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Top Mobile App Analytics Tools, which help your App Business to the Next Level

26 Mar

The plethora of mobile apps and all offer the engagement upto a certain level and then start to get down with its popularity chart.

Like web application and websites, mobile apps are also needed to check through the insights for their performance. The insights and tools offered by Google and Apple are the, in fact, the check tools to validate your website for work well and if it goes down over the track then to assess what is actually wrong with it.

The mobile application development solutions assist the developers and stakeholders in assessing how well the app is working and how to attract new customers while keeping the existing ones loyal. For both dominating platforms, there are thousands of data points available which determine the modifiable factors. This article is for mobile app developers, stakeholders, and everyone who wishes his app to work well. Here, we will guide you with the top app analytics tool that can help your business grow.

Mobile app analytic tools for a mobile application development solution

There are thousands of application being uploaded daily over the app store and play store. Then, what determines what is needed to stand out of the crowd. The most generic answer of tech-savvy people is "Advertising and Marketing". As per the facts, around 25 percent of the marketing budget is spent on marketing analytics, which is expected to rise higher in the near future. The app advertisements, offers, and cross-promotions are the common advertising campaigns, but what works actually and what does not, is determined with the help of app analytics. Marketing gurus list out many ad networks and ad formats, but which one works best for you is determined by the analytics.

The app analytics tools are divided into three categories: Marketing analytics, in-app analytics and performance analytics.

App marketing analytics:

There are some generic metrics, to bolster the mobile application development solutions:


It simply means that how many installs are there. However, the true metrics also tell the path which leads to the installation page.


Once the installation is done, the usage of the app is more important. The insights let you know, how many times your app has been opened and if the preference is given to another app over your app.

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How many users are registered over your app and how many people are there registered. This way you get to know


When people purchase something within your app.

Shares and content viewed: It tells how many times, the content has been viewed and gives the idea of engagement with users. You can also see where the content or the app links has been shared.

The real game commences with the strategy building. How we process the data is of real importance.

In-app analytics:

These analytics gives information about what a user does within your app. The category can be divided into three sections: user behavior, user demographics, and the device being used. It details,

  • How user behaves within the app, which leads to income and conversion.
  • The language, gender, location of the user and whether the user is new or returning?
  • What kind of device/model/version user is using?

Top analytics tools used by mobile application development companies


Firebase is one of the most popular choices of top android app developers. This tool is best for tracking users, downloads, and clicks. With the backing of the ever-growing supportive development team of Google, timely updates, and latest features, Firebase has stood the test of time.


The famous mobile analytics platform Countly is open source and offers real-time updates. Its lets developer monitor that users action for the mobile application. These way developers get the better idea of user perspective for your app. Moreover, the app analytics tool is not just limited to the Android and iOS, but also available for Windows, and blackberry.

The powerful tool gives the perfect measure of the overall effectiveness of the app based upon the activity of users and their sentiments.

The assessed and collected data helps to identify the good and bad parts of the app and increases the conversion rate.


Both web and mobile applications are easy to track with Mixpanel. The tool comprises the basic engagement tracking components along with the innovative machine-learning algorithm, which put the collected data into the actionable form.

Flurry analytics:

In the race of top app analytics, Flurry analytics stands proudly with its plenty of positive aspects for mobile application development company. The intuitive dashboard enables the tracking of multiple apps with ease.

AppClix API:

The app lets you access the data in raw form and organize the way you want. This is definitely the choice of top android app developers because this tool is more than just a service. The advanced mobile analytical software is perfect for data analytics or serious number crunchers.


The above tools are the top choice of the market, but there are many which also provide competitive services. Your selection strictly depends on your goals with the app. For the developers opting to collect 1000000 downloads in a few months, the behavioral analytics are of too little use. Instead, the app performance analyzer would be the ideal choice. Whereas for achieving higher in-app purchases, the test and measures for the tweaks in-app is an ideal choice. Before, selecting, you must first determine your goals and begin the process of tweaking, analyzing, measuring and testing.

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