How Can AI & Blockchain Be Employed To Enhance Mobile UX

How Can AI & Blockchain Be Employed To Enhance Mobile UX

Every brand across industries is trying to harness the most out of the technologies that are available on their table. Some of those technologies are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Internet of things, and many more. These technologies are assisting in developing more sustainable solutions, providing improved services and also helping to streamline the operations. More recently, they have begun to widely enhance the manner in which users are interacting with devices (especially smart phones and their applications).

Let’s tap into the user experience of mobile users and how it can be transformed by employing disruptive technologies such as AI and Blockchain.

Blockchain & UX

Blockchain along with its decentralized capabilities holds the potential to revolutionize the industrial landscape in unimaginable ways. It can ensure transparency of operations and also can reduce the friction within the ecosystem of businesses. CIOs of major brands are now considering Blockchain development as one of their new possibilities to improve the UI and UX for engaging with their customers on mobile.

Let’s discuss few primary benefits of Blockchain on Mobile Apps:

Security of Transactions

Agree or not, custom software development services are utilizing blockchain for improving the security of their software and applications. Digital market possesses many giant e-commerce businesses, who request their consumers to complete transactions online. While talking about online transactions, the first thing that hits your mind is its ‘security’. Blockchain is well known for one of its prime features, security, with which it can render secure transactions without the involvement of any third parties. It would undoubtedly add on to the reliability quotient of any brand.

Content/Data Security

With blockchain, the companies can avoid violation of copyright laws by easing out the process of tracing the original source of content. In fact, blockchain can even find out the source of the hacked copy. Now, isn’t that one experience that user would opt for!

Direct Communication

If the businesses who perform on mobile apps leverage blockchain technology for facilitating direct communication among their consumers, they can save themselves a lot of time and storage space. As the necessity of saving the personal data of each and every user or stakeholder would be eliminated by blockchain’s private and public encrypted keys.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & UX

Customers across the globe are in a constant quest of receiving a seamless user experience when associating themselves with a brand. Their expectations from the brands are to receive spectacular customer service and a user-friendly platform. To fulfill such requirements of modern customers, businesses are now investing and employing new technologies such as AI to improve their user experiences.

Let’s discuss leading benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Mobile Apps:


Chatbots - the virtual assistants for users are currently ruling the user experience field. Almost all brands are investing to employ a chatbot. Be it a food delivery brand or a banking firm, chatbots have become a common part of their websites and mobile applications. Capgemini, in one of its surveys reported that customer satisfaction level is increased by at least 10% for 75% of companies who have employed AI-powered chatbots to deal with their customers.

Emotion AI

You must have heard of facial recognition! Emotion AI is a relatively new field which combines a facial recognition software with machine learning (ML) algorithms and data to analyze, examine and categorize the emotional responses to numerous stimuli. It assists brands in creating a more effective brand campaign, promotional pictures, and advertising content for their products or services.


Automation with AI is improving the standards of UI and UX. Be it the introduction of drones, self-driving cars, or online translation software, users have been amazed by the way automation has improved the quality of service or product they have received. AI-powered Automation is generally utilized to detect potential problems or improve quality standards by performing a task repeatedly.


Nearly a decade back, blockchain was only known for its decentralized currency Bitcoin and artificial intelligence was thought of to be highly complex for distributed applications. Now, here we’re discussing how utilizing these two technologies in our mobile applications can help us enhance the user experience.

The technologies are evolving and hence their evolution must be harnessed for enhancing the way consumers interact with a brand on the digital platform. From the details discussed above, we can say that blockchain and AI can offer limitless opportunities to enhance the UX. Now, it's up to the companies and intellectual minds to bring out the best from these technologies. Every mobile application development company must leverage these immersive technologies that are continually providing a platform to win the loyalty of customers.

Every technological innovation can shift itself into a booming business. In the end, the primary objective of nearly all the innovation is to improve the user experience and make the life of consumer easier than before.