Google Go app, a lightweight version of the standard Google app is now available to all Android users globally

Google Go app, a lightweight version of the standard Google app is now available to all Android users globally

Recently Google has released its lightweight Google Go search application having compatibility for all the Android users globally.

It has gradually enhanced Android app development services by helping users with better mobile connections. At present this application is available for all the Android users on Play Store.

The Google Go application is designed for the emerging platforms as the users usually struggle with poor connection on limited storage, hence in the hierarchy of these application features have been included to benefit the users. Even the Android app development companies are utilizing their features for improvising their efficiencies. It has been downloaded around 100 million times from the Google Play Store which clearly depicts that it is achieving success.

It is remarkable to note that this application is around 7 MB in size and some amazing features are included here like allowing the users to translate or read the text through the phone's camera and lens. Its size helps to perform effectively even if you have a poor or unreliable connection.

The feature of read-out-loud is also provided for the users who are willing to listen to a text and highlighting it ‘being read’. In order to save the storage, it highlights the web version of renowned applications so that users can easily neglect the download of its whole package. Other lightweight applications of Go apps include files Go, Google Assistant Go, YouTube Go, and Gmail Go. Android app development services superimpose the optimized versions of the services of Chrome, Gboard and Google Play.


A few years ago this application was launched in the selected markets only but now it has been made available for all the Android users globally. At present, the technical giants are emphasizing custom mobile app development in order to provide the data-friendly application to the users globally.

As it consumes less space it makes sure that the phone "remains steady" if you are surfing the web in the geographical areas with low internet connectivity. If the connection goes down then this application remembers the last research and place and once you get back into the network it retrieves the search results instantly.

The most remarkable feature which is constantly being noticed is "lens" which secures around 100 KB on the phone. This enables the user to use the Google go application in order to read the texts which are visible to them or to translate them into multiple other languages. Let us learn some more-

  • Google Go was launched in the year 2017 by Google in the selected markets
  • At present Google is launching the same application for all the Android users globally
  • Google go will include the features of lens and the same functionality which was introduced in the year 2019 at I/O.

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Understanding with Google go

In the year 2017 Google has launched Oreo-based Android Go which supports the devices in the range between 512 MB to 1 GB RAM. This lightweight application included a part of the suite of application which is designed in order to provide stability in the emerging development platforms. The ultimate version of this application is to cater to the "next billion users". Also, it was designed to provide accessibility to the users online as well as in the world around them. It has also launched key Google apps having incredible features to help users with storage and scripting the data.

How exactly does Google go performs

The reason for which Google goes lightweight application is designed is to make sure that the developing countries can easily access its utilities. Also, it has been prioritized that the Mobile application Development Company does not face any obstacle.

It is noticeable here that Google has backed the smart feature phone operating system which has its accessibility over the devices like Nokia 8110, this has the features of maps, YouTube, Assistant and Google search install in it by default. Google go search applications have empowered the Android user’s functionality as it shrinks the application package in just 7 MB.

With the announcement that Google Go application is available for all the Android users globally, it has reached the maximum accessibility. As earlier, it was available for fewer countries only. It has not only boosted the custom mobile app development but has also provided incredibility in android development. Android users can get access to this lighter version regardless of their geographical location or respective device.

For the downloading, you just have to click the application’s page on Google Store. This application is smaller yet productive and powerful as it contains lots of features and tools. This altogether covers the regular Google app, translator, search and lens. In this application, specific functions are simplified in a manner to extend their functionality and their wireless data in order to function properly.

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It is accessible to the Android user’s lollipop or its successors all across the world. It has been considered that users with the latest smartphones, reliable internet connectivity or oodles of storage can use Google go without any hurdle. The reason which makes it suitable for mobile application Development Company is that it requires less RAM and mobile data for functioning. With these features, you can easily pick up from the point where you left initially. It is important to understand that Google go is less powerful as compared to the standard Google app but still, you can access a lot of features with it.

All together this helps you to identify multiple objects in real-time and the real world. Also, the application can read the website's cloud using a combination of artificial intelligence and multiple language processing.

What is it with the lightweight Android App?

Google Go is way better than most of a substitute offered by the standard Google Go application. There are a number of reasons which make it a "must-have for everyone" and especially for the users having an underpowered internet connection. If you are among the ones willing to save the storage on your phone then you must definitely consider Google go.

This Google goes light version is a part of a number of go-branded applications launched by Google which are concerned to help the emerging platforms. It has been aimed to provide Android app Development Company a robust medium for functioning. The list of applications included under it is gallery go, Gmail Go, Android Go and many more.


Google Go app received a rollout last year in Asia and ultimately it has captured the spotlight this year at I/O, finally it got a formal announcement to buy Google on Tuesday where it was stated that Google Go is the new lightweight search application which comes in 7mb offering a wide range of features for most of the devices.

Google go application enables to user to use minimum space on the device and works extremely well even in the presence of unreliable network connection. It also offers to listen to any of the webpage instants of actually reading the findings. This feature helps the user to go along with the words which are highlighted as they read which is extremely helpful if someone is performing multitasking and does not have enough time to go for everything specifically.