The Way to Make Money With Mobile Games: Fortnite is making close to $2 million a day from iPhone users

12 Apr

It’s killing Candy Crush, Clash of Clans and Pokemon Go. Just wait until it gets to Android...

How can you make a whole lot of money from mobile games?


Step 1: Develop an enormously popular cell game.

Step 2: Provide gamers the ability to purchase... something. Doesn't have to get any value. Just. . .something.

Step 3: Offer Apple 30% of your shoot.

Step 4: Enjoy the rest of your money.

And here is Epic Games, the publisher supporting Fortnite: Battle Royale, making all of that look incredibly easy.

Fortnite -- believe Minecraft married to Hunger Games -- was a giant hit before the game came to iOS in March. Then Epic began letting users perform iPhones and other Apple devices, and 11 million people have downloaded that version

And many of those players have started spending cash: The game has now grossed more than $15 million since launching, and is now generating over $1.8 million per day, per SensorTower. For reference: It's crushing Candy Crush, Clash of all Clans and Pokemon Go.

Two things to Bear in Mind when you consider all of the cash Fortnite is earning:

That number will go up, because the game is not on Android devices yet.

The astonishing thing about gamers spending cash on Fortnite is not that they are spending money on a mobile game -- it is that none of the spending helps them perform the mobile game. It is possible to buy cool outfits, equipment and even dance moves in Fortnite, but no matter it gives you an advantage over other players -- most the great you buy aren't only virtual, but cosmetic.