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What are the useful tools for an ASP.NET developer?

With the increment in the flow of setup in the technology, the companies are embracing the latest trends. Even the top dot net development company are working on the tools that are making their whole development work easy and efficient. The best part is that the tool can be free of cost or has a premium setup to it that makes it easy to work upon. In addition to this, the companies are working upon such tools that have made the development along with extra design work a cakewalk. Here are the most useful tools that are used by ASP .NET developers.

Microsoft Web Platform Installer

It is one of the major tools that are used by the asp net development services for website development. On top of that, this package is free of cost that makes it even easier to work with the components with the .NET Framework, SQL, Visual Web Developer, Server Express, IIS, etc.

In addition to this, this will help in keeping the developers upto date with the installation of the latest versions to keep things in a single flow. It is advisable to work on the installers to get the third-party community services. When it comes to the code, the third party depends on the product services.


Then comes another package for the .NET manager. It is widely used for the third-party installation and its libraries to work upon the easy creation of the software. In addition to this, the asp .net development services work on the database as well that depends on the third-party components. It increases the use of tools that can be shared with the help of different packages.

The best thing about NuGet package is that it helps in the component download to make the work easy and in a flow with the command line and design time. These components can work easily on the system to automate deploys with CI/CD.


This type of LINQ tools helps to easy solve the test cases of the queries that work on LINQ and any other program such as Visual Basic, F#, C#, etc. The built-in tools work upon the automatedfeatures and also debugging platform to make workflow easy. In addition to this, there are instant copies of feedback as well that makes the platform to work upon a prototype system.

One can consider LINQPadas the notepad LINQ that is considered as an additional and important tool by the website development company. The testing code and LINQ work well in the code and helps in the easy flow of the setup.

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The dot net development company also depends on an advanced tool that is known as ReSharper. This tool helps in adding power to access the quality of code and can easily fix codes if an error arises. It is the easy and quick shortcuts that work on navigation and refactoring of .NET solutions. The code is extremely productive to work upon with the help of C# which can be produced by tools.

There are the dotTracethat works on optimization of performance in code. Even the code coverage and test running can be done appropriately with no leakage in memory. The system is free of cost and helps in assembling the browser components and decompiler for easy task management.


The visual studio extension helps in the code analysis on a static level. Also, the asp net development services working details of every setup is managed easily with this with the proper IDE, technical depth and even design visualization. Also, the metrics can be managed properly with refactoring and optimizing of high-level code.

It also helps to work on with developers that allow easy application view and even organizes the code properly. It is easy to provide the custom language on query purpose to work on the coupling and analyze the code.


The IDE is easy to connect with the extension by the dot net development services. This makes it ways to work on Visual Studio to view or create the pull request along with the project, along with the publish, clone, etc. The repositories of the project make the connection stable and it becomes to work on the different system. There are different versions that can be controlled in this system making it easy to work upon. This will help the developers to work on the vital part of the visual studio.


The .NET has gone to a new height and there is no debate about it. The object orientation and drag-drop method have managed to take it to new heights that make it easy to work with the development work. Hence, the website development company are embracing the techniques to make sure that things are going right.