In House Web Development vs. Outsourcing Web Development: Overview of Pros and Cons

In House Web Development vs. Outsourcing Web Development: Overview of Pros and Cons

In order to, sell a product in this digital era all companies focus on 2 main things i.e., web development and marketing. Now web development is the process of creating a website for a certain product. A website where the customers will know about the product, its use, and also customer review of it.

A company can create a product website in two ways which are In House Web Development and Outsourcing Web development. Both of the ways have their own advantages and disadvantages. In-house Web Development is the way by which the company itself heir employees on their own and designs the website. And Outsourcing web Development is the way by which a company heirs a 3rd party company that will take care of the product website.

Choosing a specific way of website development services depends on many factors such as,

  • Cost
  • Type of product
  • Type of marketing strategy
  • Turnover or budget
  • Communication

So, to learn the pros and cons of the two methods continue to read the blog, you will be able to choose easily.

What is website development?

A website is basically a publicly accessible estrade that is devoted to any specific purpose, service, or product. It usually contains all types of multimedia files including texts, videos, pictures, etc. A website can also contain ‘hyperlinks’ that connect it with other websites. A website can fulfill many purposes like personal, governmental, e-commercial, and organizational.

These websites usually consist of a number of interlinked pages and have a specific domain name such as or etc. These pages contain information about any product or service. A lot of manpower (group or organization) is needed to maintain these websites. Any website which is publicly accessible comprises World Wide Web (WWW).

Now in the 21st century, most customers have access to the internet. And they usually rely on the product depending on the website and customer service of the organization. If an organization uses only conventional marketing techniques like ads on newspapers, pamphlets, visiting cards, etc. there is a chance to lose their potential customers. This is because customers are more comfortable visiting their website and get information.

These websites can be accessed from any device, any location, and at any time worldwide. This increases your marketing strategies, targeted customer base, and popularity of the organization. Thus, website development is important for both established and uprising companies.

What are the process and benefits of Web development?

To create a website, you have to follow these steps,

  1. You have set a unique domain name for your organization like You will be able to set that name only if a similar domain name not present on the web. To verify your website name is available or not, just go to google search and enter your website name. If it redirects straight to registration then the name is available for you.
  2. By choosing a specific organizational email you have to create your domain. Then you have to select a host for your domain. This will work as a store and will allow the visitors.
  3. Then you have to design the pages of your website. For design purposes, you can hire a webpage designer.
  4. After the designing part, you have to decide what will the website say to its customers? It can say about the business, about the product about the source of the business, and how it can help your customers. In this stage, you have to think about the images, the text, and other multimedia files that can be added. A better website is user-friendly, easy to find all options, and informative.
  5. Some of the options that you have to add to your domain are,
  • Home- Homepage contains few lines about the organization. And also, categories of product you are selling, unique one-liner, and why the visitor should choose your organization.
  • Services- On this page you can specify the types of service you can provide the customers and also the locations.
  • About Us- Here you have to mention the source of the organization, how its started, background and aim.
  • Contact us- Here you can specify the contact phone number, official email address, and the location of the organization. You can also provide the social media handles of the organization like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also give the google map link of your company’s location.
  1. After all these steps you have to decide on a logo for your company which should be unique. This logo will define your company and people will recognize your company by it. So, choose a web development service provider very carefully.

Maintaining these few steps, you will be able to create a fully functioning website for your business.

Some of the benefits of website development are,

  • Customers will get 24x7 access to your company products.
  • Includes a larger spectrum of visitors
  • Better advertising at low cost.
  • Regular updates can be given on products.
  • Easy to keep track of the visitors.
  • Emails and SMS make communication with customers easier.
  • The uniqueness of the website leads to more visitors and more leads.
  • Record on the transactions from both organization’s and the customer’s end.
  • Survey on activities and people of the organization becomes easy.

How to create an effective website?

A better-looking, easy to browse website gain customers easily. With a better-quality website and customer service, a company can rise within a very short time. So here are some tips to create a better and effective website,

  • Keep your website as simple as possible as the people like the website with precise information. Instead of writing long paragraphs use only informative points to know the product. Avoid too many decorations and keep space between the writings. If possible, use pictures to visualize your points. Don’t keep the language very hard use simple words.
  • Use attractive button signs so that the customers don’t think much before pressing them. This also leading the visitors to buy the products.
  • Make your website open as quickly as possible. Usually, people start to look for other websites if your website takes more time than usual. As a result, choose your host wisely to get a better browsing speed.
  • Try to keep your website simple and user-friendly. Visitors should easily find every option regarding the product. Visitors should find the description, and price of the product easily. Customers should not feel frustrated and exit your website.53.

