Reasons to Use React Native for Mobile App Development in 2021.

Reasons to Use React Native for Mobile App Development in 2021.

Day by day the numbers of mobile users are increasing and will increase in the future too. on a website, most of the traffic comes from mobile.

From the last few years, this is one of the significant changes that have been seen. For your business, it is very important to have a mobile application where all the information is included. You always need an Android application development company that has a lot of experience in this field and worked with different companies to provide you with the best services.

You will get a lot of frameworks that can be used to develop a mobile application. But you must go for Reach Native as it is very famous and can help in fulfilling all the ideas and solutions you have in your mind. React Native is mainly a coding framework that helps in developing mobile applications and comes with a lot of benefits. It is one of the suitable and preferred by all the business. From this app development, you can get all the latest and modern demand that is very popular technology.

Mobile apps are very important for every business and can even help in marketing strategy, logo design, and website. This helps in attracting more users to your brand. Below are some of the points that will make you understand why one must choose to React Native for mobile app development. There are so may advantages of React Native app development that will help the small company with low budget to come up with best application for the customer and clients.

What is React Native?

To build cross-platform apps react native is used. Mainly the uniqueness of the react-native is one of the single JavaScript code-bases that is used for both the platforms. By following this approach you can even create a separate application for ios and android. Cross-platform development helps in saving your time and even cut expenses by using the same code on both platforms. this is one of the best mobile solutions and even it is even considered the future of mobile app development. Always go for custom mobile app development services as they will come up with different ideas where you can even change or add things if needed. This helps in bringing new ideas and features when you think your app needs them.

There are so many benefits of this platform that can help your company a lot and will even save a lot of money if your company is new and have a limited budget. React Native is mainly an open-source framework that helps in developing a mobile app with the help of JavaScript. You don’t have to give extra time and effort for creating code for different platforms. The same code can be used in both of the devices like android and ios.

Advantages of React Native:

  • Community is big: as it is an open-source platform this even means that the documentation related to this technology is also available for all and it’s free for everyone to reach the native community. You will get the biggest advantages if you use community-driven technology. If you face any issues during the process then the community will help in solving them.

In this platform, you will even get recognization for writing code as it is another benefit of working with the open-source platform. The developers here can even share their experience and can even create portfolios this helps them to come up with the best codes. For example, while working with this platform if the developer finds a new thing then they can even share the experience with others. In this way, they will even get feedback and collaborate with other members too.

  • Reusable code and pre-built components: This is one of the important advantages of this platform. This platform is so convenient that developers don’t have to create any separate mobile app for each platform. Most of the codes can be reused between ios and android. For the business or company that is planning to create an application then this can be one of the best ways to get the application ready faster.

This is one of the perfect solutions that the company can use as it helps in cutting the time as well as cost too. If a company comes with a web app in react then the same codes can be used for developing this mobile app too. If the app developer gets the open source where they will get the pre-built components then it will be easy for them to speeding up the process of the mobile application development.

There can be a situation that someone has already written a code for some feature or function and you need to name a thing then it can be copied and used for free.

  • Simplified UI: This platform of React Native is all about mobile UI. When building a mobile app, it is very important to create a proper sequence of actions. With the help of this platform, it makes implementing order more perfectly. User interface design can help in more responsive, provide a smoother feel, and even decrease the load of time.
  • Third-party plugins support: as react native is in the time frame of advancing so there can be a point where you may lack some components in the core framework. To build a bridge among these two ends the platform comes with two types of third-party plugging one is a native module and the other is JavaScrip modules.
  • Module architecture: Module programming is mainly a software design technique that helps in separating the functionality of the program into several interchangeable and independent blocks that are called modules. This technique comes with a lot of advantages that can help in providing flexibility to the development team as the developers can even delve into each other projects if needed.

This even helps in generating updates easily if needed. This even comes with the ability to update and upgrade the application quickly. There is even a possibility to reuse the modules that can work with both mobile APIs and the web.

  • Live and hot reloading: Live and hot reloading are not at all a same feature in this react native application development. Live reloading helps in reading and compiles the files that will help in changing that is made by the developers and care provided a new file to the simulator. This helps in reloading the app from the starting point.

Whereas in Hot reloading is based on hot module replacement that was is mainly introduced by the first reloading options. It helps in coming up with the same sequence of actions but the ctrl+S is pressed to save all the changes. While the app is running the HMR intermediator even inserts the updated files in the right place.

One of the best advantages of hot reload is that it helps in making the right changes in the source code so that it can be seen without the use of recompile the apps. Immediate after the changes are made they can see the changes in the application at the same time.

  • Declarative coding style: in declarative programming, you will know what program that can be best that how to do it is the opposite of imperative programming. This type of coding style helps in react native code extremely understandable and flexible for all the developers. This is even profitable for the developers when they have to jump into new projects and even assimilate quickly. The developers can easily understand it by simplifying looking at it and understanding it due to brilliant UI.
  • Ready name libraries, and solutions: In this framework, you will get a lot of ready-made solutions and the libraries that will help in creating the best mobile app development. Here you will get a tool for all the features you need. This helps in making you’re the app quickly and at a reasonable rate.

