Cost And Feature To Start A Website Like eBay

10 Feb

eBay is one of the most successful names in the E-Commerce retail industry and as an E-Commerce platform, it allowed the customers to purchase or sell the goods.

To create a website like eBay, it is extremely important to understand the thumb rule of the e-commerce market and all the possible challenges that exist. Before we start how to create a website like eBay let us have an understanding of its features and how it got evolved. Earlier eBay who was known as Auction Web and over the years it has gained more fame as an expert in Retail IT Solutions has more than 178 million active users. At present, eBay has made a reputation as a multi-vendor marketplace for the customers but in simple terms, we can say that this platform allows other business owners and shoppers to purchase or sell the goods.

Similar to the other online stores, eBay allowed the people to buy or sell the goods online but it can also be sold to other customers at fixed prices or through any auction. The price categories work exactly like the marketplace where auction allows the customers to fix the starting price and customers who offer maximum price gets the product. To develop a website like eBay it is advised to choose MVP as it will provide you an option to validate your idea initial stage and you can also get feedback from the customers by making certain improvements. Let us learn about them in-depth.

Features to be included in the eCommerce websites

There are various options available when it comes to B2B eCommerce app development and you can easily choose any of the models for building your website. The only difference is that the model can have an impact on the software which is to be used on the coding type moreover everything else is quite similar. In the big picture, revenue generated from this model can also affect your website. Let us learn about the features which are required to build a website like eBay.

Secure the payment mode-

While creating any Retail IT Solutions it is important to choose a secure and protected payment gateway. There are many examples where personal data gets stolen or corrupted. For the customer who wants to develop websites like eBay, the payment gateway options must necessarily involve advanced security features. You can consider some of the options like-

  • Stripe- it is a customizable, quick and secure payment gateway that allowed the business platforms to easily view the data and analytics in real-time. Users can also get an instant to refine or improve operations to increase their growth and effectiveness. 
  • This gateway was created to assist in small or medium Custom software development services including the extensive list of multiple features like mobile payment, fraud detection suite, checks and so on.

Communication medium-

While creating a website like eBay you have to make sure to provide a reliable communication medium to the buyers and sellers. Sometimes a customer expects to receive updated information all the time regarding the products or services or it is also possible that the seller might not be sure with the deal. Hence such websites must include an integrated chatting service or any customer service helpline where any party with doubts can leave a message for assistance. While creating a website like eBay it is important that the communication system is safe, responsive and quick.

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Visualization and marketing tools-

This is one of the most crucial segments which any Best web development company can never miss as it provides the users to make the purchase based upon photos. The website must essentially be accustomed to the visuals of multiple qualities. It must be capable to be optimized and support the uploading of various files that can be displayed for the user's convenience. Before advertising the product you have to keep in mind to provide multiple pictures regarding the same and once you have created a site, advertising gives fine touch to it. The best way to do it tips to utilize automated email marketing tools. Some of the essential tools which you can consider are-

  • Mailchimp- This tool allows the users to send drip emails to get the updates of follow-up based upon the activities of abandoned carts, inactivity, etc. it also has a number double integration options and All-in-One solutions for inbounding the campaigns.
  • Mailerlite- This tool allows the users with a dragon drop feature where they can easily set up incredible marketing campaigns in a few minutes. It also provides the personalization of segments to automate the campaign.
  • Constant contact- For a large number of advertising strategies in Website development services this tool is the best.

Get an idea with the website build up like eBay

The development of multiple applications in the E-Commerce retail industry and other segments has remained a great help for the business platforms who do not intend to disintegrate their budget and time accommodating the activities required for the build-up. E-Commerce websites like eBay facilitate the online purchase of goods and deliver the product as per your confirmed. The cherry on the top is online payments through which you can get the product at your doorstep without investing any effort. Applications like this enable the customers or sellers to gain access with absolute convenience to the world's biggest marketplace.

Hence if you are planning to build an application similar to eBay then always have your approach clear and show the users what you have in store. You can include great offers, promotions, hot items, amazing deals or some recommendations that any customer cannot trust. The website must be enjoyable and give their customers an opportunity to purchase or sell at their comfort and at their homes as various Custom software development services emphasize the same.

