What Effect Does The Android 11 Update Have On Your Android Mobile Application?

What Effect Does The Android 11 Update Have On Your Android Mobile Application?

Android 11 is now official and though it looks cool to many mobile application development services, others are just confused. Here in this article, we will try and clear all the prevailing doubts. Also, we will deal with the impact of the update on various applications that would get updated to this version. But first, let’s understand why there is so much hype about Android 11.

More About Android 11

So, people got to know about the update in February and clearly, Google took a bit longer than was expected to finally launch it. Many hoaxes had been floating in the market regarding what the update would be about and what its new features would be. Something that also helped Android create great hype! The more it got delayed, the more theories started pouring in from various tech experts and researchers. Everyone was trying to guess the new features the update might consist of. Though, Google did drop a lot of hints on purpose for the sake of the hype. They made sure that they are not completely cut from the market and the reach of the people. Indeed, a smart move by Google! Keeping people interested in something for so long after the announcement has been made is not an easy task, but Google being ‘Google’ did it effortlessly. The day this version was launched, the whole worldwide web was loaded with videos and articles regarding all the new features and the update’s impact on the specifications. Though this was great, a lot of misinformation got spread by Android app development servicesin the process, leaving people confused. Many trusted sources do exist but not all people know about them. Here, we will try to make sure that all the information that is written is based on facts.

Supported Devices

Not many phones have this update but Pixel is an exception. All the upcoming Pixel phones will come with Android 11. Even the Oneplus Nord is expected to get an update from Android 10 to Android 11. This version was released on September 8 after a long wait of almost 6 months. The users were almost frustrated and the tech geeks and Android application developers were going crazy predicting its features. To give out some spoilers, let us tell you that there are no major updates in Android 11 as there were in the last one. For instance, Android 10 came with the dark mode feature that made every Android user go crazy. But, Android always provides many small quirky changes in the interface or its features in all its updates. Thus, this is the part that everyone has been exploring the most since the launch. Many people have mentioned in their reviews that they are still trying to figure out as many quirks as they can. This has made a lot of people edit and add newer things that they can find in the reviews.

Happy Android Application Development Companies

The group that seems the happiest with this update is that of Android application development company providers who are still in the process of developing their dream app. Why? They can now optimize their application accordingly. All the news phones will be having this version in them. Hence, it is important that all the developed applications are made especially for the update. This article will take the readers and the development services (if they are reading this article) through the effects of the Android 11 update on various apps. Understanding this will be beneficial both for developers as well as general app users.

Features In Android 11

This is the part that all Android lovers have been desperately waiting for for months. Though a lot of their predictions have turned out to be just dreams, some did materialize into reality. The new update consists of some great improvements made to its older counterpart as well as the addition of some really cool features. One feature that most people did not expect but has been provided in this update is the inbuilt screen recording feature. Earlier, users had to download third-party applications or take help from hybrid app development services to record their screen. This is just one of the features that have been introduced in the Android update 11, there are many others and all of them are explained below in detail:

  • Notification History:

This is one of the most helpful features according to every mobile app development company. People generally have a habit of swiping away the notifications, sometimes even those that might be of interest to them. Most people would agree that they have swiped away important notifications just out of habit, and had to regret later. To set this right, Android 11 comes with a notification history feature. In this, the users will be able to see the history of their notifications even after they have swiped their notification bar clean. This way they will be able to go back to the notifications, open them, and reach their important destination. This was a feature that many people were expecting and since it is finally here, happiness should know no bounds! It is a very useful feature. People had been waiting for it, and it is nice that Google, at last, decided to include this in its new update.

  • Chat Bubbles:

People who enjoy the chat bubbles that come along with Facebook Messenger are going to love the Android 11 update. Google has decided to deploy chat bubbles for every messaging application. Though they decided to introduce this feature in Android 10 as well, with the launch of the stable version, the feature kind of faded. But now, they have kept it on priority so it is nicely visible to the users and Android application developers. You might find a pattern here though, this update is really focused on communication. The notification-related update, the messenger chat bubbles as well as other things, are all about it. It is great that Google has focused on the communication aspect because the world is using these applications a lot and it is important to improve them.

