What does using Google cloud platform cost?

What does using Google cloud platform cost?

Today’s world is advancing in the field of technology and is advancing at a rapid rate. The meaning of virtualization is to create virtual storage networks, computing platforms, and devices.

Many platforms are there which are responsible for following virtualization’s definition. Some of the major solutions are cloud desktop, cloud storage, and cloud servers.

A cloud server is normally based on virtualization. In simpler words, it can be said that a cloud server is nothing but a virtual server that can be accessed in a remote manner from any cloud service provider. Now in order to have access you must-have infrastructure. This is also known as cloud hosting. It is delivered on a basis of on-demand and is hosted on top. The advantages of the Google cloud platform can be considered as the main reason for which all the mobile application development companies are choosing this over other platforms.

What Google cloud platform does and why?

Google cloud platform is known to be a provider of computing resources. This provider of computing resources plays an immensely important role in deploying as well as operating applications on the web. In simpler words, the main work of the Google platform is to provide a certain special place for enterprises and individuals to run as well as to build software. It seeks the help of the web for connecting to the users of that particular software. You can easily get the basic idea when you think about thousands or ten thousands of websites that are operating on Hyperscale data centers. Hyperscale data centers are very big in nature but are having the ability to get divisible.

If you are responsible for running an application, service, or a website on the Google cloud platform, then Google will keep tracking all the resources that are being used, especially it will take care of database queries, data storage, network connectivity, and also the amount of processing power it is consuming. You won’t have to lease a DNS or a server by the month, instead, you will be paying on the basis of a second. Moreover, it will also be having discounts if the services are used in a heavy manner by your customers.

What is Google cloud hosting?

The cloud hosting that is being provided by Google is known as Google cloud hosting. In the case of the first 12 months, cloud hosting is provided by Google without charging any rate with a trial free plan. After enjoying the free plan of Google Cloud hosting you have to choose the pricing plan of Google cloud hosting. The pricing plan of the Google cloud platform can also be checked for availing various services that are being offered by Google.

There is also another option that is if you are not willing to take the plan of Google platform or Google cloud hosting then you can also choose the Google free version. Google's free version is basically the free tier of the Google cloud platform. The free tier of the Google cloud platform is responsible for providing their user with prospects for using as well as learning the free services of Google cloud. All you need to do is to make the perfect decision which is suitable for you and within your budget.

Comparisons of Cloud hosting service providers

Cloud hosting service is not provided by Google only and there are also other platforms where this service is provided. The services provided for cloud hosting other than Google cloud hosting are Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure, etc. So it is better to know about these platforms before you know about the cloud hosting platform of Google.

In the year 2006 Amazon web services came into the limelight. Varieties of services are provided by Amazon web services with constant amplification as well as restructuring. However, in the year 2010, Microsoft Azure got its limelight. This service is also having the option of various services but some complexities are also there which must be removed. Finally, in the year 2011, Google services for a cloud platform was introduced. This is nothing but a part of cloud computing services which is generally offered by Google.

Any person is able to access the cloud services of Google with the help of the public web or with the help of any dedicated network connection. According to the trends of Google, it has been known that even with fluctuation, people’s interest in Google cloud hosting is increasing with respect to time because of the advantages provided by Google over other services.

  • One of the main reason which must be taken into account while comparing AWS with Azure and Google cloud platform is the pricing. Pricing is considered to be the most important aspect in every field. A free trial for 12 months is basically provided by Google. After the free trial of 12 months, any user is able to quit all the services but they can also update if he or she wants to change their current plan. In the case of the other two platforms that is AWS and Azure, the pricing is quite high. They do not allow the people to switch to any other plans that are available on the platform.
  • In the case of Azure, a user must choose a plan for a minimum of 1 year for hosting. This plan can neither be changed nor be canceled if that is not required by the user but this facility is provided by the Google platform. In the case of the Google platform any user is able to update the plan or can change the plan as per their requirement. This is so advantageous that the Google platform is having a plan which can provide billing on the basis of dealing per second. This is beneficial because if the user is willing to stop the services at any moment then he or she can easily stop it without paying any extra amount. This kind of service is not available on other platforms.
  • Storage as well as databases are the other factor that must be considered while comparing Google cloud hosting with Azure and AWS. Google storage is the service that is provided by Google on the Google platform. All kinds of databases are supported like MYSQL, SQL, and many others. Big Data is also supported by Google and so it can be considered as a major advantage. The main work of this involves storing as well as accessing data which is localized in nature. This can be done with high availability. Different operations can also be performed with high performance in the case of Google cloud storage. Google cloud storage plays a major role by allowing the user in storing the data in structured as well as relation types.
  • Now in the case of both Microsoft Azure as well as Amazon web services, the structured, as well as relational databases, are not supported. They both are responsible for providing temporary storage whereas in the case of AWS the instance is terminated once and after that, the storage will be deleted. They both lag the capability of supporting both SQL and MYSQL. In the case of all three platforms, object storage is available. In terms of Block storage, object storage is available for Amazon web services. Now in the case of the Google cloud platform, object storage is basically available in Google cloud storage terms. Now in the case of Microsoft Azure, object storage is available with respect to block blobs as well as file serving.

