How Much You Can Earn Through Dating Apps And How Much Investment Required

How Much You Can Earn Through Dating Apps And How Much Investment Required

The mobile app industry ultimately has a lot to earn and make profits and the most important thing is this is not just for developers but application owners can also count on profits.

You can refer it to be a goldfish offering multiple money-making chances. Surfacing the same thought here we will find the answer to the burgeoning question related to how to make coins from the application and how to indulge Online Dating Portal Development in the same segment? Let us proceed with the relevant facts and statistics to have a clear idea.

If you already own an application but looking for building potential and unique apps to make enough profits then you can correct it because it's not too late to make modifications. At present plenty of smart devices making scenes to a large number of people which makes it absolute to consider them for your upcoming projects.

What about the business of love is so exciting?

As per the market research, the On-Demand App Development Services have reached a certain height as compared to the previous years where the youth is continuing to use such services in abundance. It is also interesting to observe some sources indicating the same revenue and growth in the industry which might increase to 30% by 2021. Integration of dating applications can provide the maximum chargeable features which are an irreplaceable strategy through which you can earn the most revenue. You can follow this technique if you are looking for building such an application to make maximum money.

The revenue of dating apps is amazing

Most of the online dating application development services are obtaining higher preference among people because they make the most of money every second. The more appealing the application you can count the profits. This is the reason for which they are designed with an impressive layout along which feature-rich kit. Let us have a brief of some very popular dating apps.

Tinder dating app- In an online dating app, it is one of the top-grossing applications which is appealing to millions of users globally. It has an unleashing variety and different ways of giving dating opportunities to the people along with its unique features that can be purchased through the app purchases.Β 

What's the catch- The application might be amazing and free to download but whenever the individuals cross a certain level they have to charge money to get additional features. It also charges $9.99 for a month and for the uses of plus subscription $14.99 for the gold upgrade.

The features you can then have are-

  • Unlimited likes
  • 5 super likes every day
  • You can rewind last swipe
  • One boost everyday
  • Passport feature (this will let you swipe all across the world)

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Bumble dating app- Yet again the widely loved and accepted Online Dating Portal Development that promotes the communication between the interested users. It is more known as women-centric or giving more power to women because only females are allowed to initiate the conversation with their match. For this specific application app development has an amazing role.Β 

With suitable filters, you can also find relationships or just make friends without the intention of dating them. Bumble plan $24.99 per month and some of its chargeable features include-

  • You can see the matches that get right swipes on your profile
  • You can extend the matches by 24 hours
  • You can rematch them after the expired session

What does it cost?

While taking a reference from tinder its variances Mobile Application development company can provide you with the cost entirely based upon the complexity and functions of the application. For instance,Β the basic Android application for an iOS application that will cost you around $50 to $55 k along with the average hourly rates from Eastern rates of $50.

If you want to build the applications for both of the platforms simultaneously then your budget can easily strike to $100k. Remember if you are providing online dating On Demand App Development Services there are fair chances for you to earn a maximum amount in the same segment.

What else is needed?

What makes online dating apps distinct and preferable from the competent? The answer to this most obvious question is the quality and design of the application which attracts the users most. Users on dating apps do not like to swipe too much or spend a lot of time trying to search for the people. Hence it is the duty of online dating application development services to do their part and provide a user-friendly interface to the users. Before investing for such an application you have to duly concerned about delivering a supreme user experience which refers to the UI or UX design.

Under a great facade, it must also have some of the thought out options for clicks that can provide supreme experience to users. Though it might sound easy you have to consider the most important in your investment. The process to make such an application goes one by one and you can take a look at the below-mentioned break down for tinder application. This is the basic functionality of the application for which the developers have to deliver the same under the time limit.

  • Authorization- 22 hours
  • GPS location - 7 hours
  • Communication- 125 hours
  • Settings- 60 hours
  • User profile- 85 hours
  • Match functioning- 90 hours
  • Notification- 25 hours


In order to earn maximum as a Mobile Application development company for building dating applications, you might require a certain budget. While it totally depends upon the set of features that you are likely to include and you will get an estimate to build the feature-rich dating application.

Dating apps are really trending and you cannot decline their stand at present. In the world of unlimited mobile app monetization and strategies, you can definitely implement any one of them to make money through them. So is the deal with online dating apps in real.