List Of Top Trending Must-have Features Of Real Estate App

List Of Top Trending Must-have Features Of Real Estate App

Mobile app development has become an inseparable part of businesses that work in dealing with customer data and serving customers.

There are numerous organizations worldwide that have experienced a significant increase in profile and financial profit after launching mobile applications. There are so many benefits of applications for organizations as well as the users availing them. Users can get full information about the brand which increases brand visibility.

Also, mobile applications are built according to the customer’s requirements which enhances the sales of the brand. Every mobile app is connected with some social media integration. This enables the users to post directly about their experiences, images, videos on the app which increases the popularity of the brand. Other functionalities include various schemes such as vouchers, discount coupons, live sales and so on. All major industries like healthcare, real estate, retail as well as education have started using mobile applications and have shown very huge profits.

As far as real estate mobile applications are concerned, it is very important to make the application end-user oriented. Real Estate App Development companies are trying to solve the problems that are there in the Real Estate industry. There are some applications that are designed specifically for real estate agents. The users are unaware of all the information about all the real estate properties.

The mobile app development company are focusing on the real estate sector because they know the drawbacks and the problems that people face nowadays. The real estate development solutions are now changing, with new technology the way properties were sold and bought has changed.

The real estate android application development companies have found out these issues and provided solutions for all these problems and developed an application based on it. The applications developed for real estate are mostly for house hunting. According to a survey conducted in 2017 there, 44 percent of people searched for property deals online. There were only 17 percent of people who visited or contacted a real estate agent directly and 6 percent searched for a property nearby in their neighborhood. The real estate application can be helpful to both the people who want to buy a property and for the people who want to sell their property as well.

Need for Real Estate Applications

  • Time-saving: Not all the people who search for a property have time to wander around and search for properties. Real Estate applications save time and give amazing deals to them.
  • Proper information: According to the traditional property hunting method the users ask for their family members and friends. Asking for property and deals to the people they know to find the home they are dreaming of is not always a great option. The Real Estate App Development Companies focus on making the apps that provide users with all the information that they might need.
  • Budget: Going around and asking people may give you great options but you might not get the property in their budget. That is where these Real Estate property applications come into play, they provide the user with the options that come in their budget.

Must-have features of Real Estate Applications that are Trending


Allowing people to create a personalized account on the real estate application is important. There can be three ways in which a real estate application can let people log in to the application, first is by Facebook, by Google and the third one is by mobile number authorization. It is important to ask for important information like Name, email address, and contact numbers, etc. This is an important part of real estate development solutions.

There is a different account for the sellers in these apps to provide them with other tools that they can use to advertise their properties in a different and effective way.


The listing feature is a must for all the Real Estate application. The list should have all the properties with proper information, that means all the primary information should be at the front so that the users can select the properties just by looking at them in the lists.

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Showing Images:

If the properties in the lists don't have an image then it is of no use, it will not help users analyze the property, so having images of the properties is a must. There should be a primary image that is displayed on the list and then there should be images of every part of the property that open after the user clicks on the property. Some real estate mobile app developing companies are now adding video tour features to their properties.

Location tracking:

People after watching a property on the application might want to visit it to double-check it and be sure before confirming it. With the help of third-party integration, users can reach the location through the in-app map feature. The map feature can also help users to find properties near them.

Filtered search:

People can search according to their preferences, they can specify the location, budget, and other important specifications. The filtered search option helps people to find the type of properties that they want to buy. This will save time and will provide them with the property options that they wish for.

Direct Real-Time Messaging:

This is one of the most important features of any real estate application. All the real estate android application development company has added this feature in their application. With this feature, the users can directly contact the property dealer or the owner and can directly connect with them.

All the Details about the Property:

All the property details should be properly mentioned in the application. Information like the name of the property, and its owner, information of the owner or the dealer, or the numbers of the rooms and bathrooms, and all the additional information related to the property should be mentioned.

With all this information the ratings of the property should also be displayed.