What Is Enterprise Mobility Management And How Can It Boost Your Business?

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. An increase in the use of handheld devices has made room for new technologies and their applications. If you run an enterprise, you must have noticed that almost all employees have their own mobile devices.

These days mobile phones are not just limited to call and texts. It has the potential to offer a varied range of uses. We can even do our official work on mobile phones to some extent.

The application industry has increased the application aspects of handheld devices. Well, with the increasing use of mobile phones and the internet, potential threats are also increasing. To reduce threats we have enterprise mobility management. Cloud technology is highly in-demand currently. It makes the entire workflow flexible and reduces the load. Cloud computing services have been helping businesses to grow.

Mobile Workforce Statistics

Before checking the statistics let us know what a mobile workforce is.. Mobile workforce refers to a group of employees who are not specified to a physical location for working. Instead of being connected by locations, employees are connected to different types of mobile technology like smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets. Since these devices are easily portable, they give employees the flexibility to work from anywhere and not just from the office. Mobile workforce technology is continuously growing and here are the statistics: according to IBM

the global mobile workforce is expected to reach 1.87 billion by 2021 and will reach up to 2 billion by 2022”. “There will be 104.5 Million workers by 2020, accounting for 72.3 percent of the total U.S workforce.” ‘ The BYOD and enterprise mobility market size is estimated to grow from USD 35.10 Billion in 2016 to USD 73.30 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 15.87 percent .’ ‘ The global enterprise mobility market accounted for $206.13 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $1225.78 billion by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 21.9 per cent during the forecast period’.

Mobile Usage Statistics

It is important to know mobile usage market statistics to understand the increasing demand for enterprise mobility management though, EMM is not just limited to mobile users. With the increasing availability of smartphones, we have more people using mobile around us. So, let us have a glimpse of it:

There are currently 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide. The total number of people using phones globally is 4.8 billion. It is expected by 2021, 2.8 billion people will be using smartphones.

The increasing use of smartphones indicates how important it is to integrate mobile in enterprises. Irrespective of the size of the business, the market is gradually shifting from location-based work to mobile-based work. If you are not up for transition from the office-based era to the mobile-era you might lose out on some significant opportunities. This is why many businesses are working on developing enterprise mobility management. The mobile workforce is not just about work from home but much more than that. Suppose your business involves fieldwork, in such cases employees can go to the field and still continue to give updates about official works. But, before going into details, let us start with an introduction as an amateur.

What Is Enterprise Mobility Management?

Enterprise mobility management consists of tools and services that help to secure files within an organization using mobile, tablets, laptops, desktops, and people. An enterprise has a good number of employees who work for it. All employees have their own handheld devices. Enterprise mobility management is all about managing and integrating mobile IT in the workplace to support employees and work processes. EMM helps businesses to enhance the security of mobile devices.

Enterprise mobility management helps businesses to strengthen security and safeguard against data loss. It also helps to reduce management costs. Let us see how EMM helps businesses.

How is EMM helpful for businesses?

  • The mobile chain is a mindset: Increase use of smartphones has attracted the attention of businesses. The mindset is continuously expanding, with no signs of slowing down.
  • Be fair with setting device restrictions: EMM helps companies to allow employees to use whichever device they are comfortable with. It keeps in control the entire workflow. Anyone violating the policy can be quickly identified and terminated.
  • Streamlines work of the IT department: Enterprise mobility management provides a single platform for lots of services. It keeps all the members of a team connected. You can keep a check of application security as well as its usage.
  • Provides flexibility for cloud solutions: Every now and then we see the introduction of innovations. Few innovations are strong enough to bring new waves of transition in the industry. Cloud technology is one such technology. It allows you to access data electronically stored in a centralized location from anywhere and at any time. You only need an internet connection to do so. EMM helps employees and businesses by offering cloud solutions. An employee can work from wherever they want with ease. Not only that if your service includes field-work, in such cases, cloud solutions stay with you as long as you have your device. You do not need to carry papers and roam around. Cloud technology is growing at an exponential rate. All the companies are quick to embrace this technology. If you want to integrate this technology into your business you can get in touch with Cloud computing services.

Top Features Of Enterprise Mobility Management

  • Application Management

It is high time to offer employees an enterprise app store. EMM technology helps employees to categorize personal data and enterprise data. The application management feature of EMM allows companies to manage applications that are deployed on handheld devices. It gives the company the power to make changes in an app like edit, or delete the app if needed. Companies can delete apps if the app installed is violating the enterprise’s policy.

  • Device Control

Employees use devices of varying platforms having different operating systems. It is recommended to integrate devices irrespective of operating systems. Enterprise mobility management helps companies to decide which device can connect to the company’s files.

  • Administration And User Management

A single sign-on is enough to allow employees to access companies’ files. The company can verify the user with stored details. The entire team can track the performance and report using a single management interface. EMM solution offers a single management interface. It makes maintenance and analysis easy as well.