Major advantages of using Google cloud hosting

The above comparisons were made to clear the doubts about which one is better and why that is better. Now some of the major advantages of Google cloud platforms are given below-

Availability of better pricing plan

After doing many types of research it has been noticed that the cloud hosting plans of Google is much cheaper than other platforms. In order to avail of all the services like charging per the second plan, he or she has to put in the login details and then sign up. The user is not bounded by any plan of subscription as mentioned earlier and so this can be considered as one of the major advantages. A user can easily stop the subscription at any time and then change to other plans if he or she thinks that plan is suitable for them.

In the case of Azure, a discount of 5 percent is available for a prepay of 12 months. In the case of Google cloud hosting, there is no requirement of upfront cost. There is no requirement for prepaying. There were higher pricing plans for AWS or Amazon web services but later in November 2016, they reduced their prices but still, they are not matched for Google cloud hosting platforms. Because of the discounts and so much cheap rate, Google is attracting more and more customers for adopting the Google cloud.

Enhanced execution

Now the Google cloud platform services are also hired by business owners and many enterprises also do the same. Now the performance of service of Google cloud hosting has been enhanced at the enterprise level. With the help of the remote an individual is able to access the data and that also from any location. It is also possible to execute various complex operations as it is having a very big infrastructure and so all of these are done easily at any network. n number of visitors can be handled easily by the cloud machines of Google. Now the main thing which you can notice after shifting to Google cloud hosting is the loading time of the website. There are many Artificial intelligence solutions that seek the help of the Google cloud platform.

Benefits of live migration

Live migration is a very important factor and can be considered as the major advantage of Google cloud hosting. This is the major advantage as this service is not provided by both the Amazon web services and Microsoft Azure. Both AWS as well as Azure is not capable of consisting migration of virtual machines. Google is having a large number of networks and so Google cloud hosting is capable of allowing users for migrating their machines. So you must choose the perfect Google web designer who will meet all your requirements and will have proper knowledge about all of its advantages.

Commitment to constant development

Google cloud hosting is considered to be a part of the Google cloud platform. Large infrastructure is there which a public domain is basically. The infrastructure is being developed by Google in a rapid manner according to the requirements of customers. In the upcoming days, it can be said that the expansion of Google infrastructure will increase and this will be playing a major role in building a strong network of Google. Google is present in 17 locations. In 2018 they were also increased that is the new platforms for Google were in the year of 2018 in Hong Kong and in 2019 a new platform region was introduced in Zurich, Switzerland.

Security and control

Own security model is owned by Google which is also responsible for securing YouTube, Gmail, and other products. A large number of security professionals have been recruited by Google who helps Google in protecting the data on servers. All the data that are present in the cloud platform services are basically encrypted. A strong network is also there for ISPs for Google and it plays a major role in securing the network. A process-based investment is also being made by Google for securing network or data.

Redundant backups

First of all, being a common person, it is important that you understand the meaning of the term redundant. Redundant means if a thing is no longer essential then it can be reduced. Own in-built backup is there for Google which is redundant in nature. Google will always be playing an important role in creating a perfect backup if any part of the component is not functioning in a correct manner. This normally means that you are playing a major role in storing the data in other locations and that can be a minimum of two locations. If any incident takes place then the user won’t be losing any of its data. Data integrity is ensured by Redundancy. Moreover, not only data integrity but reliability as well as durability is also helped by redundancy.

