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How to Leverage Instagram to Build Your Brand

21 Nov

Engage digital customers and generate leads with this popular platform.

Instagram is among those most popular platforms for generating potential leads and attracting customers. Many neighborhood brick-and-mortar stores aren't as savvy with social networking advertising and strategy as they might be.

When it comes to raising your brand, whether private or company, Instagram can help you build exposure and create earnings. And if you are in the restaurant, fitness, digital marketing, e-commerce or consulting area, if you're not leveraging Instagram, you are certainly passing up a lot of customers. As a serial entrepreneur that owns multiple companies in a variety of sectors, Instagram has let many entreprenuers scale their businesses to another level.

Thus, why are lots of small business owners worldwide not minding Instagram? It boils down to not understanding the fundamentals of Instagram advertising. Many are still solely relying on old-school advertising avenues: papers, magazine advertisements, and even cold calls. Do not get me wrong, these tactics still work, but they're not as efficient as social networking advertising.

We are living in a virtual world and opportunities are opening up like never before. Millennials are producing multiple streams of revenue digitally (via e-commerce, online affiliate marketing, social networking marketing, etc). So, what are a few methods to create leads while creating your brand via Instagram? Listed below are a couple pointers:

1. Engage with similar niche/industry

That can be as simple as it seems. Like, comment and follow comparable brands to grow your page. You'll create exposure to your brand while creating a loyal community of followers that participate along with your articles, which plays into the IG algorithm also helps to get your post/page facing more people.

As our personal brand revolves around an entrepreneurship lifestyle, we participate with brands and people that are interested in entrepreneurship. This really helps us develop our reach tremendously. Start engaging with brands that are similar to yours and see that your loyal followers increase daily.

2. Be consistent with your posts

Be consistent with your own posting. This usually means making a motif and submitting routine and submitting at least four times per week to remain active. I suggest posting at least one time each day, however, this is sometimes a great deal for business owners that don't possess a social networking supervisor.

3. Post-call-to-action content

Include calls to action in the captions of your articles to boost your involvement and, finally, your follower count. Let's say I post an inspirational quotation. From the caption, I might compose, "LIKE in case you agree!" Or "Tag a friend to inspire!" The chances for participation here are still exponential. Followers can enjoy, comment to discuss their own opinions and label their friends.

4. Contests and giveaways

Who isn’t interested in free stuff? Doing a giveaway competition is an excellent way to not just increase your presence but also to produce quality leads. Let's say you can do a giveaway for $100 worth of merchandise. From this giveaway, you amass over 100 quality targeted email addresses. That is worth the investment. Out of the hundred emails you collected, at least one of those leads is very likely to purchase a product out of you because they took the time to fill out their data and then enter the giveaway.

5. Utilize My Story attribute to document your brand

Are people tagging you? Are your clients enjoying your products and services? Great! Then begin reposting their content and then showing some love back. This will allow you to gain more authenticity and social proof. When you start sharing your trip, more and more folks will listen to determine how your company is progressing.

Personally, many Instagrammers share their life with the My Story attribute, which is comparable to Snapchat. It is possible to post content to your story multiple times a day and the articles will be deleted after 24 hours. Showcase your team as well as the executives behind your brand via behind-the-scenes photos and videos. Folks are going to have the ability to socialize, send you messages that are direct and also buy your offerings by simply swiping up (there is a feature which lets you add direct URL links).

There are 400 million Instagram Stories everyday users. If you can get the attention of just a tiny percentage, you will have a lot of consumers clamoring to engage with your manufacturer.

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