What is the best solution for enterprise Android Management?

What is the best solution for enterprise Android Management?

Android has acquired about 80% of the smartphone market and has become the go-to Operating system for many companies over the world.

It is most opt because of the diversity of platform and adaptability of form factor, apps and budget. Majority of the audience use Android, and it has made a significant impact on employees those undertake their daily responsibilities.

A latest enterprise mobility solution requires easy to adapt and secure platform having advanced management capabilities. There comes a rise of Android Enterprise with an additional resource for company progressing in the deployment methods.

Android Enterprise offers APIs and other tools that build up enterprise mobility management solution that allows the enterprise features built on Android devices and Google Play.

What is Android Enterprise?

Android Enterprise is a Google-led program that legalizes Enterprise Mobility Management product contribution that provides advanced Android Enterprise features at the same time providing business clients with established guidelines to protect a consistent, successful deployment. The program builds up best practices and essential requirements with rigorous testing so you can quickly deploy Android in your enterprise.

Why Choose Android Enterprise?

Customers embrace the flexible device management option available in Android Enterprise. It allows a user to separate work and personal profiles being on the same device. It administers corporate applications and data along with maintaining employee privacy while assuring the security and confidentiality of valuable information. Also, it is adaptable because of rapid deployment methods including zero-touch enrollment, QR codes, configuration through NFC that ease the process of encouraging your team up and working.

From Smartphones users to ruggedized tablets Android Enterprise App Development offers demanding environments and built a solution for managing Android devices for every employee in any industry with APIs. Prices are dominant factors that companies choose the Android platform. Many organizations have already reduced their investment in terms of mobile hardware by one fourth by merely shifting to Android.

Benefits of Android Enterprise?

  • Embracing device choice – With Android Enterprise the organizations can meet the strict security requirements with rapid deployment features.
  • Lower cost and rapid deployment – It reduces the total cost of ownership with devices that attain rigorous standard essential for an enterprise. Zero-touch enrolment for Android devices can deploy the corporate device in an important figure without any manual setup. Employees have the option of getting their equipment with apps and management settings configured.
  • Finding great device – From numerous methods, the companies choose Android-based approaches for running a legacy OS and management solution. Employees get a good user experience with extensive services.

Factors determining best Android Enterprise Solutions

  • Knox Support
  • Geofencing
  • Single Sign-On for Apps
  • Mobile Expense Management
  • Granular Selective Wipe
  • Remote Wipe
  • Remote Lock
  • User Self Registration
  • Blackberry version
  • iOS App
  • Android App

You can enable Android Enterprise in two ways; the first and fundamental is GSuite managed domain. It requires GSuite subscription or single user account. If the domain verification has not been accomplished through GSuite, the business will need to imply a couple of tasks for proving the ownership over the domain.

The latter and newer method are Android Enterprise Accounts that can collaborate with any Gmail account. There is no domain verification essential required, and it practically takes a couple of minutes to set up. Google handles the individual Android Enterprise accounts without the extra need of Gmail or GSuite user management.

Either of a method used, it's possible to connect one of managing EMM platforms that support AE and layout the Play Store. The significant benefit of appreciating Enterprise Mobility Management development platform for app management is its configuration, proving it to be easy to customize applications to business for quick use on deployment and no other additional end-user configuration is required.

The combination of personal and work application together on BYOD handset exhibit level of integration. For an end-user, they have felt like some additional apps installed although there is underlying profile configuration employed to differentiate and secure corporate data from personal. BYOD model does not meet perfection; it lacks additional authentication.


Till now you would have understood Android Application Development Enterprise, its advantages for implementing in your enterprise. Before the technology of Android Enterprise the market face issue of inconsistent management capabilities among manufacturers and App developers. Android Enterprise provides consistent APIs for device management and application management.

Android Enterprise Management confidentially divides corporates and personal data at the same time enabling pure corporate owned profile without acquiring user space. There are more features to be developed in the future for additional capabilities and allowing remote provisioning.

As per the developers, Google, they consider this as a beginning. Their target is to feature parity between other functionalities provided by Samsung and Apple, and in the long term, everyone must accept the Android Enterprise as a de facto choice for their enterprise device management. But in doing all these procedures, they expect the perception of Android safety improves.