How much it cost to develop Intelligent Retail Automation like, the platform for intelligent retail automation, announced today that it has raised $ 17 million Series B under the leadership of Falcon Age Capital, in which the GP's participation in Sdokiya Capital India and Global Brain, the KDDI Innovation Fund.

The new round brought the company's total capital to $ 27.5 million.

After experiencing four times the annual revenue growth, the money will be used to develop the team, to reach the product roadmap and to increase the existing customer base of the Android Application Development Company, which is already available to lead global retailers such as Messi, Mercadolibre and Tata, is involved.

Retailers have entered an era, where consumers expect an intuitive brand experience for Beamoths like Amazon and Alibaba who are using AI to personalize products and Mobile App Development Services for shopkeepers.

The fight to stay competitive comes at a huge cost to those retailers, who are estimated to spend more than $ 7b billion on Artificial Intelligence Solutions in the next 3 years. By offering a one-stop shop in the value chain, is the first Artificial Intelligence Solution to automate important tasks in highly dependent departments on human intuition, while integrating data about products, people and processes. combines seven different products to offer retailers an integrated system to use as network neural networks to make decisions. Using a centralized data brain, the platform mimics a DNA of a retail product digitally and then translates product information into a language that teams can easily understand. With better accuracy and insight, retailers can easily decode their merchandise properties, make wise updates on the fly, and customers can provide a unique experience at every step of the journey.

"The future of retail is entertainment. The experience we are seeing today is the beginning of that era, "said Ashwini Asokan, CEO and founder”Brands are shifting to the designing world, consumers want them to be a part of it and people have to buy new ways. Vue is the power that powers all these complex and important retail functions so that retailers can focus on the business of Mobile App Development Services.

Together, products are part of retail DNA, which include:

  • VueTag: automatic tagging to streamline product catalogs and inventory management
  • VueCommerce: Real-Time Personal Styling Recommendations for Shoppers.
  • VueModel: Ai-Generated Human Model, Savings, Style and Merchandising Costs in Millions of Offline Photography.

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  • VueStyle: An AI stylist which automates outfitting based on the user's personal style and preferences.
  • VueFind: Individual style-focused visual search and product search
  • VueMail: Real-time dynamic email personalization including Artificial Intelligence Programming powered style recommendations for boost conversion.
  • VueStudio: makes any branded content instantly buyable by using instant visualization technology.

Anandmoy Roy Chaudhury, CTO, and Director of Sequoia Capital India said, "The team is on a mission to put Artificial Intelligence Programming in the hands of teams across the world, which increases productivity and development many times." "Since we have started this journey with them since then, we have seen incredible growth in this value in many works in the retail industry in two years. Sequoia India is excited to partner with Falcon Age in this period, and happiness can enable too globally. " was launched by Ashwini Asokan and Ananda Chandrasekharan in 2016 as the first artificial intelligence brand from its parent company, Mad Street Dane. The team includes IBM, Intel and DARPA neuroscientist, and AI experts. The Android Application Development Company serves the major retailers in America, UK, India, the Middle East, and Latin America.

About is a computer vision and an Artificial Intelligence platform that promotes intelligent retail automation, which keeps the human experience in front and center.'s to remove retail catalog data Neural Network Retail takes advantage of image recognition and data science, analyzes it with user behavior and helps retailers make better, faster decisions.

The forum, which consists of seven different products, distributes two primary value proposals: automating retail processes in catalog management and merchandising and personalizing customer experience on channels for global brands. is supported by major enterprise capitalists such as Falcon Edge Capital, Sequoia Capital India, Global Brain, GPI of KDDI Innovation Fund and XFinity Venture Partners. The company is headquartered with offices in Chennai, India at Redwood City, CA.