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Google play store policy update: Impact of the policy on existing and new developers

Google play store is an online marketplace where we can get access to several different kinds of apps.

These apps are provided to us with free usage and some with paid usage. It is basically supported by Google itself. It was launched by Google in the year 2008. They supervise the apps in their store and do check their quality and public response on it.

It is a big store where you can get apps related to social media, games, news and current affairs, online flight and train ticket apps, live TV apps and many more that we may require for different needs.

Now, as there are too many apps in the store it is necessary that the quality test of the apps should be done to proceed with the apps further development. Because amongst these many apps there can be some malicious apps also that can be harmful for the users. The mobile app development cost with all these tests and analysis is been raised for the developers.

Because there are often cases you come to know that your account is being hacked or your data is been stolen, so all these consequences are sometimes related to these apps that you get in the store. Because the hackers what they do is prepare a malicious app that too a resemblance to any new existing app and with the help of that existing app trusted popularity they target their victims.

They actually run in the front end the page that is actually a look-alike of the existing app web page but behind they run their own server and when you are visiting their page where they want you to then by doing that you just give them access to your data, in fact, your own PC. So, the users these days are not so sure about the apps in the play store. They actually have their team to help with custom android application development.

So now Google has taken a significant step where they need to test the security and analyze it very sincerely with more time taken by them before introducing them to the users or before downloading it from the platform.

Time consumed by Google for testing an app in the play store

Quality check of an app before introducing it to their platform where the users will be downloading and using the services of the app is really necessary at the initial stage so that anything that is being shared on their platform and with the users it should be safe and secured without any scam or any malicious app.

It is necessary to understand what services the app is providing and if there is any resemblance of the same app with any different name of a company or manufacturer. This task must be done by Google itself. Because when users find something in the play store they think it is safe and secured and so it is on this platform. So, it is Google's responsibility to keep their customer trust intact with them.

Initially, Google used to review the apps by doing an initial test and analysis beforehand. Like when the app is introduced in this platform, then within 24 hours of submission of the app, it is being supervised and checked for any bugs or scam issues. Also, whichever apps are been introduced in this platform require approval by Google. Any android mobile app thinking to launch their app in the play store and do some business by providing their services to the users used to get approved by Google within 2 hours. The application which used to have explicit content usually used to take a longer time for approval by Google.

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These all safety measures were taken by Google previously but after the cases of witnessed malicious apps on their platform, they decided to take a critical step for assuring further safety for the users.

On the basis of the new app review policy, the time taken for approval and quality test of the apps has increased. They will be running the test for at least three days to test every aspect of the app, how it runs, to know about the developers and registration. So that the users do not get any kind of stress while installing any app from the play store with full security.

Impact of the new policy on the new and existing developers

The changes in the reviewing policy of the android apps in the play store have brought vital changes for the new and also the existing developers.

But for the existing developers who are basically android app development company, it is still somewhat manageable. As the existing developers, they already have other apps in the store which is running at ease and so the trust is already built-in them as in their existing apps they have no malicious factor and also have trusted public reviews.

So when Google provides the developers with a deadline for the app submission without any issues the time given to the existing developers can be little less in comparison to the new developers. The mobile application development company that is run by the existing developers has to run through the test and then it will be launched in the platform.

Whereas in the case of the new developers, as they are new to the platform and have no authenticity build on their aspects so the approval time can be longer for them. Also, Google sometimes provides the developer a particular time period for the app delivery or submission and if the time is shorter than what they actually require and that too without any malwares then the new developers can have a real problem.

In conclusion, Google has really taken a critical step for developing secured apps for the users in the play store without any malware or any malicious apps. These results in an increase in the authenticity of the users or the customers visiting the store.

Also, the access to our computers and our data, will not be that easy now as the protection or say the barriers that withstand with the support of Google are reliable and durable.