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Sitecore AI – Auto Personalization Was Developed And Refined Through A Pilot Program Conducted With Microsoft

Sitecore is one of the global leaders in digital experience management software all around the world.

With the launch of Sitecore AI, a new machine learning framework was launched. It gives the powers to automate the delivery of personalized digital experiences with predictive insights to the marketers. Automated Personalization is an add-on feature of the Sitecore Experience Platform. This is the beginning step of next-generation services within Artificial Intelligence powered by Sitecore. It has started providing one of the first solutions to various industries. This technology is backed up by the cloud computing service of Microsoft, which is, Microsoft Azure. 

Other cloud technologies such as SharePoint development services may also implement this program. It helps in identifying visitor trends, creating customer segments and modifying page elements to deliver personalized experiences. All these processes are implemented automatically removing the need for manual interference or labor. 

Introduction of Auto Personalization in Sitecore AI

Sitecore AI has amplified the power of Sitecore XP. This company has become able to deliver contextual experiences. These experiences are individualized which helps the visitors to understand the implementation of content. It helps to visualize the usefulness and actions of good content on a particular website. In addition to that, auto personalization has also helped in analyzing the behavior of the customer. 

With this technology, the interest and intent of the customer can also be predicted which may help the marketers to learn about the individual journey of each customer. This eliminates the process of guesswork. It saves time as well as helps the marketers to take out the best content for each customer. 

With this process, continuous optimization of experience and conversion towards betterment also takes place. Auto personalization is going to save human efforts and will make the company able to reach new heights. With more involvement of customers, the potential audience will also increase.

Advantages of Sitecore AI

There is a huge list of advantages of auto personalization development through the pilot program of Microsoft development technologies. To start with, below are some benefits of using this feature in a company from the point of view of gaining and maintaining customers:

1. The solution to the content crisis

Sitecore AI has provided the ultimate solution to the content crisis for marketers. It is going to give them intelligent insights regarding content creation. It gives intelligent insights that help in optimizing the process of content creation. Also, as per claims, it gives personalized delivery of content, that too at a massive scale. The performance is high and it works in real-time. 

Thus data processing, as well as analysis, occurs at lighting fast speed. It enables marketers to forecast behavior trends along with generating smart campaigns. Additionally, it is quite known that automating processes involves minimal human guidance. This means the human involvement is only in customizing the AI to their respective use. 

Sitecore does not stop here. In the future, Sitecore is planning to implement artificial intelligence by integrating the Sitecore platform with SaaS vision to form a core element. 

2. Reliable as powered by Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the biggest names in the world. The company has always provided important solutions. Also, these have been immensely beneficial to mankind. Microsoft application development is a reliable and technologically advanced way to find solutions for real-life problems. It is powered by Microsoft development technologies which means the chances of failure are less. It ensures customer satisfaction, interaction with users and quality service. 

Sitecore AI has been developed through a pilot program conducted with numerous customers. Both companies have collaborated and are using machine learning as the primary tool. It helps to market faster and gain an audience. 

3. Customization

Auto personalization contributes to customizable content which is based on the interest of every individual user. For instance, this technology can help in distinguishing between a developer and a marketer and their roles in the company. 

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4. Maintenance of a specific path

Visitors follow a specific path and areas of interest. Auto personalization helps to identify this path and give the possible results to the marketer. It is a great way to connect with customers as well as fellow partners. 

Sitecore AI- auto personalization

This program was developed as well as refined with the help of a pilot program. This program was conducted through several Sitecore customers. This procedure includes Microsoft application development too. This program was initiated to create a more effective experience for people who visit the website of the Microsoft Partner Network. It helped the site to work faster. Additionally, it became easier for marketers to manage and implement new programs. Both the companies, Sitecore and Microsoft did a collaboration to bring the innovations of AI into the market. 

As far as Microsoft is concerned, the auto personalization solution from Sitecore helped to create high-quality personalized data. This company is working on defining patterns about the activities of their partner. With the help of artificial intelligence, this data directly applies to problems in an actionable manner. 

Auto personalization provides a dashboard which makes it available for a marketer to keep a close watch on AI. It also helps to understand the algorithm. It helps to interpret the insights which can be shared with stakeholders. 

An AI integrated algorithm can group customers together into groups of audiences and observe how the features of Sitecore and Microsoft can resonate with the maximum of these groups. Cloud computing services like Azure will help the whole data to store in a reliable and secure manner. It is cost-efficient and makes optimum use of the services of Microsoft. 

There are other cloud services that might collaborate with Sitecore or any other technical giant such as SharePoint development services to do the same. Also, in the future, better opportunities may be available for customer engagement and attraction. 

This technology was first introduced in the year 2019. In the future, several other technologies are also going to be in integration which may contribute to the optimum use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the marketing world.