Pricing of Google cloud platform

Pricing is very important for any field and so Google cloud platform cost is also very important. But certain factors are there that must be considered while you play a role in choosing the cloud provider. There are certain topics that must be discussed and the are-

Pricing fundamentals

Pricing basically depends on factors like-

  • Network data transfer (cost per pack unit)-there are many things that must be taken into account while defining the cost for networking service. Different costs are there like network hardware costs, internal labor costs, and also maintenance costs. Network hardware is those costs cost which is there because of data transferring, uploading, and downloading.

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  • Computing-This cost is taken into account as the cost involved per GB of RAM. Computing prices basically depends on the CPU usage of the company. Things to be considered are CPU power and hardware operations that are used for many tasks.
  • Storage-The cost of storage on the basis of per GB of a virtual disk. It also depends on the type of storage that is being used, underlying infrastructure, and speed of storing as well as retrieving data.

Google cloud pricing

The price of Google is not only cheaper but there are also other benefits for availing it. Some features are given below-

  • Low price-When compared to other services provided by other platforms it can be said that Google offers a savings of 60 percent. Among this 60 percent of saving, 24 percentage is for sustained usage discounts, 21 percentage is for list price differences and 15 percent is for rightsizing recommendations.
  • Paying as per the go-Google pricing is dependent on the basis of the pay-as-you-go. There is no cost upfront. People can use it now and then pay it later.
  • No fees for termination-There is no involvement of the termination fee. The moment you stop the services that moment you can stop paying. Other reasons for customers to use GC are competitive pricing, best-in-class performance, strong principles of security and practices, innovative solutions, and competitive pricing.
  • Free tier- This has been mentioned in the advantage but you must make yourself clear about the money you are going to save that is you can save up to $300 by using a trial of 12 months. Moreover, a free trial version is there which is having no limit.

Pricing innovation

Better pricing is being offered by innovation and they are given below-

  • Per second billing-This innovative idea is offered by only Google that is paying for the number of seconds you are using.
  • Sustained usage discount-30 percentage of workloads that are running for a portion of billing significantly on computing cloud SQL and engine.
  • Custom machine types- if you can pick any memory as well as CPU then you can easily save 50 percentages when compared to the fixed machines.
  • Codeline- Codeline storage can easily help in archiving the cost of tape that is for the speed of the disk. This must be having the same APIs for regular storage and so it is very easy for archiving data without replacing the applications that are accessing it.
  • Rightsizing recommendations- compute sizing recommendations are basically dependent on the usage and this is the reason why you are saving time on management and also consuming less.
  • Preemptive VM instances- data mining as well as data processing are the things that can e interrupted. A set price is there for preemptive VM instances which are not a market price and this makes them easier to budget for.

Google cloud pricing features

Enterprise app development is an important feature and so everything must be considered including Google cloud pricing features. Google cloud pricing features are given below-

  • Price leader-There is a discount of 21 percentage on computing engines. Ther is an investment of around $8.8 billion in CapEx in the year 2015 for developing the innovative infrastructure as well as the technology stack.
  • Better infrastructure-Own proprietary systems are built by Google themselves, which includes protocols, built chips, storage, switches, and servers.
  • Faster-The boot-up of the Google compute engine is basically done in 35 seconds. BigQuery is able to scan around 20 TB of data and 35 billion rows in a single second.
  • Smarter-Artificial intelligence has been applied by Google for optimizing the usage of power in Google data centers. In the case of Google data center 50 percent less enemy is consumed when compared to a typical data center.

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Google cloud pricing calculator

Google is also responsible for providing its user with a calculator that will help them in getting an estimation of the money that will be spent on the resources as per the use. You can easily calculate any particular VM’s price and then compare it with any other provider of cloud.

It can be seen that 2 times CPU 7.5GB Memory instance along with 32GB SSD and also space of 256 GB with 128 GB each will cost around 50 percent less than that of AWS or the Amazon web services. Google can be much better with no fees of termination and also after including automatic resizing.

A number of services are being offered by Google platform of cloud and so the demand for Google cloud experts is also increasing. If there is a validation credential then the certification is able in adding more value to the resume of the developer.


React native app development companies are also hiring Google cloud platform developers as they know the market of this cloud platform will increase in near future. You have got a clear idea about the cost and also the factors considering the cost for the Google cloud platform in the above paragraphs.