  • Managing The Functions Of The Mobile

It is one of the best features of Enterprise Mobility Management. EMM gives the company the flexibility to decide who can access the information and which device can connect to the network. This feature is helpful in minimizing security threats. Hence, with the help of EMM, a company can completely control the mobile ecosystem.

Tips To Strengthen Your Enterprise Mobility Management Strategy

  • Finding Out The Apt Platform For Your Company

As we know this era belongs to technology, the market is flooded with different types of mobile devices. So, you need to know the tour target platform before deploying mobile device apps. We have a huge Android market currently and the ios market is standing strong as well. The type of market your company will support solely relies on the mobile application you deploy. Are you finding ways to make a transition from traditional business operation to the mobile workforce? It is a great idea, if you need any help you can look for Enterprise mobility solutions.

  • Highlighting Policies For Remote Work

Shifting to a mobile workforce is a highly strengthening remote work. But, the technology is much more than that. It also enables on-field work. You need to decide whether you want to allow your employees for remote work. If yes, then which sort of works are employees allowed to do. This is because sometimes public network can be a huge security risk. Now, we have mobility management solutions to reduce the security risks.

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  • Establishing Ownership Of Devices

It is one of the main concerns as the market is shifting towards the mobile workforce. Initially, companies had enforced some strict ownership over employees’ devices. But now, the policy is changing and businesses are on the way to entrusting more responsibilities to employee’s hands. Bring Your Own Device(BYOD), Choose Your Own Device (CYOD), and Corporate-owned, Personally Enabled (COPE) models are equally gaining attention..

  • Outlining ASpecific BYOD Policy

Here, BYOD refers to “Bring Your Own Device”. According to a survey “BYOD helps companies save as much as $350 to $1300 annually per employee”. This reason gives a great push to companies to acquire Enterprise mobility management. BYOD brings lots of flexibility with it but along with that, it welcomes threats as well. To prevent the threat, companies use Enterprise mobility management.

  • Knowing Your Requirements In The context OfMobility Management Solutions

Mobility Management solutions are continuously evolving. Initially, we had Mobile Device Management which was limited to managing handheld devices, but now we have Enterprise Mobility management. EMM caters to all essential issues. Keep reading, to know more about MDM and other EMM variants. You should know what mobility management solutions you use or need to make the most of it.

How Can Enterprise Mobility Management Boost Businesses?

Companies are majorly developing EMM to protect their data from any threat. EMM boost businesses in the following ways:

  1. Boosts Productivity: Enterprise Mobility Management has great potential to give a remarkable boost to productivity. Most of the time your employees spend significant time doing minor work. These minor works can be highly time–consuming. EMM helps by automating fundamental works and optimizing it. This technology offers a lot of Enterprise Mobility Solutions that can easily boost productivity.
  2. Improves Efficiency: The more the efficiency, the more results will be produced. Both their terms and their significanceare interrelated. Enterprise Mobility Management helps companies by increasing the efficiency of employees. More work in less time not only boosts productivity but also empowers employees. EMM offers a single platform to track and analyze work. You can easily optimize your tasks.
  3. Develop Industry-Specific Applications: EMM allows companies to have full control over apps. It will keep an eye on the usability of enterprise apps. EMM allows companies to check third-party applications. Along with this it also monitors if the user is following internal policies or not. Are you thinking of developing an app for your business? If you need any help you can contact Enterprise app development
  4. Automation Of Small Tasks: Enterprise mobility management can give a good boost to businesses by automating tasks at every possible corner. You can impart your crucial time on core businesses. An employee need not spend time on paperwork, updating, and reporting. EMM does minor regular tasks for you automatically.
  5. Saves Time And Resources: EMM helps firms to develop and maintenance cost by allowing remote work. An employee can comfortably work from home and do more work in less time. EMM facilitates paperless work, hence it not only saves cost but is also environment-friendly. You can save a lot of time optimizing minor works. The money saved can be invested in developing the products or services of the company.
  6. One-Stop Solution: Enterprise is a one-stop solution for Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management, Mobile Identity Management, and Mobile Information Management. EMM solutions are primarily to ensure a safe mobile workforce. It declines the risk of cyber threats and safeguards files. It helps companies to run their team with a code of policies. .
  7. SmoothWorkflow: Enterprise Mobility Management helps employees to quickly and easily install applications from the enterprise app store. The enterprise app store has a central dashboard that helps to approve applications and manage users. On the dashboard company can mention the task, this will help to streamline workflow. The company can control the usability of critical information. Enterprise app development services help businesses to develop internal apps specific for enterprises.
  8. IntegrationWith ERP Systems As An Advantage: ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and helps companies to manage information and synchronize them. . Integration of EMM solutions with the ERS platform plays a crucial role in increasing productivity. As the number of devices is increasing gradually, it is quite difficult to keep in sync with all devices. To solve this issue EMM offers an effective solution.
  • Stay Ahead Of The Competition: Technology is right now, at the front seat. Consumers, producers all are heavily investedin technology. In such a scenario, it is high time to make the shift and be ahead of your peers. To be on the top, you always need to think and implement ahead.
  • Protection From Security Problems: With the increasing dependencies on tech solutions, cyber threats are also increasing. It is important to pay good attention to minimize cyber risks without hampering the growth of the business. EMM can judiciously reduce security issues by controlling usage and network access. Your user can smoothly continue to work without worrying about data loss.
  • Smooth Content Sharing: EMM eliminates the limit of communication, collaboration, and working by allowing location independence. Your employee can work from anywhere and anytime. The smooth workflow plays an important role in increasing efficiency and hence productivity. You can even share the content with customers instantly if needed. This is a great strategy to improve brand awareness.
  • Better Analysis And Data Tracking: Enterprise mobility management helps you to know the preference of your target audience. You can not only understand your audience better but also your products. Data tracking and analysis helps businesses to improve products and services.
  • Bridge Communication Gap: To deploy the best possible project, it is essential to be in touch with team members. It not only helps to discuss project details but also creates an encouraging environment. Communication breakdown due to working remotely can lead to disconnection from business. In such cases, EMM provides the best possible solutions to connect gaps. An internal app could suffice the purpose of real-time interaction.
  • Data-Driven Business Decisions: Mobile devices have a lot of touchpoints that help in better and more data collection: Data has been raised to be one of the most important components of any business irrespective of size and niche. Mobility solutions allow the company to collect through various sources. After accumulating all data at a centralized location you can analyze it effectively and make better decisions for your business. Do you want to embed this technology? You can contact software development services.

