Developers seek other forms of help before talking to coworkers

Developers seek other forms of help before talking to coworkers

It is 2019 and technology has turned way more advanced than it was 10 years back.

Be it how users interact with the World Wide Web or how businesses leverage the tech world for its growth, things have been changing significantly. And this rapid growth in technology may add amazement for the users but also adds responsibility on the shoulders of the developers.

Software developers, as well as mobile application developers today, are in a constant race to maintain the pace with the rising technology and also to be among the best. Businesses today hire web developers based on their expertise with the latest technology trends. And this surely creates a pressure on the developers to be the best in their field. But, one concern that has been observed with developers is that they don’t readily communicate to their fellow teammates readily when they face an issue with their development.

Let us take a look at what options developers opt for before they have to talk to their co-workers for any development concern:

Raising Concern on Developer’s Forum –

Today, internet is a vast valley of information and this information is not only for users but for developers as well. There are a huge number of social forums running on the World Wide Web and some of these forums are dedicated to the development tasks. Here various developers discuss the practical queries they face while development and other developers can write answer to these queries. It is one of the main options explored by developers for solving their queries without the help of their co-workers or seniors. Developer’s forum are generally very active in solving real-life programming problems and can be relied upon in the long run as well.

Help From The Dedicated Community –

Each development language has its own community of developers or makers that actually manages the programming language or the framework. This dedicated community is responsible for all the updates in that development language and the minor upgrades as well. With this, this dedicated community is built to support the developers to use the specific language or framework intuitively. The developer can raise his queries here; he can opt for the various development tools and resources in the resource library of the community. With this, there is a list of third-party features, list of themes, and other development tools to help the developer to make his asks easy and practice resourceful development.

A developer community is closely followed by top app development companies to keep updated with the latest advancements and upgrades in the field. With this, the development community lists down solutions to general queries that the developers may come across while performing development tasks. Most of the web development languages and frameworks have an active community that manages it and therefore the developers can totally rely on it for solutions regarding their problems. However, some communities are just for sharing updates and don’t provide the best of development support when you need it urgently.

Through Internet and Books –

Internet is an incomparable information library that never fails to offer the best solutions to each of user queries. Same is the case with development queries, a developer can happily rely on the World Wide Web for resolving his development queries and learning a development language or framework. There are various companies and institutes that offer online as well as offline courses for developers as well to learn specific development languages and frameworks.

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These courses can be paid as well as free, depending on the provider. And new developers spend their more time on the internet to learn and polish their development skills instead of learning it directly through their seniors and co-workers. This is mainly due to the hesitation and insecurities they feel while discussing their queries with a co-worker or a senior. With this, most of the developers are in a constant phase of learning while they work as a programmer and therefore, they have their own list of study material and books which they carry along and use as a reference when they are stuck in their development practice.

Opting for Trial and Error Tricks –

Whether you opt for top website development services or hire web developers who are just beginners, you need to know that development is somewhat a hit & try game. Here each custom project has its own individual challenges and scope and the developers need to use their expertise smartly to hit and try and deliver the best solutions that exactly matches the desired project functionality. And therefore, in cases where a developer is stuck at some point in the development work, he follows the hit & trial method to find the perfect solution or a solution very close to the desired one. However, this hit & trial practices decrease with experience as a developer develops an expertise in his field by working on various projects over the years.

With this, this method may often help a developer to learn better, but can be time consuming and result in delaying the project timelines. Therefore, it is not recommended and the developers are motivated to take help from their co-workers as well as their seniors. Many top app development companies try to create a culture where the developers don’t feel an insecurity and hesitation in asking their queries freely (without being frowned upon) to their seniors as well as co-workers. With this, many companies hire a dedicated training & development team, just to make sure that its resources are up to the mark and can learn and polish their development skills.

Learning Platforms Including Youtube –

As said earlier, there are various institutes and organisations who provide online and offline courses that can be opted by beginners to learn development as well as resolve their queries. One such platform is YouTube, which originally is a social media platform that covers all types of content. The community is growing significantly and many institutes and organisations raise their free tutorial videos and study materials on YouTube for free to help users to benefit from them. With the wide popularity of YouTube today, a developer can also find solutions to his queries on the app and the platform is often sorted by developers for development queries.

Above are some of the most common forms of help a developer seek before he asks help or discusses his query with a co-worker or a senior. However, none of these forms offer as prompt solution as a co-worker or senior can offer and that is why web developers as well as mobile app developers are motivated to raise their queries confidently in an organisation. This could help speed up the development task as well as improve the quality of solutions developed. Working as a team is what top website development services are about!