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What Skills and Characteristics Should a Web Developer Have?

Building a website in today's world is not at all a difficult task. There are many website developers available in the market who can meet all your requirements at an affordable price.

But you have to choose them wisely depending on their previous work and also on the reputation they are holding. Now if you are business owners and want to increase your customers then you will need the help of professionals who have previously built websites for other companies. Choosing a professional can help to deal with problems that may arise in the near future.

A web developer must have certain basic skills that will help them in developing the websites as per your requirements. But before knowing about the skills which must be possessed by a developer you must have some idea about how to choose the best developer to make your website a successful one.

Tips for choosing the perfect website developer

If you are having a proper idea of choosing the perfect web developer or web Development Company for your website then this can save your money and time. Some of the tips for choosing the best website development services for developing your perfect website are given below-

Hire a developer who is having skills as per your needs

The first and foremost thing before developing a website is that you must be having a clear idea about what you need in your website. There are many business owners who want to keep their website on the first search page of Google but in their minds, they want to earn money from their website. So you must be having a clear idea of what you want from your website. Now it can also be possible that a business owner will wish for both the things like earning money from the site and also to keep on the first page of Google. So the developers who will take your work must be asked some questions like-

  • What are the elements of design that will help in attracting buyers in their industry?
  • Will the interns be able to upload their own content when I am running a blog?
  • Will you be able to build a website that will work well on computers as well as on mobile devices?

A website can easily look cool but if people find it difficult to use then it will lose popularity for sure.

Technical skills that must be there in the developer you choose for your website development

If the web developers are the best at their job then they will be having various technical skills that will meet the demands of their client. The skills have been explained later in this topic but still, some basic skills which must be there are they must know-

  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • CSS/SCC3
  • Adobe Illustrator/ Adobe photoshop

A developer can be a desired candidate only when they can both code and design at the same time. Developers must also know WordPress and if the client is asking for an e-commerce site then the developer must know BigCommerce and Magneto.

The response of the developer

Certain situations may arise that may disrupt the use of your websites and those situations are getting hacked, experiencing some errors, and many more. During this kind of situation, your developer must be ready to fix all these issues as these issues can easily cause a loss of earnings to your company.

If you are hiring a developer or a team of developers then they are hired by other companies too, and so you must have a talk with the developers whether they can handle this issue diligently or not. Always make sure that you know about the available hours of your developer during the time of your crisis and also have an idea about the ETA on projects that are having a standard design.

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Experience of the developer 

This may be one of the most important points by seeing which you can choose your perfect developers. So it is very essential that you choose experienced developers for your website as they will be having the capabilities of dealing with problems in the future. In order to know about the experience of your developer, you must know about the old projects they have done and also know about the clients whether they were satisfied by the service of the developer or not. Now when you are choosing an option for hiring freelancers you can easily check their portals of jobs like Upwork. In job portals like UpWork, the previous clients will always give true and honest reviews about the developers.

Now in the case of hiring any creative digital agencies, it is essential to go through the website of the agencies and do research about their case studies as well as previous projects. A good web development service provider will always provide you with their previous client's reviews about their work.

Role of developers in billing client

It is always important to keep in mind that compromising quality for money is not at all a good option. There are different ways of billing for your project and they vary from freelance web designers to digital marketing companies. Both can create a bill depending on the hours of work whereas the bill can also be made as a monthly fee. It is important to track time for each task that has been performed by the developers so that there is no chance of paying extra money. All these must be recorded at a monthly report that must be provided to you during each month’s end. This proofs the accountability of the developer and also lets you have some ideas about the spending of your money.

Technical Skills of a web developer

Web developer's skills are nothing but the ability of the developers depending on which everyone hires them. A successful web developer will alway6s e able to produce the perfect website for their client. Some skills are there for becoming a web developer which can make a certain developer standalone among other developers. However, it must be mentioned that not only technical but certain non-technical skills are also there which must be present in a perfect developer. A best web development company will always hire the best developer that will help the company in maintaining its reputation.

Anyone can be a web designer or web developer but to become the perfect developer you must have technical skills as well as non-technical skills like communication collaboration, etc. Some of the important skills which must be there in a web developer are given below-

HTML/ CSS skills

In the case of any developer, it is very much essential to have a proper understanding of CSS as well as HTML. According to various researches, it can be said that the most used markup language is HTML. Web developers basically use this HTML for creating web pages on the internet. Now for styling the website and making it look beautiful, CSS plays an immense role. CSS basically helps the developers in choosing colors, fonts, and various layouts that will be present on a website as per the requirement of the client. HTML plays an important role in laying the foundation for the webpage and CSS completes the role by styling it.

Analytical skills

If a web developer wants to earn fame and become the best among other competitors then he or she must be having keen analytical skills for creating many successful websites. The most important part of this is coding which will play a role in ensuring that the website is functional. Moreover, it is very much important for any developers to understand the needs or requirements of their clients or customers. The developers must meet all the requirements and must be able to adopt any changes that their clients wished on their website. When a developer is having a better understanding of the client, the final project will be as good as that and will satisfy their client in the future.

Responsive designing skills

It is very important for any developers to understand the working of responsive design. Many people are there who view the web pages online as well as on mobile devices and so the website must be good enough to adapt to the changes in screen size. A website that is not responsive, won't be able to match either the desktop site or the mobile site. In simple words, it can be said that the functioning of the website will take place properly neither on desktop nor on mobile. A number of visitors are impacted depending on the ability of a developer for creating a responsive design. This is because visitors will lose patience and move away from your website if it is not working properly. Responsive web design services are available in plenty in the market but choosing the perfect one as per your budget is a tough job.