This type of website always makes sure to provide regular updates to their customers and notifies them to grab the perfect deal awesome of the real or hard to find items easily. With the features of notifications and pop up the users remind up to date on all deals and activities which are undertaken by the website. You can include multiple features to help the users like search, purchase or sell the eBay handle and all the activities. Some other features which you can consider including are-

  • To make a bid and purchase without actually leaving the application
  • To list and sell all the items and products
  • To monitor the purchase or deal you have made at the platform
  • Share the purchased or favorite items with other users
  • to resolve any issues and other information related queries
  • To give ratings and comments

How much does it cost to build Website development services like eBay?

The overall cost of starting a website just like eBay is dependent upon multiple factors like the features, quotations of the development company and if the product is to be created from scratch or not. In the below-mentioned segment, you will find a roughly estimated timeline for developing this website-

  • Project management takes 340 hours
  • The business analysis takes 446 hours
  • UX designing takes 570 hours
  • UI designing takes 730 hours
  • Quality assurance takes nearly 570 hours
  • Html or CSS development takes 790 hours
  • Front end development requires a minimum of 1120 hours
  • Backend development requires a minimum of 1900 hours

Altogether you can consider that in order to develop the MVP of a platform you might require roughly 6560 hours for the platform like eBay (from scratch). The cost for building the website depends upon the hourly rates in most of the cases for any development company you are entrusting to build up. Hence the rates differ from region to region where the average hourly rate is as follows-

  • Central or Western Europe $45
  • Scandinavia $43
  • The Baltic States $25
  • Eastern Europe $27
  • Ukraine $26

Hence multiplying the overall time estimation with hourly rates you can have an idea with the development cost.

Is it possible to create a website on my own?

You might have heard of area successful e-commerce websites just like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and the name goes on. The trading analysts of the business suggest that this type of website has a feature in common which is they provide the associated individuals with equal profits and space. There might be the most obvious question in your mind and the answer to "can I start a website like eBay on my own" is here. At present eBay operates in more than 25 countries, including China and India as there huge is a marketplace. Imagine what if you can break the segments into small steps then the ultimate gold to build a stable marketplace will be more real. It follows the steps like-

  • Building the platform- the first step for any B2B eCommerce app development is to hire the best and professional software developers of the industry. They will help you get the most specialized solution but if you cannot find such specialists or you have a tight budget then you can consider having the marketplace builder solutions.
  • Designing- this is an incredible feature to be considered because how good a website is if the visuals cannot lure the customer to come back again and again. If you are building the website from MVP then it is a good option because it provides all the necessary features by default like the neutral visual theme, functional script, and support for all the external links and so on. To serve this purpose you can prefer any open-source plug-in medium to make your website more recognizable. 

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  • Promotional events- once the development is done one of the hardest event starts which is to attract potential buyers and sellers for your platform. For this, you can make your website more understandable, reliable and most importantly profitable. The website must be capable to become the first choice for the marketplace alternatives giving a tough fight to the common ones.

To overcome some of the common troubles this segment, you can try to create optimal conditions for the shoppers for customers associated with their platform. You can also prioritize of mutual benefit of the associated individuals and provide them a platform as a foundation for their success and stability in the marketplace. If you cannot do it on your own then plenty of the Best web development company is at your disposal.


Additional information to make a marketplace

Founded in the year 1995, eBay has become one of the most prominent shopping platforms at present which has specialization in selling for purchasing a wide range of goods and services. Some of the sponsored products and services include decorative arts, automation, baby safety, and health care, motors, books, cameras, shoes and accessories, cell phones, electronics and gadgets, sporting goods, toys, clothing and everything else you can think of. But what makes it different from other websites? The answer is it includes the third party vendors along with the fixed price goods and services. They have also included two different forms of selling and purchasing like b2c and c2c online services. It provides the selling of goods in three different terms as-

  • Fixed price- in this mode the seller offers the goods at a fixed price and the customers who agreed to pay the same will get the product. This function goes just like any other marketplace. 

  • Online auction- this is one of the most incredible features which has made the success of eBay so prominent. In this mode, the shopper sets the starting price of the goods along with the duration of the bid. Any of the interested buyers can make a bet on the price and it goes on until the final bet is made. The product finally goes to the person who has agreed to pay the largest amount.
  • Advertising formats- in this mode the seller develops the advertisements shown in the eBay shop section of the platform and the items showcase in these advertisements can be sold without any time limit.