If you are a start-up and have a limited budget then react native mobile app development is exactly for you. This will not only help in saving your time but even helps in saving a lot of money that can be used in the later stages. There are so many functions and advantages that react native app development provides that not only changes the way a small business can look towards app development but even the big business too. mobile application development services will help the company to select the best if they are thinking about creating an app for their company to put their presence in the online market.

As most of the companies are trying their best to give the best presence in the market or customer so that they can get a lot of customers in their hands and get more profit.

React Native vs Native: Which One to Choose for App Development?

The company wants to make its presence in both IOS and Android always get confused between native and react to native app development. This is one of the biggest discussions among all the companies who want to come online. Most of the company knows that nowadays online presence is so much important as most of the people have a Smartphone in their hand and like to deliver everything at their home. This not only helps in building a brand but even helps in making people aware of the brand.

Some companies choose native app development and some choose to react-native due to the cross-platform framework. If you are in the middle of this and it is getting hard for you to select which one can be the best for you then below are some of the points that will clear all your Doubts:

Pros of Investing in React to Native Apps:

Below we will discuss the pros of investing in React Native apps:

  • Single codebase: One of the best things about the app developers is that it comes with a single codebase. As it provides an opportunity for the developers to make a single code base for both the device like ios and android. React Native App Development Services have a lot of knowledge about this framework and will help in creating the best app for your company.

This will help in getting more customers and clients for your business. It is very important to create a trustable application that can help in approving the clients and customer.

  • Low development time: As in this platform the code the developers will create will be worked in both the device then this will help in saving theme.
  • Ease for web developers: It makes the work of the web developer easier as the major part of the development is based on the JavaScript framework. So the transition for a developer becomes very easier as the mobile app web developer to mobile app developer.
  • Open source: this function will help in checking the code among all the experienced coders. They will help in every step when you are stuck and can even exchange any experience new or old with them that will help in showing you the right path.
  • Hot reloading: this platform has the best feature of Hot reloading where any mobile app development company can see the changes that they are making at the same time they update it. they can open side by side screen when they save and upload all the changes it will not take any time to reflect in the second screen.
  • Cost-effective: One of the best parts about this platform is that it has a cross-platform framework that helps in reusing the app components to enter both in the ios and Android so it helps in saving time and in this way you can launch your app quickly.

Cons of React Native App:

  • Lack of native element: this doesn’t allow the mobile to use the native element of the device like your voice recorder, or cameras, etc.
  • Limited third-party libraries: There is a serious lack of third party libraries. But anyways you can add pidgins from the third party so you don’t have to worry about these disadvantages.

Pros of Native Development:

  • API accessibility: All the device APIs and the inbuilt functions can be integrated with the native development.
  • Availability of third-party libraries: you can get a lot of support compared to the to react-native as it preferred native android and ios.

Cons of Native Development:

  • Development of two apps: when comparing to the react native app development this is one of the biggest disadvantages of native app development. As the developers have to create different app development for android and ios separately. This brings a lot of problems and confusion.
  • Higher development cost and time: The added development have to start from scratch for both of the device types like android and ios. So it becomes time-consuming and will cost a lot as the associated app development effort grows.

When to go for react native mobile app development:

The demand for bringing the business online is getting trendy so it is very important that you have to select as per your benefits. Always prefer to React Native App Development Company if you want to create applications for both ios and android.

Below are some of the points that will help the company to select the react-native platform.

  • When a company is planning to come up with a uniform and simple app.
  • If a company wants to create and launch an application on the cross-platforms.
  • Companies are just starting like a start up and have a restriction in budget then this reacts native app development is your best option. As the codes that are needed to be passed are used for both ios and android.
  • If you want to enter the market as soon as possible. Then react native apps provide the same case for both ios and android so there is no need to start from scratch for both the device. This will help in developing your app before time and you can easily launch it on the day you want to.
  • This framework can even help in making any social media application. Where people can easily connect.
  • With the help of this framework, e-commerce applications can be even developed. Most people started buying things online and want to get the service online faster and better. One of the best things about this platform is you can anytime get your coding checked by the experts and can even make changes when needed. There are so many big companies already working with this framework such as Facebook, Walmart, SoundCloud, etc. all are great examples of this mobile app development.

The developers who have a basic knowledge about JavaScript can create apps for both the platform ios and android as it is very adaptable. With the experience of a native UI element, platform APIs, and platform-specific design patterns developers can start developing react native app.

After this, there are so many advantages of react native app like the rich ecosystem, the open-source, efficient in terms of responsiveness, community support, the speed is high, etc. All of this makes this framework famous and popular so this can help in making your application stand out. Al the end all you need is a good idea and patients.

The open-source helps the developer to show the right path. If the developers are having any confusion, and facing problems in between of a code then they can definitely take help from the experts. In this way, the whole coding can be checked by the experts and if they get anything new can even share t with the group of experts. So that in future this can be even done.

