iOS 14 Latest Upcoming Changes In Live Wallpaper, App Drawer New AR And More

iOS 14 Latest Upcoming Changes In Live Wallpaper, App Drawer New AR And More

Usually, Apple does not disclose its software updates especially for iPhone until July but considering a deluge of some rumors that claim to offer a comprehensive look of its next planning it can be said that the next operating version will be iOS 14.

This can possibly reshape the significant updates and will also bring changes in features like the home screen, augmented reality and a lot more. 

Lately, a website has also claimed to have viewed the codes of the updates revealing that new software features and hardware products will stir the artificial intelligence programming and other services of Apple. There is everything you need to know about the latest updates and features presented by iOS 14-

  • Apple's iOS 14 is capable of including a collection of changes and it will have nice applications for augmented reality, health, and fitness, new home screen, mouse support following the leaks from 9 to 5 Mac and MacRumours.
  • Apple's iOS 14 has various improvisations which are done over iMessage and Apple pencil with the latest software update.
  • Apple will also make certain modifications in its own applications along with dealing with the stage for the latest areas of interest.

Get a closet of what we are expecting from iOS 14 custom ios app development

Apple has some plans to introduce a list of features that can allow users to perform a variety of functions easily. For instance, iOS will enable them to view installed applications on their system in a list format. As per the codes seen by 9 to 5Mac, there are plenty of sorting options provided to the users for sorting them easily. There is also an interesting thing that a general version of all these features already exists in the Apple Watch. This is highly significant in custom ios app development. The same report claims that Apple will be hosting third party wallpapers collection along with the introduction of various categories with that so that users can actively sort them. Let us go through some other features as well.

  1. Fitness application

As per MacRumors Apple will be launching its fitness application which can possibly work across the Apple watches, iPhones, and Apple TV with absolute efficiency. This application can also help users with its guided workout program with the help of visual and videos on the devices. People can learn the health regime programs through step by step workout. This application will also be available for free and it will have a name "fitness" or "fit".

  1. New home screen layout

The traditional look of the iPhone home screen has exponentially changed over the last few years but the overall layout has left unchanged for good. With the launch of iOS 14, it is expected that the software will include the option for applications to be viewed in a list format. The mobile owners can also filter the application based on this list for any specific conditions like the applications which may have unread notifications or when they have recently been used. And if that's true then it can also have an impact on cross-platform app development services.

  1. iMessage features

Apple is also planning to introduce various new features to its iMessage with the help of iOS 14. This may have an ability to undo or unsend the text message, typing indicators so that group messages can be passed easily. Lastly, it will have a feature through which the users can tag other members for the group chat.

  1. Handwritten Apple pencil notes 

Apple is making consistent efforts in order to boost its Apple pencil value and categorize it with a note-taking tool with the help of iOS 14. The platform has also developed a variety of features that allow the users to instantly write in the text field with the help of Apple pencil which can automatically convert the text into the expected typed words. Following the MacRumors, it is believed that this feature will potentially work across Apple applications including the messages, emails, notes and so on. With the help of this feature, the ios app developers can add multiple compatible features to their own applications as well.

  1. HomeKit updates

Apple can provide a few tweaks enabling smart light options for its home kit platform in iOS 14. Apple will also add a support feature that can significantly make it possible to shift the temperature match as per the natural light coming from outside through all the connected lights throughout the day. It will also have a built-in camera that can get quick updates regarding the system to identify people.

  1. Maximum accessibility

Apple is adding a variety of accessibility features with iOS 14 and particularly targeted to facilitate the users with hearing aids. This will enable them to detect some sounds including fire alarms, crying babies, doorbells and other such that can instantly alert them. This also includes the ability to detect gestures easily.

  1. Augmented reality 

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook has been making various announcements regarding augmented reality and its potential to have an impact over mobile app development services in the coming years. The iOS 14 provide insights regarding Apple's vision where the company is developing multiple augmented reality applications that allow other users to learn about various products or items in retail settings. This can be done easily by pointing the iPhone device which is quite similar to the Google lens or the Bixby vision of Samsung. Maybe, Apple is trailing this feature with the help of Starbucks.

  1. Non-Apple wallpaper

It enables the user to access third party visuals and wallpapers directly with the help of the Settings menu. Recently Apple provides a collection of wallpaper which includes dynamic, still, and live options where the user can easily pick a picture from their camera roll. But iOS 14 can provide various options that are not even made by apple.

  1. Mouse Support

Apple will be earning mouse support to its devices through its iPhone application development company units and offering the solution with iOS 14. This is a crucial step that enables the iPad to be used with its productivity. Maybe the system will have a wide mouse cursor that can deliver an equivalent experience as of using a mouse. However, it is not sure that this feature will be available for iPad because its a software accessibility feature that allows the user to use a mouse (as a pointing device). But it does not actually simulate the real experience of a mouse to which people are accustomed.

Apple iOS 14 will reduce AR friction

Augmented reality is looking for enhancing mass market sales and getting off the site. There are fewer confidence signals which can ensure the longevity of the sector and this includes the mega-investment by the tech giants. All of them can make it happen and generate the revenue for bright spots but the actual reflection will come into the picture when they will bring augmented reality to cross platform app development established habits. Ultimately it's only about reducing the friction by collaborating with users and aligning with their comfort and cognition. Apple iOS 14 can make AR more accessible and it has already gone to the extent with the AR kit. This feature can democratize augmented reality where the actual approach means that users can still pass the hoops to access it easily.