JavaScript skills

This is the common thing as well as the basic thing which every developer must-have. It is also important for every web developer to understand JavaScript properly. Now what is JavaScript is the main question you may be thinking and so it is nothing but a high-level programming language that plays an important role in implementing features that are complex on a website. This involves things like search bars, videos, or interactive maps, and even moving elements on a website. In the process of web development, knowing JavaScript means, you will be able to meet your client’s higher expectations. This skill will help any developers in reeling more viewers of the web page. This is because many people prefer interactive web pages that will easily grab their attention. These special features will engage more viewers and so you will highly be praised by your client for whom you are developing the website.


This may be not so important but still will make you better when you are compared with other developers. After having all the basic skills of a web developer, it is very essential to have proper knowledge about the tools. The tool that has made good progress in recent years is the Visual Studio code. Not only this but the tool is also updated frequently. The number of extensions along with its community is also growing very fast.

Basic graphic design

Having a good idea about graphic design can be regarded as a huge plus point. A developer may not have a clear idea about graphic design but a good developer will always have an idea about the tools that are being used by the graphic designer. It is very important as at some point in life, a design is handed to a web developer which they will have to make. It is important to have knowledge about any three graphic tools and that will be enough for any of the web developers. Some of the basic graphic design tools are given below-

  • Figma
  • Photoshop
  • Sketch
  • Zeplin
  • Envision

Knowledge about backend and databases

Once everything has been managed by the developer, the next important task for the developer is to manage the things which are happening behind the scenes. This is known as the backend development. In this part storing data takes place. Storing of data as well as manipulation and retrieving of data takes place from the databases. It is therefore important for any developer to learn managing the database by using languages like NoSQL or SQL. It is also important to learn building the JavaScript app using some popular platforms like Node.JS. Some of the important knowledge required for backend are-

  • SQL
  • NoSQL
  • JS
  • JSON
  • AWS or Azure
  • API

Knowledge about libraries and frameworks

When a developer is in the development process he or she will discover that at some point, some code can be used in different projects. For example, it can be said that there are many commonly used functions in the case of JavaScript. So why the developer will write the code again from the beginning. So here comes the role of libraries. However, it must be kept in mind that library and framework are important to learn and not the shortcut way of becoming a perfect developer. Their importance is to help the developers work faster. Finally, the function of the libraries and framework must be known to use them properly. Some of the popular libraries and frameworks are given below-


  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Google Charts
  • React
  • Parsley
  • js


  • Angular
  • js
  • Ember
  • Vue

Testing and debugging skills of a developer

It is very important for any developer to know the way of testing the webpage to detect any errors. Now, if the developers see any errors then they must also know the way of debugging it. The testing procedure ensures safe coding for your website and will eventually come down to either unit testing or functional testing. It is a very essential role of a developer to constantly test the website and debugs them constantly if any error arises.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

The final technical skill which a web developer must possess is knowledge about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is the main reason for which website traffic is becoming an important part of any company. A website having good SEO is able to attract more users or visitors to the webpage. All the companies are looking for better SEO and so it's a must-have skill for any developers.

Non-technical skills of a web developer

The technical skills are important but some non-technical skills are also there which is important in every field and so it is also important in the case of website development. There are many custom software development companies who look carefully into these non-technical skills of the developers and the skills are given below-

Time management skills

Time management is very much important in modern environments for development. The web developers must have good knowledge about time and their time management skills must be good enough to perform various tasks throughout the day. A number of things are there which can increase the development cycle for developing a website but when a developer makes the time management skills their priority they can easily regain control and perform the work in an efficient manner.

The staring of time management takes place by setting goals, actions to be performed, and making a list of works that must be followed step by step. Web developers will also have benefits if they are practicing active listening which means playing proper attention to what other people are saying.


Teamwork is a very important skill which is required not only in the field of designing websites but also in other fields. So teamwork is a vital thing for any developer. There are various teams for researches, optimization, designing, and many more. The developers must be able to work with other developers in a collaborative manner. If everyone can perform their duties in a synchronized way then the work will become easier and will be completed faster than expected.

The main role of teamwork is to work efficiently with remote employees and this is very common in today’s world.


Communication can be done in many ways like email, face-to-face, telephone, video call, and many more and this is known to be the key non-technical skills for any developer. In order to be great in this skill, the developer must have knowledge about the best channel for establishing communication. A good developer who is also a good communicator will always make sure that his or her client is having a project’s overall view. Developers are the only ones who can make their clients feel comfortable about their project and this can be done by establishing proper communication with them. Some good ways of improving communications are-

  • Be very much clear as well as thorough with the email you are sending
  • Try to encourage feedback
  • It is important to establish face-to-face communication whenever possible
  • Explain the why factors as well as the doubts that your clients are having regarding their project
  • Try avoiding assumptions

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Critical thinking

The meaning of the term critical thinking is the judgments that are reasoned as well as logical and well-imagined or thought-out. It is basically a way of thinking where the developers do not accept the conclusions and arguments without expressing any doubts or questions. There may be many possible implementation methods that a web developer can face for achieving the same outcome. Critical thinking will always play an important role in analyzing and testing each method mentally and that is also in a quick manner. Moreover, this can be done before deciding the most efficient one.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is nothing but the ability of a person to identify as well as manage the emotion of others as well as their own emotions. This skill must also be there in a skilled developer as this will help the developers to create emotional awareness and also solve problems without any kind of fear. The developers basically create websites for the overall experience and for enabling a brand for connecting with others. So the developers must have this skill as this will help them to understand the reaction of the client’s target users. The emotional connection is very much important to define the future of the business. Emotion is the main thing that is responsible for determining the things required by end-users.


Professional development is very much important in the case of any field. So non-technical skills can never be avoided when you are considering the skills of developers. Today's world is very competitive and in the case of SaaS software development, it is very important that all web developers are possessing both types of skills.