Why choose to React Native for mobile app development?

  • Single codebase: when a company is planning to come up with a mobile application then they take care that it is suitable for both Ios and Android. To gain the customer from all the devices it's very important to maintain compatibility with any of the systems.

When you are working with the native framework you just have to write down the codes for once and must be able to run on different platforms. In another platform, you need to hire a different developer for different platforms. Like for android and ios, you need to have different developers but in react native app you just need one developer. This will even help in saving time as well as money.

  • A cheaper way of development: in React native you need to hire just one developer for all the types of devices. this was not the case of other app development as you have to hire different for iso and android. If you are a start-up business and have a small budget then you must opt for this react native mobile app development. This makes the application development is reasonable or cheaper cost. From the other platform, you will get the service at a cheaper price here.

The code reusable will help in saving a lot of time as well as money in mobile app development. As it comes with a cross-platform then it lets you develop applications for both ios and android at once. You don’t have to think much while you are thinking of creating a mobile application.

  • Faster: If you even come up with an attractive and unique application front end and the access is not fast then there is no use. No user will like to wait for some time in this fast generation. The users will opt for a different app if the application takes time to load on the device. This is because reacted native supports javascript and they are basically compiled to native codes that are real. This will help in making your app smooth and will not load in between.

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The developers can even get the fast code that can help in reloading faster this is so easy like you refer to a web page. So this is one of the important features that help in making your mobile application much in speed that you may not want to impact.

  • Bridge native feature: it's always a great option to include or add extraordinary things in your mobile application. This helps in making a note in the competitive market. Every user love to use the extra feature in every application. With the help of React Native, it is very easy for the app all the upcoming new technology in ios and android.

This app development can even allow you to add Java or Swift in your project to integrate all the important functions. Users always look for an additional feature in all the applications most of them are the latest and demanding. So for all the business small or big it can be the best option to choose React native app development.

  • Better UI: In all the mobile applications user's interface is the most critical point. This is all about how the company interacts with your application and its functions. If you want to create an Appling UI then react native is one of the best options. The web designer can even use CSS or flexbox from which the layout can be arranged and can give it an eye-catching look.

This even helps in making the app more responsive than most of the users expect on websites. The users may have different sizes of the smartphone then the company needs to see that it doesn’t lose its originality in any of the cases. This is also one of the reasons that business owner prefers to use this React Native app development.

  • Huge community: so many people are involved in this React Native app development and use them for a different purpose. This shows the popularity and the success of this platform among all the users. Most people are using this all across the globe and all of this making this platform more powerful.

This even helps in making the developers find any answer if they find any problem. When developing there might be a place where they are stuck and unable to proceed in this situation you can take help. Then in this situation, you can take the help of the community and they will definitely guide you.

Many companies are using this same platform such as Walmart, Facebook, Bloomberg, etc. This reach can help the business to select wisely when it comes to mobile app development.

  • Transforming web project to a mobile decision: coding is reusable so the developers don’t have to write this again and again. React is one of the modes that can be understood by all the developers and can even take it as a basis. For the QA tester, it takes less time to understand this programming language and test cases. This will help in transforming your project into a mobile decision with ease.
  • Have compatibility with 3rd party plug-in: it becomes very important to put some important pidgins when developing a mobile app development. In terms of functionality, it makes it a stronger application. React Native also an open-source framework and even supports 3rd party plug-in.

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In an application when you add more features and functions then it becomes more useful and attractive. For all the developers this reduces a lot of time and tasks. The developers don’t have to write many codes. In this way, the additional plug-in can help in making your website looks unique and attractive.

  • Effective app development: there is a specific reason that most people use React Native mobile application development. The development cycle is not too long and so getting the app in less time becomes easy. This will help in getting the app faster way possible.

 The life reloads features helps in viewing all the latest code changes in the React Native features. This feature is very hard to get on any other platform. This will helps in making the mobile app more efficient to give a better experience to the users too. 

  • Growing platform: React Native is one of the mobile app developers that come to mind when it comes to app development for mobile. It is one of the popular names among all the app developers. This is one of the active and chosen technologies by most of the developers.

With the latest updates every day it is getting more advance and better. This even comes with a lot of options to improve the mobile application. React native is the most popular mobile app development platform among many others. The unmatchable features and functions are provided to create an outstanding mobile application.


While concluding React native mobile app development will help all the small as well as big companies. As the launching time is very less this even includes the expenses too. This platform is famous because of its cost-effective method, and time-saving techniques. It even allows the developers to use the same code and module for both ios and android. This even comes with a large community base, hot reloading, and stable apps.

Where you can get your codes checked if you are stuck in the middle and the experts are there to solve your problem. whereas where every you save the changes and update them you will see all the changes at the same time. it doesn't take much time to reflect in the right place. This frame is definitely new and coming up with new improvements day by day but the company that is already using it is famous. React native comes with both ios and Android app development services that help in saving a lot of time for developing an application.