Best Bot Development Frameworks for Enterprises: Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Best Bot Development Frameworks for Enterprises: Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Bots or conversational interfaces are the new buzzwords in the world of technology and custom web development services.

In the last few years, this trend has emerged effectively to revolutionize several aspects of the enterprise operations ranging from customer services to promotions to users of enhancing business automation.

Many businesses are now implementing and deploying bot and trying to empower them with Artificial Intelligence for having the ability to make faster and informed decisions.

Since bots can offer a wide range of benefits to the consumers as well as the end users enterprise app development service providers are developing software that is more productive and offer natural user expertise. The time has now come for creating the exciting and best bot frameworks that have powerful capabilities and can entice developers.

So as a provider of enterprise mobility services the developers are looking for bot frameworks that allow them to build and produce codes at a faster pace without decreasing the quality and duplicating the work.

Hence before selecting the best bot development framework for enterprises in enterprise mobility solutions do bear in mind these 10 factors:

1. Basic Robust Understanding

2. Availability of Pre-Built Entities

3. Adding New Domains, Terminology and Custom Entities

4. Comprehension of Complex Queries

5. Dynamic Entity Linking to Enterprise Systems

6. Memory and Feedback

7. Bot Story

8. Omnichannel Access

9. User Experience and Frictionless Interactions

10. Cognitive Capabilities

So when custom web development services offer to develop a bot they need to select the correct bot framework that would help the enterprise. Ere are some of the Bot development frameworks that an enterprise app development service provider can choose from for a bot.

1. Chatfuel:

Is a builder platform released in 2015 that is easy to use resources with the option of drag-and-drop. This chatbot performs the basic roles and idea for beginners in enterprise app development as it has pre-defined coded rules.

Target platform: Telegram and Facebook Messenger

2. Dialogflow:

Previously known as & Speakoit. This bot is powered with Google's expertise and machine learning and is run on Google Cloud Platform. Dailogflow gives the experience of natural conversation across multiple devices and is optimized for Google Assistant devices.

Target Platform: Alexa, Cortana, and Facebook Messenger

3. (Facebook Bot):

This Palo Alto, CA-based company and the chatbot is powered by NLP. This offers various resources like creating an engaging and scalable chatbot that can serve a different purpose. The specialty of is that it can evolve and improve by learning a human language with every interaction. Chatbots created with can support more than 50 languages and developers can use it on any SDKs.

Target Platform: Website, App, Cortana, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Facebook Messenger, and Slack

4. Microsoft Chatbot Framework:

Powered by Microsoft, Azure Bot Service offers enterprise mobility services that is scalable, can have integrated connectivity, and have development service. It helps developers to create bots that are intelligent and can be used across multiple platforms. This bot can be used across 141 countries since it provides cloud-based service and is multilingual. The development tool is arranged with Microsoft Bot Builder SDK, which can be accessed by .NET and Node.js developers.

Target Platform: Website, App, Cortana, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Facebook Messenger, and Slack

5. IBM Watson:

This bot framework is especially beneficial if a developer wants to build an AI chatbot that has the capacity to handle a complicated conversation with ease. It is primarily used for businesses and can process four terabytes of data. Hosted on a cluster of ninety IBM Power 750 servers with each being 3.5 GHz POWER7 eight-core processor.

Target Platform: Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp

6. Botsify

This is another of the easy to use bot framework in the list with a drag-and-drop option. The bot offers several free templates with which one can create a chatbot without having to write a line of code. Bostosify allows a smooth transition from bot to human and end users can avail emojis in their conversation.

Target Platform: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram

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7. Flow Xo

An enterprise app developer can create a talking bot with this bot framework a platform offered by a technology company based in England. Templates are offered for creating the bot and the functionalities can be run and tested with the built-in test console provided by the bot framework. It also has the provision of the enterprise owner to connect with the customers over chat or voice when required.

Target Platform: WhatsApp Web, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Twilio SMS


This bot framework is owned by Baidu, the search giant of China. The bot is powered with hot word detection, i.e. internet is not required, it also has semantic parsing, understanding of natural language, conversational engine and a machine learning model that is neural network powered. It has the option of drag-and-drop interface with repository tools and features. It supports a variety of cases with ease and also offers tools that can be used in building standalone chatbot for businesses.

Target Platform: Alexa, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Slack, Telegram and Twilio

9. Semantic Machines

It has platform technology that is language-independent hence can understand conversations. The conversational engine has the ability to comprehend text and speech and use it to enhance its capabilities. Due to its features, it can support a wide range of cases.

Target platform: Website, Apps Cortana, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, Slack

10. ManyChat

Packed with tools that allow chatbots to be developed with ease and fast. It has easy to use API thus allowing anyone to integrate it easily to the website. The end users of this bot can schedule posts, set up keyword auto responses, broadcast RSS feeds and such features.

Target Platform: Facebook Messenger

Before building a bot it is important to view the business objective and then decide on the framework that would suit best for the enterprise mobility solutions.