Top Reasons Why Mobile App Startups Must Choose React Native

Top Reasons Why Mobile App Startups Must Choose React Native

When you’re beginning with a tech start-up, you may automatically sign up for numerous tiring tasks.

Technology companies face this problem of selecting a platform for their business’s website and application. Each startup has to go through a tedious process of deciding the right framework for their business. They closely analyze key factors such as their budget, strategy, market demands, and then frame an effective go-ahead plan to turn their startup idea into a successful one.

In modern times, start-up entrepreneurs and business owners desire to partner with a mobile app development company and hire a developer for their website or app. Although there are many technologies and platform that can be leveraged by them for building apps, nevertheless, they prefer to choose react native app development services for their business.

Take a look at some of the startups and giant tech behemoths who use react native in their development environment:

  • UberEats
  • Discord App
  • Chop
  • Skype
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Walmart
  • Uber
  • Vogue
  • Tesla
  • Bloomberg, and many more.

React native has been adopted by numerous successful startups and companies across the digital platform. It has also become the first framework which offers users with a cross-platform native application. The framework is effective in presenting the combined advantages of hybrid and native apps together under one umbrella.

Here are our top reasons why you must consider choosing React Native app development services for your start-up business:

Lower Development Costs

The technological world is moving at a fast pace and the businesses are hypercompetitive. Such scenarios make ‘time to market’ a business more imperative and critical. With such market scenario, building a react native application would help them complete the task sooner. React Native app development services are cheap because they involves reduced efforts. With React native, same code framed by a developer can be deployed on both Android or iOS platforms. In some cases, it can even cut the development efforts to 50% without sacrificing the productivity or quality of the application.

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Better User Experience

React native applications are more common amongst entrepreneurs due to their ability to deliver consistent user experience across many mobile platforms. Users across the world desire an error-free experience and want the app to be responsive on any device they operate. Being efficient with its loading speed, react native apps even can immediately adjust to different device screen configurations. Not only this, they can even withstand and resolve the problem of unsteady data streaming.

Cross-Platform [Need of the hour]

Here with ‘cross-platforms’, we’re obviously talking about iOS and Android. Let’s go through a brief history of react native, it was created by a team at Facebook and for obvious reasons, they won’t suggest bad stuff for online businesses. The iOS support was launched in 2015 and Android support later the same year.

Since then, the popularity of this framework is constantly growing. With this framework at your service, all you need is to Hire React Native Developer with an expertise in UI elements and APIs. In fact, even a beginner in the field can build your application by leveraging the strong support available for react native by a huge community of developers.

A Perfect Futuristic Application

The code written for React native is reusable. Only a single update is required for two platforms, which further simplifies the bug detecting capability in a codebase. The interface of react native is spontaneous and standard. Being intuitive helps other developers to easily understand the code, which increases the flexibility of the team. All in all, saving a lot of time and cost to transform a web project into a mobile application.

Moreover, react native is not going anywhere in the years to come, in fact, its popularity will rise with time. Numerous Mobile App Development Company and their developers are adopting this framework to build unequaled applications. Due to such wide adoption, the framework is constantly maturing and strengthening its place in the market.


If you know how a website works then you’ll also be aware of the fact that mobile apps work in a whole different manner. That’s the reason you must opt for one of the most efficient and capable frameworks for your business. And if development costs are your concern, then react native is definitely the framework for you. So, now you know why numerous startups across the world are preferring React Native app development services for their businesses! It matches with nearly all the startups app development required features by being rapid, cross-platform, and effective with development approach.