What is In-house Web Development?

In-house web development is the process where a company itself hires a group of people or employees. They were hired for creating and maintenance of the company’s website. Choosing an In-house web development process usually governs by 3 factors such as,

  • Cost of In-house development process- The cost of hiring an in-house web development team is itself a costly process. The work cannot be done by a single person so you have to heir a group of people. A better IT professional can charge a good amount of money every year.

According to, the average salary of a developer group is,

  • Data Scientist $91,500
  • Designer $67,300
  • Project Manager $91,500
  • Android Developer $84,600
  • iOS Developer $85,000
  • Back-End Developer $116,800

If you add those amounts you have to spend around $500,000 per year to maintain their salary. Although you can hire a person who can take care of the two-person jobs at a time. But in that case, also your yearly expenditure on salaries will be around $300,000. This amount will be reserved only for salaries excluding office space, accountant, and personnel manager expenditures.

The list does not end here you also have to hire an IT recruiter who will find the best person for the job. This will be done by posting ads on free job searching or employment websites.

You also have to take care of your employee’s health insurance, paid sick leaves, and holidays. Moreover, after creating the website you have to keep them on a continuous payroll. As the employees are not only developers, they are human beings and have a family to feed. As a result, they search for a permanent job.

  • Advantages of the In-house Development process- After hiring the crew they will be in your hands. You can control these IT professionals to create a website specific to you in each and every aspect.

You can expect better productivity, as all the crew members will focus on your product and business. All members will have a common goal i.e., to create a better java web application development. You will get full transparency on the progress of the project and even the major or minor setbacks. Moreover, delivery dates headache will be less as you can have daily updates on the progress.

  • Risk of In-house Web Development process-Hiring IT professionals itself is a risky process. You will not know the evolving skillset of the person will fit your requirements or not. Although skills of the professional play a vital role in the web development field. It takes more manpower to maintain a website than to create it. Nowadays, it takes a combined skill set and the resources of many IT professionals to succeed in an uprising company. Here are some resources which are mandatory for rising company’s,
  • Project Manager
  • Font-end (maintain webpages) and Back-end (maintain servers) developers
  • iOS and Android (as you have to get access on both platforms)
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Analyst (helps to build the business)
  • ASO expert (App Store Optimizer)
  • App Marketing expert (it can be done by ASO also)

Also, you have to keep track of the PayScale of the rival companies. While evolving your IT professional through various training and works, your rival company can ask to work with them in a better package. In that scenario again hiring a worthwhile professional can put your whole progress on hold.

What is Out-sourcing Web Development?

Out-sourcing web development is a process where a company hires another IT company who will create and maintain the website. These IT companies have a group of well-trained IT professionals who will work on your projects. Out-sourcing we development also governed by 3 factors such as,

  • Cost of the out-sourcing development project- Trusting an unknown IT company and signing a contract with them, itself is an intimidating process. Though the amount paid is less than the in-house web development process, still it is huge. There is always a risk of getting a bad product in spite of your huge investment. There are many It companies who will promise you big during the contract but give you less satisfying results.

A well-reputed firm can cost you more but they will make sure to deliver the best result available on the market. This is because these companies hire the top IT professionals who have a better skillset and knowledge of the product.

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Usually, these firms charge on an hourly basis. The rates are different for each and every firm. The total rate of the project depends on the type of IT professionals needed, complexity, security, and time limit. It is seen that the average payment on these projects can move up to $100 to $250 per hour. The rates also depend on the type of firms such as,

  • Large and reputed companies can charge more than $250,000 to $1000,000 to build your project.
  • Medium Companies can charge $150,000 to $450,000 to build your project.
  • Smaller companies can charge $50,000 to $150,000 to build your project.

It is sure that along with the money the quality of your product increases. As they also want to maintain their reputation in the market.