AR lite and mobile app development services 

The code of Apple's iOS indicates a feature named the Gobi which is a visual search feature that allows the users to pinpoint the objects and contextualize them revealing all the possible information about them. This picture will start on turf on the products of Apple stores which can display QR codes. Its last segment is the key as the Apple platform has a physical footprint in order to prompt the users to activate augmented reality segments. Throughout the AR field, the market-based AR is comparatively less sophisticated and it can prompt the users to ultimately experience the technology at the same time when they need a quick reminder with artificial intelligence programming.

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 iOS 14 can consider consumer traction and emphasize on AR. The platform has observed that the efficient form of AR can make it seamless and it also includes the segments that can not only reduce the friction but can also offer easily accessible services through it.

More for the ios app developers

Apple platform has been promoting its iPhone marketing campaigns for a while and it has also expanded the recent iPhone contests. The iOS 14 may also include Alipay support to facilitate Apple pay. As a part of its work, Apple is also developing unique applications that allow the users to access maximum information using AR experience on the device. As per the codes confirmed by 9to5Mac, it is believed that Apple will allow users to set wallpapers from third parties as well. 

The website has been all about Apple's testing all the features with its built-in wallpapers which possess light notes and can toggle it automatically with bright or ambient lights. Apple will also provide information about map services and genius bar services at Apple stores. Every latest version of iOS definitely includes a unique application, similarly, iOS 14 will be no different. The largest edition of this library will be an augmented reality app.

Apple is already working on the updates of its operating systems which can run on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. There are still a few months to go until Apple releases iOS 14 but the test version of the software has already been leaked. This provides a general idea regarding the expectations from the software but still, it has some hidden features which cannot be predicted. Somehow, the key features of the software have been unveiled in this article. Now let us go through some notable features included in this-

  • Voice synthesizers- Apple platform is exploring multiple ways of allowing developers to formulate custom voice synthesizers on its operating system with the help of the latest framework known as Voice provider. The extension of the synthesizers can be bundled up with many applications from the app store and then, they can be used for successfully replacing the default speech voice which is also a feature having the potential for languages and dialects which are not supported by apple.
  • Third-party pack- Apple is planning to launch support for a third party pack with its operating system. This will enable the developers as well as users to create custom wallpaper options for their devices. Apple platform is also implementing the categories for wallpaper which can allow users to easily sort through the available options.

  • Accessibility updates- iOS 14 will include lots of accessibility updates and features like the detection of sound for the users who might be dealing with hearing problems. It includes the sound of a fire alarm, doorbell, knocks and so on.

Expected features

It is highly expected that iOS 14 will have a support system for 5G Technology. As 5G technology is still early in the game and so is the reason for the mobile tarriers to not refer to it as built on their networks. However, this has not limited the iPhone application development company to release the 5G support devices having a premium price tag option. There are speculations that Siri will also get updated this year. 

Over the last few years, Apple has remarkably improvised its artificial intelligence assistance and now the iPhone users are expecting the platform to provide third-party access as well. The user’s watch list also contains a feature in which taking directly inserts the link in emails without copy-pasting the entire document. This feature will easily stand from the business standpoint and maximum users will use the devices to serve the purpose. Apple can consider it including this feature in their email application for third party email applications.

Apple iOS 14 can also provide augmented reality features to its users. The beta version of the software is still to arrive but it leads to a version that has trickled out the situation long before. This includes improving multitasking and the ability to set default applications on our own. In the list of its features, there are various points to be covered. 

Compatibility support

Apple's iOS 14 is speculated to be compatible with a list of phones and IOS 13 platform. This includes-

  • iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus
  • iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus
  • iPhone x
  • iPhone XR, XS, XS Max
  • iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, Promax

The previous version of the software has little sketch applications and in between the initial release of the software, there were around 8 updates that were forced to iOS 13 all across the world. These updates include a lot of issues like visual glitches, the crash of the application, missing features and so on. The recent version of the operating system presents a better idea regarding relevant coverage on the previous errors.

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The iPhone owners are making demands with the features and types. The leaked codes have helped us to get an idea regarding the insight iOS 11. The biggest concern for developers is that the drop-down notification can mimic the lock screen which is actually a design decision that users also find irrelevant. No one wants the options of time and date to consume a big portion of the notifications especially when the operating system can display it by default on the top right. 

The operating system will be making various modifications with redesigning the notification system and this will offer transparent drop-down access to the notifications.

Release date of iOS 14

Apple has made an announcement that will be moving to the annual WWDC event through an online window and it has not revealed the exact date of the event. Considering the recent health situation the platform has decided to hold the event or not and possibly it will be held in the first half of June at San Jose. WWDC is a mega event that attracts more than 5000 people and it also benefits the local businesses. 

Keeping this issue in mind Apple is expected to release the official version of the software along with iPad 14 at its annual event this year in June. Developers are also trying to get their hands best on the version as early as they can. The release of iOS 13 created confusion because the platform released it with iOS 13 beta 9. Giving a break from this it is more difficult to predict the beta release schedules for the iOS 14 release.


In this article, we have included updates of Apple's iOS 14 which has not been officially confirmed and released but its leaked version is available. Apple has duly concerned the features of iOS 14 under the hood so that the official version of the operating system can reshape previous fixes. This may include scaring back the unique features of the application which can otherwise squeeze the updates.