  • Screen Recorder:

This is an inbuilt screen recorder, incorporated for the very first time by Android. Users were being forced to use a third-party screen recorder previously, but now the feature has been updated. This will make recording the screen a lot easier for the users. Along with easy accessibility, it is also very secure. There are so many screen recorders provided by mobile application development services but people are not sure which one to trust. With this, people will not have to download any other application. There will be easy shortcuts so that people don’t have to move between the screens. Moreover, the interface of other screen recorders is not good, but because this is Google’s own there is no doubting its quality. This is the feature that we have talked about earlier as well and that is because it is one of the most relevant features of this update.

  • Media Controls:

People who have played music on their android smartphones (basically everyone!) will know that there is a media control strip that comes in the notification space. Now, this update is more about communication and hence, they have reserved this space. This is also the reason why Google decided to move the media controls up the screen just below the quick settings section. Though a few of the controls have been changed slightly, nothing has been removed. Android app development services understand how important media controls are for their users. The controls, albeit smaller than before, are still present in their full form. The music control strip consists of all the controls along with the song cover. Also, a feature has been provided to change the music playing device from external speakers to Bluetooth or any other device. This is something that will make the music application very fast and easy for users.

  • Smart Device Controls:

Smart home controls are the need of the hour. They were supposed to be here and so are finally! The new update brings with it the smart device controls feature through which the users will be able to control all devices connected to their phones. Users only need to press the home button to get to the option from where they can check and control their devices. This is something that will not only make lives simpler but also increase the quality of life of the users. Users can add or remove the devices depending on their choice and change the settings as per their preferences. Every Android application development company has set its eyes on this feature to develop apps that can make this feature more interesting. This is an update that will be highly appreciated by those users who have smart devices in their homes. Earlier, a great deal of effort had to be put in to control the devices from smartphones.

  • Change In Permission Settings (Especially Location):

Previously, many applications used to ask for permissions to the local storage, to the camera, to the contacts, and the location. Users had only two options, to allow or disallow. In this update, Android has made this setting better by giving a third option that allows the users to permit the app to access their location only when they are using the app. This is something that will not only save the battery life and optimize the performance but will also enhance privacy. Android has taken great care of its users in this update. This feature makes sure that no application can extract the location information of the users when they are not using the app. There are some people who don’t use an application for days or even months. Here, these applications still have access to their location. This not only drains the battery of the device faster but also unnecessarily provides their information to the developer or the owner company. But not anymore! The users can now control the permission settings according to their preference with the new update.

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  • Schedule Dark Themes:

Android launched the dark theme or the night mode in its last update. This was something that also played with the optimization settings, affecting the performance. With this update, however, things have improved. There is an option through which the users can now schedule the dark theme. They can decide the time when they need the mode to be turned on and when they need it to be turned off. This feature is of great value to those who don’t want this mode to be turned on all day but only for a few hours. The users can also decide to turn the dark theme on as soon as the sun rises and switch it off when the sun sets down. This is a cool feature and a lot of users are definitely going to like it.

  • Update Android 11 On Playstore:

Before the release of this version of Android, the users got updates only when their manufacturers sent it to them. That means, the updates only reached the user if the device manufacturer decided to send them and when they decided to send them. Because of this, some devices got it earlier than others. This was problematic at many levels but has thankfully been solved with the recent version of Android. The updates will now be directly put up on the Playstore so that all devices can get it. However, it is to be noted that this is applicable for only those users who already have the Android 11 version on their devices, older devices will still have to follow the previous system. With the recent version, users will be able to install both the updates as well as the security patches that are released by Android every month. It can be a great step in making the updates equally accessible to all the users on all types of devices.

