What Are The New Features In Upcoming iOS 13?

What Are The New Features In Upcoming iOS 13?

Apple is one of the world's best mobile application development companies.

It is, in fact, the most popular due to its unrivaled features.

What android can do with very powerful processors like the SD855+ and rams up to 12gigs, apple is able to match and outdo in most cases with 4 gigs of ram and their own A bionic chip. How does Apple do this? Well, android devices depend heavily on the hardware, iPhone app development company do it using their software.

iPhone app development company fine-tunes its software and hardware for them to work together in perfect harmony. This combination of optimized software and hardware gives unmatched performance in custom mobile application development. iOS application development is a continuous and dynamic process. They keep giving excellent and unmatched features. iOS 13 is an iPhone app development company’s latest software update.

The Features

The supreme features provided by the iOS application development of iOS 13 are:

Software updated is given to devices that are 4 to 5 years old, which is not at all seen on Android devices.

  • Volume HUD also goes with the ringer switch, it moved to the top.
  • Updated glyph looks for the whole UI, smaller sharper bolder.
  • The dark mode being asked by customers for a long time.
  • The new update gives you a remapped share sheet. Full-page screenshots are possible in the new iOS 13.
  • Devices supporting portrait mode have got a new filter update on the camera interface, which is a high key light mono.
  • Avatar of unknown number messages on iMessage is shown to let you know who the person is of the unknown number now
  • A dedicated emoji button has been added to the new update
  • The search bug has been fixed on iMessage.

Some appropriate useful features

  • 3D Touch Menu:

The 3D touch menu has been updated. it is way faster on the home screen. Apps can be dragged and moved now. More in-depth details about apps or app function on 3D touch.

  • Refined system icons:

Blues changed to white to give better overall screen color grading. Older devices without 3D touch have been given haptic touch. It gives much more accessibility.

  • Video speed and animations:

Many videos on YouTube of speed tests between phones have shown iOS to lose because of the animations. Animations have been made 2x faster hence the 2x faster launches in apps with the actual opening of the app being 2x faster.

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  • Optimized battery charging:

Optimized battery charging has been introduced where your device extends the life of the battery by charging the last 20% up until you wake up. (Very slow trickle charging) it does this by learning your schedule on a daily basis. It can be switched on or off.

  • Text editing changed:

The cursor does not magnify anymore. 3 fingers back tap is undo, 3 fingers forward tap is redo. Copy word by pinching it, pate a word by outward action, opposite of pinching. The cut is one pinch followed by another. 3 finger tap brings the controls menu on it.

  • New airdrop interface:

The new update has the ability to point your iPhone at the iPhone you wish to Airdrop to - as long as you have one of the new U1- equipped iPhones (that's the ultra-wideband chip in the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max).

  • Safari has a download manager:

Safari also has some new features added like Safari will get small updates to include quick options to change text size and adjust preferences for specific websites. the scrubber can be used to scroll by pushing it up or down on the safari.

  • Files app is overhauled:

This bug fix is 10 times better than before. All you need to do is drag two fingers to select multiple files together. This feature is very versatile.

  • Details map apps:

The maps app is more detailed, rebuilt completely. A new feature on maps- looks around. Look around is a rip off of Google street view, but smoother than google street view. Dictation can be used here now.

  • Apple Music has a new lyrics interface:

This new view will show the lyrics in a karaoke-like stream so that the current lyrics are highlighted. This feature is similar to the feature provided by shazam which was incidentally developed by apple.

  • "find my" introduced:

“Find my” keeps track of all devices owned. Uses another iPhone in surrounding to detect a stolen iPhone Even if the phone is on airplane mode. Encrypted end to end. There’s also an update on ETA (estimated time of arrival). If you have shared your ETA with your family and the route gets changed due to traffic or roadblocks or other reasons, it will update your family about your new estimated time of arrival.

  • Better storage experience:

Folder control, gallery view, automatic sorting is some of the features that give a better storage experience. Automatic sorting makes the storage better.

  • Mail app updated:

New icons and controls have been added. The mail app is updated now.

  • Reminder app updated:

The remainder app updates are the Same updates as mails. Cleaner interface, quick toolbar. Encrypted security camera support.

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  • Updated Siri features:

Siri integrated with 3-part apps supporting it. Siri’s voice improved, sounds more human. Who doesn’t love Siri and her quirks? Well, now the experience is even better.

Last important list of features

  • App Store has changed UI. Now, Updates are nestled in your avatar. Apple arcade has been introduced.
  • With the new update, the device can directly silence unknown callers.
  • AR (augmented reality) kit 3 introduced. Better AR versatility.
  • Updates car play on cars, cleaner interface.
  • New fonts can be downloaded from the App Store. Making the experience even better.
  • Supports Xbox and PS4 controller to control the phone.
  • The new update allows you to use the mouse on your device. The update supports the use of words.
  • Accessibility will be available on the main settings page now.
  • Notes app has been changed with new and better ways to organize your lists and ideas.

Final Words

These are the unparalleled features listed all at once. iOS 13 was first officially spoken about by Apple at the world's most densely packed keynote - WWDC2019. Beta version of it was supposedly super buggy. The later developments by the iPhone application development company made the launch of iOS 13 a great success by fixing the bugs and improving the performance. Apple has proven to give the best performance in custom mobile application development.