The Food Industry: Alphabet's X looking into Implementing machine learning to agriculture, food production

30 Mar

The next moonshot to Alphabet's X branch might be in agriculture as it explores how to apply artificial intelligence into food production. While in its early days, Astro Teller disclosed the research division is also interested how drones and robotics might be leveraged.


Food is not a brand new exploration for X, together with the Alphabet division once looking into vertical farming, but murdering the job after not having the ability to develop stable crops like rice and walnuts.

The firm, however, did create advancements in automated harvesting and efficient illumination. Meanwhile, X engaged in a Global Food Security Symposium.

Details on the present approach are light, but Teller cited how machine learning could be utilized to help farmers better plan in the light of these increasing challenges posed by climate change and also reinforce their existing experience. This includes when to harvest, irrigate, or grow in light of altering weather patterns and insects.

Meanwhile, drones and ground-based robots might also be used, with X now home to Project expedited delivery drones and Job Loon net balloons. The branch is also looking into robotics where there's an ML-focus to resolve "humanity's big issues."

As the Technology Evaluation notes, agriculture very much lines up with X and its assignment of locating jobs that may impact millions to billions of individuals and be achievable in the mid-term.

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