  • Better Voice Features:

The voice assistant feature has become a lot better with this new update. The users can now talk to the assistant like they normally do, making smartphones more fun and efficient to use. People who are impaired or are not fluent with smartphones can also make use of this feature. Many users have problems using a smartphone with its normal features, but just saying “Open Whatsapp and send a message” can get the job done. Simple, isn’t it? Android 11 has made a lot of things better and easier both for its users and mobile app development company providers. This might be the reason why there are no major feature updates, yet the changes that have been made make the update great.

  • Better Privacy For Enterprise Users:

If someone uses an Android phone which has been provided by a company or an enterprise, it may be a part of the Android Enterprise program. In this program, the company’s IT department is easily monitored. Also, it becomes convenient to make changes, issue updates, and do other tasks with better security as the mobile phone becomes the property of the company. However, this usually results in added pressure on people to carry two phones separately, one for work profile and the other for personal use. With the introduction of Android 11, this problem will be solved to a great extent. One can maintain a personal profile as well as a work profile on the same phone, and both of them will not have any effect on each other. This will help the users to swap to their personal profiles with confidence, as no data will be shared on that profile and it will be completely out of the monitoring range of the company’s IT department.

Impact Of Such An Update On The Applications

The users need to understand that their smartphone will not stay the same. This is especially for Android or cross-platform app development companies that want to develop apps for Android 11 phones. The update is heavily focused on communication and also on ease of access. All these changes will impact the applications that will be installed. This is what is important for people to know:

  • Users Will Have Control Over Notifications:

As mentioned in the features part of the article, there will be an option of notifications history. This means that the users will be able to go to the notifications history and get a record of the notifications that they have received. It should be noted that it will still not capture the notifications of those applications whose notifications settings have been turned off. Here, the users will be able to control how they want to access their notifications. There will be no issues in handling the notifications after this update. Users will be able to wipe away their notifications without much of a thought.

  • Users Will Have Controls Over The Permissions:

This is also in reference to the point mentioned in the features section of the article. The users will now be able to manually customize the permissions that they want to give to the applications. They will be able to let them access their data/location/camera only when they are using the applications. Here, this will save them from applications that try to steal their data when they are not using them. This is something that can fit really well with the users. Though the same update is also available for the users of Android 10, they can still use this feature in the same potential.

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  • There Will Be Statistics On How Users Use An Application:

The users do want to check their usage statistics. This is important as they need to monitor their usage so they are not using anything more than they should. It is something that will also help them to set limits for their social media and other application usages. Statistics are also important for many other technical reasons. This is what the developers at Google kept in mind when they were designing this update. They have made sure that nothing is missed out and users are provided with a better application usage experience. Like Instagram, which already has a similar kind of feature that tells its users the time they have spent on the platform, the Android 11 update provides its users with an option to set a reminder if they exceed the time limit of using any platform.

  • Less Redundant Data:

The reason for this is that more applications will be using the same set of data now. This is what will increase the speed and make the data usable to its best extent. Earlier there was great redundancy in the data and that hampered the performance and smoothness of the device. This is a great feature that will make the data useful and the device much more efficient. The developers have worked a great deal to make this achievable, although it was long due. Much of the device’s storage space is filled with redundant data. Many users face the problem of less space but they are never able to remove the excess data because it is hard to trace.

  • Better Optimization:

All the features and specification changes will make the devices perform better. The devices and applications will have better optimization. The users will be able to control and understand what they want. This has been made as easy as possible by the developers already but the configuration of the device can also be changed according to the users. They are the ones who will decide what applications that are installed can do and when. This in a way will enhance the security of the device as well.

  • Enhanced Usage:

The users will be able to do many more things with normal applications and in a better way. With the improvements in the voice search feature, the users will be able to do anything without having to touch the phone. Earlier this feature was not as powerful and other applications were not well integrated with it. But with the update, all has changed.


The features that have been added to Android update 11 have great things for the users. All the applications will be impacted by this version in one way or another. Also, the users will be able to see the changes, most of which are for their benefit. This might be one of the most useful Android updates to date.