Why EMM Is Necessary For Enterprise Mobility Strategy?

With increasing reliance on mobility, it has become important for companies to develop Enterprise Mobility Management and incorporate it into Enterprise Mobility Strategy. EMM comprises lots of components. Enterprise uses services such as Cloud-based platforms, SaaS apps, etc. EMM provides a one-stop solution for all these works.

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Well, we got to know that Enterprise Mobility means making the work mobile. This refers to offering location flexibility to employees. Employees can work remotely by using cloud technology. Cloud technology allows employees to access companies’ data from anywhere provided internet connection should be there. This transition is currently high in trend in businesses. But, along with this flexibility, it comes with challenges as well. Software Development Services have been helping businesses with this technology. Enterprise Mobility Management smartly solves challenges. Some terms of EMM Variants are as follows-

  • What Is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile Device management refers to technology that manages handheld devices and their platforms. To use MDM you need to install profiles on your device. If by any chance your device is lost MDM can quickly wipe up data, apps, and files from mobile to prevent data theft. Along with this it also helps enterprises with real-time insight into troubleshooting tools.

  • What IsMobile Application Management?

Well, we have MDM or Mobile Device Management to manage handheld devices but what about the management of software and applications? This task is done by Mobile Application Management. It helps enterprises to apply security policies. Mobile Application Management enables the removal of data from the targeted device. This feature helps to safeguard confidential information without affecting the usual information. Are you thinking to use EMM, you can take the help of CRM development services. 

  • What Is Mobile Information Management?

If you need to access databases remotely, then mobile information management will work for you. MIM is vastly incorporated in MAM and MDM services. Since the entire workflow is based on the Cloud solution, therefore MIM is necessary for enterprises. Platforms like Google, Dropbox, Microsoft offer many services for Mobile Information Management.

  • What Is Mobile Identity Management?

Mobile Identity Management or MIDM helps enterprises to enable access to data on handheld devices professionals. MIDM comprises device certificates, security forms, authentication forms, and app code signatures. Along with these enterprises we can also track device metrics and tracking apps with the help of Mobile Identity Management Variant.

  • What IsMobile Content Management?

Mobile Content management allows employees to access content via their mobile devices. MCM majorly focuses on content security, content access, content push, and file-level protection. It enables easy collaboration with services from platforms like Google, Microsoft, and so on. Overall, with the help of MCM, you can access it as per your need. It takes care of the authentication policies as well.

Final Say

Enterprise mobility management technology gives businesses endless opportunities to grow. It is high time to prioritize integrating this advanced technology in every business, having employees working outside the office. It keeps checking on every dimension of business from optimization to security. In this article, we have discussed enterprise mobility management in detail. Hopefully, by now, you are well well-versed with what EMM is, its top features, how EMM boosts businesses, EMM variants, and how EMM is helpful to business.

In business, you not only need to deliver the best service but also need to keep up with the ongoing tech trends. This makes business ever-growing. This year undoubtedly, Enterprise Mobility Management will be the main factor that makes business. The trend will continue to grow in upcoming years. If you want to develop EMM, you can get in touch with CRM development services.