  • Advantages of Out-sourcing web development-The most advantage of outsourcing web development to an IT company is you can save both time and money in hiring individuals. A good IT firm provides you IT professionals with a better skill set. You don’t have to think about hiring different individuals for each and every work as they will have everything. You just have to pay the company and let them worry about the heavy lifting and risk of the project.

A better IT firm will be able to deliver the project timely and with minimal risk. This is because they will first ensure your requirements then assume the risk. After calculating the risks, they will place the perfect individual who handles your project without a hitch. Although you will not get the full transparency on the project progress. They will update you on time and ensure your requirements were met before the launch of the product.

Turnover of employees in this Java application development is also considered a risk. But if you outsourcing your project to an IT company it is less likely to worry about. This is because no matter what, they will work until your requirements for the project were met.

  • Risk on Out-sourcing web development process- Giving your project to a right Firm is very necessary to avoid some risk such as;
  • Business can go out of order.
  • They can do scams after taking your money.
  • They may not be able to deliver the right product.
  • Can ask more money for finishing the project.
  • Whether they can provide you proper portfolio
  • Timely updates on the progress may or may not be provided.
  • Satisfactory results may not be given by the hired company.
  • Delay in schedule may happen.
  • Can help to build the same project for a rival company.
  • Can delay the work to charge more

All these possible risks that you have to take while out-sourcing the web development process.

Pros and Cons of In-house Web Development and Out-sourcing Web Development

The advantages and disadvantages of these 2 processes depend on the type of project, investments, and also time. The pros and cons of this development can be divided into 4 key categories such as;

  • Communication

Communication is one of the key factors as it can increase efficiency among the employees. English being the formal and 2nd language helps the Indians to break the language barrier while communicating.

While using the in-house web development process you will gain full transparency of the project. As you are the boss you can get daily updates on the progress of the project as well as setbacks. Total visibility will be there and you can specify requirements in each and every part.

In the out-sourcing web development process, a better java development service providing an IT company will update you during the project duration. But you will receive the update through electronic mediums like skype and emails.

Overseas out-sourcing can be helpful as nowadays time zone difference does not matter. Due to the evolution of technology, anyone can work from anywhere and at any time.

  • Skill Set

A group of well evolved IT professionals is needed to survive and succeed in this digital era. You will need people for not only creating the project but for executing, launching, maintenance and marketing.

So, in the In-house web development process, you have to hire individuals for all the possible works. Moreover, you have to hire people for recruitment and manage them, plus also people for marketing. This is because you are not making an app but a business.

Also, out-sourcing these work to a well-established and reputed IT company can provide you all these perks. You don’t have to take any headache for hiring, managing, and marketing. But it comes with its own risks such as delay in time, getting unsatisfied results, and spending over budget. So, to avoid those risks choose a well reputed IT company.

  • Cost

In both, the process you have to spend a huge amount on your project.

In this category outsourcing, development is very cost-effective if you calculate the quality to cost ratio. Moreover, you will be free from all the hassle of hiring and managing IT professionals.

On the other hand, the in-house, web development process is very costly. As you have to hire people individually for all the departments. Plus, you have to take care of their insurance, paid sick leaves, and holidays. You also have to arrange office space, equipment’s and facilities which is also money consuming matter

After spending so much on the in-house process there is a possibility that your product will not succeed. Whereas in the out-sourcing IT company already have desired professional and can deliver you in the given time at less cost.

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  • Turnover

This is also a key aspect for both the process. As it can affect the progress of the project and also the time deadline.

During the in-house web development process, there is a risk that includes IT professional change ships. This means if an evolving IT professional from your projects gets a better salary package from your rival company. If he or she takes the offer, it can put your on-going project on a long hold. This is because again finding a person who will fit the job profile is very time-consuming. Resulting delay in the launch of the product.

Whereas out-sourcing to a custom software development company you don’t have to think of this kind of risk. A well-reputed company will never delay the launch schedule. If any problem occurs in the company, they will do their best to resolve the problem. And put more man-hours to finish it within time. Though out-sourcing a project can have a lot of uncertainties you don’t have to worry about employee growth and turnover.

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Conclusion- Choosing a way of creating and launching your products depends on the various requirements of the company. If you want total transparency on your projects and money is not a factor for you then you can opt for in-house web development. Or else, if you want your project to be done within a time limit and with better quality to cost ratio. Then go for Outsourcing web development.