Why catchy UI is important to retain your app users

In today’s generation, mobile applications are the latest trend in the market. Almost 80% of the world population carries smartphones. The people that use smartphones automatically use mobile applications. According to a survey conducted by the web programming company, it is seen that people spend most of their time on mobile phones. An average person spends more than five hours on their smartphone. The mobile application is the new trend in the market today.

It is considered as the best marketing tool for enterprise companies. However, developing a mobile application is not enough. A company should keep the requirements of the targeted users in mind while developing and designing the application. Many mobile application development companies train their app developers specializing in different sectors and coding applications as per the interest of the user. User experience and user interface are the two most important things while developing an application.

Importance of well designed catchy User Interface in Applications

According to the web design services, User experience and user Interface are the two important factors to consider while developing a mobile application. A well-designed user interface can hold the users to a single page in the application for a long time and engages the user with various activities. A page with information and a structured layout with a catchy design improve the user experience of the applications.

When it comes to user attraction, both mobile applications and web apps must consider investing time in the user interface. User Interface comprises of the two basic things in an application, the performance of the application and the looks. In order to develop a user-friendly user Interface, some factors need consideration. The factors like finger friendly User Interface elements, captive color elements, font size, and colors are important. These factors add a good reputation to the application. a well-designed user interface not only attracts the targeted audience but also assures the return on investments.

1. Improved Return on Investments

A good software design company provides a user interface with user-friendly features to the targeted audience. This gradually increases the traffic in the application. The main motto of any business-oriented application is customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is great for applications as this would give good reviews to the application and bring traffic. It also brings loyalty to the company and thus increases the return on investments.

2. A better understanding of the users

According to the website development services, it is very important to understand the needs and the requirements of the targeted users while developing an application. The perfect ratio of features and design is necessary to satisfy the users. Too many features can complex the application and the user might not be able to utilize the application for the real requirements. Understanding the user helps to develop a perfect user interface and thus increasing sales.

3. Brand awareness

Great customer experience comes up with a good review and if lucky, might become the topic of the town. It helps by creating a good awareness of the brand in the market. Brand awareness increases traffic and helps to attract users. This also helps the users to trust the application and provide with an honest review. The company then knows the features and the parts that need improvements. A good relationship is created between the software design company and the customers. Thus, the value of the company increases with its brand value.

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4. Time and money saved

With minimal investment, an application can be assured of customer satisfaction. Hired app developers from different web programming company are trained and skilled in developing applications in various platforms. Either Android or iPhone, the developers are amazing at their job. With a perfect user Interface, frequent upgrades are not required. The customers find fewer bugs in the applications which save both time and money for the company and help it to run smoothly.

How to make the User Interface catchy for the users?

According to web design services, there are various sectors to develop while designing the User Interface. Following are some of the features that make any UI of an application catchy and compact.

  • Maintain uniformity across the pages
  • Usage of a simple design
  • The loading of the pages must be fast
  • Use of standard elements for design
  • Making it interactive for engaging the traffic
  • Use of large formats
  • High-resolution images to be used
  • Use of Fonts
  • Focus on the targeted audience
  • Design the UI for different screen sizes
  • Great UI design
  • Wireframing the application
  • Inclusion of feedbacks
  • Providing help and assistance
  • Forgiving interphase to save the users from errors


The very important part of any application is the user interface. It is the very first thing that a user is going to see when they open the application. If the user interface design is poor and dull, the user will automatically lose interest. As per the website development services, features that come up in the interface should also be simple and easy to use. Complex and overloaded features can turn out to be negative for the user. Therefore a catchy and easy UI is very important for any app user.