing on this world for several years is that everybody has their own views, likes and favorite items, however poor they are. How else can you describe The job?

Leaving the attributes argument aside, I will affirm that Android does conquer Apple in two large areas: battery storage and life. Since Android apparatus are somewhat more flexible, producers can permit their customers to easily add on enlarged batteries and flash drives to grow their document capability. Obviously, these additional batteries could probably burst while in-flight, however, these are the dangers and we are braver than we seem, particularly in regards to getting an additional 30 minutes on Instagram.

Finally, I am also a huge fan of Google. In my experience as a CRM consultant, I find Google to become business-friendly compared to Apple, and it isn't only because I loved that film with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in which they moved from dopey watch amateurs to winning a program competition against a lot of brilliant Ivy-League pupils... .and Owen Wilson even got the sexy Google executive also.

Google programs, though accessible in the iPhone, are much better incorporated on Android apparatus. I rely heavily on Maps, Maps, Chrome, Gmail, Hangouts along with other Google Business Apps for performing files, spreadsheets and browsing pornography. I discover that Microsoft programs, which most of my customers use as I really do, operate much better on Android apparatus than Apple ones also that I was only kidding about browsing pornography.

Obviously, Android has its own flaws and its own greatest remains safety. It is an open platform along with Google's supervision of malicious and malware programs - on its shop - is significantly less strict than Apple's. That is why Android apparatus is somewhat more vulnerable to strikes. That being said, from the five-plus years, I have been using my Samsung apparatus I have never been hurt by an internet attack since I simply pay the ransom quickly.

yes, I really do recommend Android-based pills and mobiles to our clientele. However, I really don't get into debates about this substance. The reality is that, though I favor the Google system on Apple's, the two are exceptional and will do the job nicely for almost any business owner or owner. Consider it for a bit, make your decision and proceed. There are probably bigger problems which deserve additional attention, such as what on earth did that sexy Google executive find appealing about Owen Wilson?